Star Wars Bookends


This is one of the coolest bookends I have ever seen, I’m a huge fan of Starwars and I have to say that this probably the best statues I have seen made. If you take a closer look at the photos in the online toy store. If you’re a Starwars fan then this should definitely be in your collection. It’s priced at $115.

Link: Uncrate



After seeing this book on UnCrate I thought it would be really cool to get something like this and the photoboxes to organize a lot of the paperwork, and other items into organzied boxes. I got a couple of boxes in medium and large in Chocolate and Platinum to see how they would look in my room and how organized they would be. I think they would be pretty cool, but we shall see. I ordered them a little while ago, but I haven’t seen anything in a little while, so we shall see what happens over the next couple of days in my mail box. But I like the chilled looked of the items they sell, it feels laid back.

Link: Kolo 1, Kolo 2

Fauteuil Club Kuwait


You couldnt tell from the name, but is a modern furniture shop in Shuweikh. I stumbled upon it the other day while getting lost at night looking for a specific shop. Its Italian modern furniture and the store belongs to Dia’a Behbehani. I bet she likes Italian furniture, and I have to say that they do have a lot of nice things and shop has a lot of space between the ground floor and and basement floor for a normal shop. I didnt look at the prices because I was the only customer and there were three sellers all over me which was making difficult to look at things comfortably or snap any pictures. Its a really funky furniture shop, but it does seem pricy, but still worth a look. I couldnt even think of describing where the hell it is but giving them a call would probably help.

Dont ask me to pronounce the name I kept messing it up the whole time I was there. Its unique thats for sure!

They also have a website which does have some stuff on it, but no way close to the amount of things that they have in stock. The website doesnt do their items justice, its different when you see it.

Contact: 4828008
Link: Fauteuil Club

Media Stands


I have come to the conclusion there arent any good media stand in Kuwait! And if there are any good ones then they are extremely overpriced like B&O inside THE ONE, and some places in Sun City. These media stands from Design Within Reach are really cool, and I like how clean the one standing is, and the if you have big room then I would go for the larger one. The media stand goes for $500.00, and the media table goes for $1300.00. And I find these to my liking really because you can do a lot with it.


Link: Design Within Reach

Sexy Furniture?

I probably would never get something likes this, but I just saw these in an email and I have to post them up for people to see. Please click below to see the pictures, but be careful that no one is looking over your shoulder. I was laughing my head off when I saw this stuff. And the URL is blocked by Qualitynet. Whoever made this furniture has one hell of a perverted sense of humor! I wouldnt know what I would do if I walked into someone’s place and this was their funiture! hehehe
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Optimus Designs


This is a young up and coming architecture firm with three young Kuwaitis. They do architecture, interior design, landscaping, designing furiniture, and a few other things. They are a dynamic group of young Kuwaitis and they have a furniture exhibition taking place this week.
Furniture Exhibition

From September 16 for 5 days.
9:00am to 1:00pm, and 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Block 1
Bader Street
House 11

I already went on Saturday September 16th, and I really recommend that you go to the exhibition, they have some cool lighting fixtures. And some really funky furniture which is all made in Kuwait which is reasonably priced. I cant recommend people enough to go to this. Its really great that these young people are doing this and supporting young Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs is a great thing. They can also custom make the furniture to your liking, an you can buy any of the furniture on display. Its really great, and its open late so you can go at your liesure.

Link: Optimus Designs

Link: Optimus Exhbition Details