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Looking at different uTorrent Applications I have switched to Rutorrent & Deluge for the server I’m running my torrents from. Running a Seedbox is simple and fast without putting any effort on your home connection. You just push it to the Seedbox then download it from your ftp connection to your Seedbox. So I need a more stable software that can handle 10 to 200 GB files for all the different torrent files I download and at this point these two seem to be pretty good.

  • Deluge – Simple and solid, very stable, but missing a few
  • Transmission – Didn’t try it yet
  • Rutorrent – Like it very much and very flexible and stable

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  1. If ur on a Mac, try transmission with an app called Catch. Catch will automatically download your favorite TV show as soon as they’re available.
    Also, check out Plex media server for organizing your media with a great interface

  2. I pretty much use only Transmission and that’s it.

  3. unKnown

    For the best seedbox i’ve used, try whatbox.ca
    Great prices, amazing speeds, and high storage.

    Uses uTorrent, ruTorrent, rTorrent, Deluge, Transmission. You can choose your preference.

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