TV Shows – Canceled & Renewed – 05/2014

Each television season brings lots of different kinds of TV shows but there’s one thing that remains a constant — most of them will end up being cancelled.

You honestly invest so much time into some of these stories and really get pulled into them and I for one do love watching some of these amazing TV Shows but when they get cancelled I do get very pissed since I feel like something was taken away when the show was so good.


  • Crisis (NBC) – I was really enjoying this show, it should have been a mini-series
  • Believe (NBC) – The story just wasn’t there
  • Revolution (NBC) – I was loving the story!
  • Growing Up Fisher (NBC) – Didn’t even watch it
  • Community (NBC) – I was hoping for it to come back with a swing but this last season was honestly a disastor
  • Suburgatory (ABC) – It had its good and bad days
  • Super Fun Night (ABC) – Should have just been a movie!
  • The Neighbors (ABC) – So So
  • Trophy Wife (ABC) – Decent Comedy
  • Mixology (ABC) – Seemed Like a fun Show
  • Star-Crossed (CW) – High School but with Aliens, they tried
  • The Tomorrow People (CW) – Loved this show, too bad I didn’t see the
  • Rake (Fox) – Had a nice edge to it
  • Dads (Fox) – An ok Show!
  • Enlisted (Fox) – These guys were hilarious, the perfect light comedy!
  • Almost Human (Fox) – I loved this show, Karl Urban & Michael Ealy were perfect in the show!
  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC) – Was waiting for this to be cancelled! lol


  • Marvel Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D – Well Deserved
  • Vikings – Bad Ass
  • GRIMM – Just Keeps Getting More Fun
  • Chicago Fire – Love This Show
  • Chicago P.D. – Amazing Show and I love the tie-ins between the two shows
  • Helix – Coming Back For Another Crazy Syfy Season
  • Big Bang Theory – Renewd For 3 More Years – Well Deserved!!! Still Best Comedy Out There!
  • Arrow – Just Bad Ass!
  • Silicon Valley – Love It

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Growing Up Fisher !!!…….really :(

    I’ll miss Jason Baterman’s persona…its pretty feel good type show, you should try it out.

  2. Ahmad

    Robin William’s The crazy ones got cancelled as well although it was pretty funny ..

  3. crazykwt

    Don’t know if you followed it, but Blacklist got a well deserved renewal too… and so did Persons of Interest..

    One ‘Out there” serial I am currently following is “Penny Dreadful”.. Two episodes in and I am already hooked…

  4. Syed

    Did you watch Warehouse 13? Unfortunately it also got cancelled.

  5. @Ammar L – Yup! Got Cancelled!

    @Ahmad – Yeah! Loved that Show! It reminded me of the old Robin Williams!

    @crazykwt – BlackList is damn good and the season finale was a hell of an ending!

    @Syed – Yeah I just saw that, towards the end I felt like they lost what they originally set out to do!

  6. unKnown

    Big Bang Theory best comedy out there? 7aram 3alaik……… Probably the shittiest comedy IMO.
    The comedy in that show is extremely poor, the stereotypes are completely out of place, and there are SO MANY punch lines in this show.. It’s like you know your expected to “laugh” after a specific sentence.

    Also after watching a couple of friends watch this show, how in the world is saying a couple big words that no one understands funny? Even real nerds don’t do that.

    I can sit here and type you a whole pages worth explaining how crappy this show is.
    still don’t get whats funny about this show..

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