2013 Coming To An End


This has been a very interesting year with a lot of changes, ups and downs like anyone else. You always have good and bad experiences and the best thing is to enjoy your good times and learn from the bad.

For the past month I have been slightly disconnected from my online activity due to real life taking over completely. Too much family and work activities that kept me busy to the point that any other free time I had I would just try and get some sleep. Only recently I have managed to catch up with some of the TV shows I have had piled up.

With all these good, great, and bad experiences that you go through in life your perspective changes on things and you tend to hopefully develop from that. Looking forward to this coming year and hopefully getting my blog revamped at last, its been too long, about 4 years going on 5 since the last revamp.

Enjoy your 2014 people.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. akbar

    All the best dude the experiences make you stronger. Take care and s happy new year.

  2. Happy New Year!

    Things will be better, they will!


  3. dANNY

    Good to see you are still around and not bowing out like some other blogs. Cant wait to see the revamp. Hope everything goes good for you this year in the real world. :))

  4. thek5

    yes going on five kil 3am ow int ib5air Marzoog and PLEASE keep the blog up its def. one of my fav blogs and has everything a dude is interested in, cars bikes TECH!!** (ma afham shay bas ur doing my eventual man cave HARD Drive station internet and gaming corner ow all other goodness belonging in a bat cave! music reviews tv and shows ow Anime (any opinons on one piece and similarish anime?) anyways long story short ya36eek il 3aafya and keep up the great work!

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