Honda Ad

This is a pretty cool ad for the honda element! Its pretty funny, you should just check it out! Its pretty funny! I like the crab!

Link: YouTube 

Nice Day!

AT LAST!! The weather the past couple of days has been horrible! The sand storms and muddy rain! I know it sarayaat season! But damn! Im so happy that the weather has gotten better!

Yesterday going around to a job site in Sabhaan:



The rain yesterday took down all the sand in the air! And it also cooled the day a bit! I was driving around with the windows down! And it was so nice and I didnt have a lot of work at the desk, and a few work sites to visit so I decided to leave the office early! hehehe here are some pics with me rolling around!

Today!! :


you can see in this picture a dunkin doughnuts on the left on the gulf road between the third ring road and salmiya! Im not sure if its open, but I just saw that its there! Couldnt get a better picture! I was driving! lol



Nice days put me in a damn good mood! I wish its always like this! And not scorching hot! lol

Traffic Jam!!

I hate when I drive into a traffic jam and I didnt take the short cut through the other blocks! I go nuts! I know sombody did something stupid! And I want to know who so I can slap them upside the head! So they know that they are stupid! When there is traffic in Kuwait sombody always does something to make it worse! I want to kill somebody!!! aahhhhhh!!! Im happy Im driving a manual, because I can make the nose of the landcruiser jump up! As if its going to land on the back of your car!! hehehehe! I have a case of road rage when Im driving in shitty situations! lol! But it was following after a little while!

This is the picture of the traffic jam when it started moving!!


This is the reason for the traffic jam! Why the hell dont they move the car! Tow trucks take so god damn long to arrive in Kuwait! I go nuts!  They should’ve removed the car to help traffic move! Asap!



I was on Khalid Bin Abdulazziz where Mishref is on my right and Bayan is on my left. Just after getting off Malik Fahad I saw the traffic coming to a complete stop. And I took a few pictures of the accident, I dont know how it could have happened exactly, but it looks like the chevrolet caprice hit a tree and flipped over and hit the parked Suburban. There also two other cars which are damaged but I dont eve know how they got damaged. There were no police on the seen yet, but I took a couple of pics and left. I can only imagine what the hell happened.