Devious Maids – The Surprise Hit


Four Latina maids with ambition and dreams of their own work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.

A 13 episode twister turned out to be a very exciting show, honestly much better then I expected I watched it episode to episode, I couldn’t wait to watch it. Eva Langoria is the executive producer of the show and she has a hit on her hands. Maids of the rich and famous of Beverly Hills is bound to have some comedy and drama thrown into the mix, and I loved the characters portrayed.


The core of the story revolves around the maids and the one maid who was killed, and who was the killer. The antics that take place in these people’s houses is hilarious. A summer hit in my opinion and kept me watching until the end, with the perfect twist for next season, which will be next summer, it was short but sweet. I’m 100% sure every woman that watched this show loved it.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Devious Maven

    There is good potential for an Arabic remake of this hit series only the maids will be Pinoy and the story would be set in Dahiyat Abdallah Salem. Ah, but I forget DAS is more into Hindi maids than Fillipina :) Actually, it might do rather well on MBC or come to think of it even on English channels as, CC, AXN or FX.

  2. It’s actually brought to you by Creator Marc Cherry, the same guy who created “Desperate Housewives”. Eva Longoria is just a producer on the show, nothing too major. If you see there are plenty of similarities between both shows (they both center around murder mysteries) and have lead women (one with suburban housewives, this one with house maids), etc.

    It was nice nonetheless.

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