Surly Moonlander & Pugsley


The first time I saw this bike was a few years ago in Aspen Colorado, it has ridiculously fat tires and looks like you are floating in the snow. I honestly thought my eyes were deceiving me so I was walking where the bike was treading and ended up sinking into the snow. Turns out the fat tires of the bike is what keeps it afloat and if you read up on them on the website they are made to go where no typical bike would go. After that I looked into this bike, they have normal bikes and they are a specialty manufacturer of fat bikes, specifically the Moonlander & Pugsley, which I think are very cool looking. When I saw the Pugsley up close again I honestly loved it, I thought it was a cool looking bike and a machine I would like to ride around, it just looks light, and the Moonlander has even bigger tires, its like riding a monster bike.

The pricing on these bikes range from $1400 to $1800 depending on which one you chose and the annoying part is that it isn’t sold online. There is only one way to buy it, at a store which is a Surly dealer and in this case you can only find that in Dubai, and it is just a very annoying process to go through in this case. Still I want to try a bike out to see if I want to purchase it because it is one very expensive Bicycle. And I have been in some specialty bicycle store before, they do get very expensive.

Link: Surly Bikes


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  1. Akbar

    Interesting bikes indeed.

    Wonder if it would survive the desert sand dunes?

    Surprisingly, they dont have any mud/snow guards in this picture, guess the tyres do not pick up any dirt…

  2. Hi ZDistrict,

    I work for the distributor of Surly and Salsa here in the GCC. We have been bringing in the Moonlander for about 1 year now and here in the UAE it has been HUGLEY popular. I love my Moonlander, it rocks the desert!

    Does it work? To answer your question have a look at this page
    On the page there are some videos of folks riding in the dunes.

    You’ll also find a growing community via the Arabian Sandbikers Facebook page

    You can contact me via my email address with any questions – [email protected]

  3. @Akbar – I bet they do survive fine in the dessert!

    @Ian Ganderton – I have sent you an email! Thanks for the comment!

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