ReDesign 2014 – Fully Refreshed


After 5 years I think it is finally time to redesign the blog and getting back to it and running again. Main issue wasn’t the WordPress version but the theme that was over 5 years old was falling apart at the seams, which made it a horrible experience to write anything. I reached a point where I thought of erasing everything and starting from scratch.

Luckily after a back and forth with the DreamHost Support I changed the install type of WordPress then shifted to a fully hosted DreamPress service of DreamHost which they fully take care of the technical side of WordPress. So after fixing a few issues and identifying some of the Plugins that were causing havoc they got it hobbling along and said the rest of it was with the Theme.

Then Jacqui aka CouchAvenue came in to the rescue and went into full redesign mode and went OCD on the site. Tweaking, fixing, modifying, and adjusting so many parts to make it work so perfectly. Using the Breeze from Bluth Company Theme she made into the amazing form that it is now.  There is still some minor issues but things are getting cleaned up in the backend to help things operate smoothly.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. مبروك :)
    جميل وانيق وبسيط :)

  2. I own you now! Hehehe I too am glad for this new redesign simply because now things look more 2014 than 2000 :P And with WordPress you weren’t basically using all the new features that WP offered so with this you can just jump in and be fully functional! This kind of reminds me of when Engadget or Gizmodo changed their themes and went all fancy shmancy! :P

    You deserve it, and thanks for giving me something to do in the mornings LOL! Work was getting tedious with eating breakfast and just sitting around gossiping and watching shows :P I needed to use that brain of mine!

    • Your brain is fully functional and got this totally now! So amazingly done and so many cool features I’m loving it! Its honestly made me enjoy posting again! I’m back to posting at a ridiculous rate, too many ideas that were in my head! hahaha!

      And finally it doesn’t look like a 1996 theme! Hahahaha! Now it really looks nice and clean! Loving it!

      • LOL it’s like the old one was a Geocities page and this is more along the lines of I don’t know what’s the modern version of Geocities, oh wait Tumblr! LOL! :P

        Enjoy it and looking forward to you flooding my Feedly Reader!

        • Looool! Geocities! Shakhbary!

          The Flooding Shall Commence!

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