Hercules 2014 – Why

Haunted by a sin from his past, Hercules has become a mercenary. Along with five faithful companions, he travels ancient Greece selling his services for gold and using his legendary reputation to intimidate enemies. But when the benevolent ruler of Thrace and his daughter seek Hercules’ help to defeat a savage and terrifying warlord, Hercules finds that in order for good to triumph and justice to prevail… he must again become the hero he once was… he must embrace his own myth… he must be Hercules.

Now this movie I was looking forward to, pretty much any movie with Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” is in I will watch, I even thought he added the right type of character to Fast & Furious. So for the role of Hercules there could be no one better. I wanted to like this movie very much, I really did, the only reason I didn’t walk out of it is because it was Dwayne Johnson. For a movie with so many good actors, it had such a bad story line. I hate to say this but really don’t waste your time with this movie, the story line doesn’t add up and the characters don’t have any real depth, your trying to depict reality with a bit of myth but somehow something goes really wrong in the story it keeps going from bad to worse.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!

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