iPhone 5C & 5S Features, Specifcations – Hilarious

I thought this was a serious video for a few seconds, but I was totally wrong, this is hilarious and so true. The difference between the iPhone 5 & 5s is almost nothing, but it is still selling like crazy.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Ds

    Watch this parody!

  2. LazialeI

    My friend orderd iPhone 5s, and he bought the 5c cause he did not want to wait another 9 days without this “new” iPhone, now he have both the C & the S !! After he played with my galaxy Note 3 for 10 minutes, he sold his 5s and got the note 3.

    I like apple products, but they seriously need to catch up with Samsung and android platforms, instead of depending on the extreme loyalty of their die hard apple fanatics.

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