Blogging Dead? Maybe..


Lets just say I have been very lazy to update this and I have been just updating a few things on other platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, SnapChat, and keeping it simple. Kuwait is an interesting country in terms of social media, for a small country we are active on a very large scale that companies take notice like SnapChat for instance and the amount of usage on Instagram. Business and people have become extremely successful and some too commercial for my tastes on the different types of media.

In Kuwait people kept changing the different types of social media and I can follow but honestly can’t keep up because it does take a lot of effort and time. I used to blog a lot when time was a luxury I had so I could get my thoughts and ideas out in a constructive manner. Now time is a limited commodity and I have a lot of things that I want to do, and honestly speaking I would rather spend my time living then living online.

I get these moments when I feel like writing something out but then I just don’t get to the keyboard. Putting a well crafted post together takes effort and time, and I don’t have as much time and I got used to not putting too much effort as I used to. 2015 went by without a post so I will try posting every once in a while, and in this case its going to be put out right away keeping it short and simple.

Formats like Instagram and SnapChat made me lazy to post up anything on the blog since the other formats were so simple. In my case I will do what I enjoy, and for those who follow great. I don’t even know if anyone is still seeing this, but I will post up whatever comes to mind.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. FR

    Good thing ur still on my feedly list!

    • Hahaha! I didn’t think anyone was still checking their feedly! I removed a lot of people who stopped posting over a year and I fit into that category!

  2. Mohammad

    Yes and mine too … your still on my feedly list .. I remember asking you on Instragram about not been actively blogging … good to see you back .. hope to meet you next time I am in Kuwait… your avid reader from India

    • Thanks! I hope to keep posting enough keep things interesting!

  3. MARZOUQ !!!!!…..glad your alive…till today your blog still opens in the first tab of my chrome browser.

    Greetings from Denver, Co. Love to K-town.

    • Hello! Good luck to the Broncos to get the Superbowl! I’m hoping they get it, the Panthers look like a challenge though!

  4. Abdulaziz

    So to summarize:

    – Marzouq has lost interest in blogging
    – Snapchat is the perfect platform for lazy people
    – Hot Grill Back Ribs is the way to go

    • Very nice summary! Lol!

      Not that bad though! hahaha! Haven’t lost total interest in Blogging, just got a lot more responsibilities then before and my time has been filled with that!

      Kuwait does take advantage of micoblogging solutions like Instagram and now SC! To a very smart Degree! But its gone past me thats for sure!

  5. internets

    please switch
    back to
    the dark

    you did have
    some interesting
    things to say
    about kwt and all

    site looked abandoned for a year

    • Thanks! I will keep trying to post interesting things, but this is the theme for now!

  6. It can be a bit dead but then again we all got busy and time seems to be something of a commodity right now hehe

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