iPhone 6 & Plus – Price Gouging Kuwait

Prices in Kuwait are always crazy when the iPhone gets launched and the demand for the phone in Kuwait is insane. And with insanity come insane prices, and a lot of people are willing to pay those prices because they can’t wait a few weeks or a month or two to get it at the normal prices. As usual Jackie has all the info on anything Apple:

iPhone 6  16GB 203 KWD, 64GB 234 KWD, 128GB 266 KWD – US Pricing Including Taxes
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB 234 KWD, 64 GB 266 KWD, 128GB 297 KWD – US Pricing Including Taxes

Current Pricing in Kuwait: 

iPhone 6  16GB 390 KWD, 64GB 420 KWD, 128GB 460 KWD

The price increase of the phones is between 75 to 95% which is insane and the funny part is that the phones are selling out in Kuwait. It seems there are a lot of people who are willing to pay these prices.

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  2. Awww glad you found my list helpful in deciding whether they were ripping us off or not :P

    • Not just to tell that we are getting ripped off! But by how much! lol!

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    This is insane. I think the people here need patience, and a brain on that type of price tag on an iPhone.

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