Suits – Hell Of An Ending – Season 3 & Counting


If you don’t know about this show or haven’t watched it then you are really missing out. For the third season of the show turned out to be the best, wrapping up a long plot with battle of the law offices and one very big client. This is one intense law drama with it’s very unique characters, and the its the characters that really pull you in Donna Paulson (Harvey’s Secretary) is my favorite by far, I want a secretary like her.


Mike Ross is still on edge with the firm but he is getting ballsier and more confident this season and I am especially liking Harvey Specter with his twists and turns as well. This is one of the most entertaining shows this past summer, and yes the summer has past but if you haven’t seen this show then watch it you will not regret it.


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  1. It was a different type of season than the previous ones because they didn’t focus on new cases each week, but instead on just one case the entire season. Felt like a different show to watch but fun nonetheless and I love Louis Litt too hehehe he’s insane!

  2. Night_z

    love the show

  3. One of my favorite TV shows! I haven’t watched season 3 yet but I’m so thrilled to!

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