Racing & Emotion Furniture

If cars and bikes give you a high, then you can now expand the flavor into your home as well. France-based Racing&Emotion crafted by Anthony Jannarelly and Benoit Fraylon, are now out with a range of chairs that have been inspired from racing icons around the globe. These include Ayrton Senna’s crash helmet and liveries from Martini, BASF and Gulf.

These types of chairs are very cool to see but not the most comfortable to sit in for a long time, but these in my opinion are display pieces, perfect for the right office. I don’t think this would be in a lot of homes, they would be in a high end office and so many of them are ridiculously cool. With the LeMans Prosche blue and orange looking amazing in the right setting, and these are expensive pieces. They range from $3000 to $5000 depending on the design you pick but damn they are nice.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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Dar Nur In 7Zones

I have been hearing about Dar Nur for some time now and wasn’t sure where it was. We found it recently in 7 Zones, which is a new complex in Shuweikh. 7 Zones was supposed to be a new Sun City type location but all indoors with furniture, design, and electronics all under one rood, but due to the legal issues between the original project owners and the land owners it has someone stagnated. It feels like some what of a ghost town but there is a lot of potential for the place. Dar Nur is located on the 1st floor and I don’t have any idea how we found it, you just have to ask security because the place’s design makes you feel like you are in maze and I keep getting lost in it. Dar Nur is store with small furniture, home accessories mostly in a Mordern Islamic and Funky Design.

We were very happy to find the place open since last time when we found it the shop was closed in the evening. I loved the store the moment we walked in, it felt refreshing and a lot to look at. The first thing I noticed other then the furniture and accessories were the books, and I was honestly excited, I love finding Art books about the Middle East and Kuwait so I was rummaging through that for a little bit and picked up two books. There were some very cool acrylic tables which would lovely in any home, and there were some very cool bean bags as well. I love places like these in Kuwait and luckily a few are popping up and each one with their own specific style, I hope to see more shops such as these and I hope they become successful. If you have a chance be sure to check it out it has some fun stuff.

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MotoArt – C-119 Table

I have always been a fan of MotoArt, they create furniture from discarded plane parts. They go to plane graveyards and pick pieces from it to create exquisite furniture, I remember making an inquiry into a desk once only to find out that it costs upwards of $15’000, slightly outside my budget, but I can’t blame them on their amazing craftsmanship. The new addition to the line up is the C-119 Aileron Coffee Table and it looks beautiful, I love the black metal frame surrounding the wing structure below it, two levels and the second level you can see into the wing. I just love those large rivets all over the wing, you get a feeling of the 1950s planes with a touch of modern design.

Link: MotoArt

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Pandora Container Cabinets

In a few decades our whole world economy has become reliant on the containerization of our supply lines. Known the world over for its indestructible appearance and boxy look, the shipping container is one of the best known industrial archetypes. This modular storage system is inspired by the wonderful colour mosaics that sprout to life in every harbor and container terminal the world around.

For some reason I have always like shipping containers, I always enjoyed urban design projects which incorporated these shipping containers to make living spaces and offices. Now Sander Mulder’s latest home furnishings are built to resemble industrial shipping containers, and just like the real deal, units can be stacked and rotated to create a multitude of storage configurations. These Pandora Container Cabinets would be perfect in an office garage or some sort of industrial designed area, and I’m assuming they are as expensive as they look but very cool additions.

Link: SanderMulder

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Bambu Pet Hammock

Kickstarter has turned into a very creative site with a lot of interesting ideas and projects, and now a pet product has come to light. The Bambu Pet Hammock is in its development stages and looks like a very cool and excellent hammock for your pet. Through Kickstarter its $125 now and later when its in normal production it will sell for $160. I think its a very comfortable looking piece of furniture for your pet as well, this is the right reward for your pup after he has graduated from the best bark collar training, now that he’s a good boy he can rest like us. The hammock is a great addition to any pets home, being washable and functional.


Link: PetLoungeStudios

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Andrew Martin Designs

One of the very interesting interior desingers that I really like is Andrew Martin, a very funky British Interior Desinger with a unique style to his items. I love the vintage feel that his furniture has, I even found a vintage USSR Rocket sitting at about 4 meters high in his store. He has some very cool items, and there is a mix of modern and vintage in his style. I don’t know why but I love the Union Jack and he has used it on a lot of his furniture, feels very cool and funky. It would be interesting to put together a room with his style of items.

Link: AndrewMartin

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Aviator Wing Desk

This is the definition of 50s sexy, I love this desk and how retro it looks, it was inspired by the bent wing of a plane. I have always been interested in furniture made out of airplane parts, and this desk is an amazing piece. Built from a hardwood frame surrounded by polished aluminum patchwork, the uncommon desk has a genuine, surprising metal exterior with exposed screws. I really love it, it would be the perfect desk to that unique room, and for $2000 it isn’t bad at all, the chair is called the spitfire (based on the british fighter plane) and it costs $995. What an amazing job by Restoration Hardware.

Link: FresHomes

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Do.Re.Mi Shower Heads

This three-showerhead shower is a contemporary, eco-friendly design by architect Paolo Bertarelli that seems perfect for your modern bachelor pad. The shower has three functions: rain, whirlpool and full dual blow.

I am one those people that love showers, the first thing I check whenever I walk into a new hotel is check their showers. And recently I have been doing some minor remodling and shower heads can get very expensive from 200 KD up to 1500 KD, just for the shower head at Art Casa in Sun City. Now this set looks very interesting, the right kind of pressure for a comfortable shower. I prefer using the shower head then the shower hand, it just feels more comfortable. Now I wonder how much these shower heads would cost.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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Production I.G. Studio – Anime Office

I always wonder what an Anime production company’s office looks like and this time there is a look into Production I.G. Thankfully Danny Choo has gone into this Anime Company and taken a look at their offices and how they work. Production I.G. have made some well known anime and one of my favorite being Sengoku Basra, and they are currently making Sengoku Basra 2 which I am very much looking forward to watching as soon as its out. I always thought that it would be very cool to work in an Anime Studio

They are also responsible for one of the greatest anime movies of all time, Ghost In the Shell! I even remember watching it on a Manga Video when I bought it from Tower Records in Whiteleyes in Bays Water, London. That used to be my main source for videos back in the early 90s, I would walk to the basement and pile up some videos from the anime section. They even have their own cafeteria so I’m assuming the company is doing pretty well. I wish they would sell some of those art cels, I would buy them in a heartbeat, they would be very cool on a wall, I have seen one restaurant with anime cels and I wish I could take them off the wall.

Link: Culture Japan

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The One – Crazy Sale (50% and More)

I came across this sale after a friend told me she found some couches that I was looking for so I decided to go check it out. She told me it was opposite Home Center, on the outside of Tilal Complex, and it turned out to be a store belonging The One and they had a huge sale. I walked into the place and it was couches in front of me, bed frames on my right, couch sets on my left and more items all around.

It seemed like a bit of crazy sale, what you see is on the floor with discounts ranging from 50% to a little more. Some of the women were seriously going crazy, shouting from across the hall for someone to help them get the couch they want or a table they wanted. Luckily I found the couch I was looking for (Pic Number 5), I couldn’t believe because I saw this couch back in the end of July beginning of August and it was 600 KD then when I went to pick it up in the end of September it was sold out. It was my story with the couch I was looking for, only to find it here in front of me.

It took me about 20 minutes to find someone to help me since things were flying off the store floor, I stood gaurd next to the couch since I really wanted it. Luckily somebody came to help me and they had a newer one in storage which I took and delivery will happen next day. I got it for 269 KD instead of the original 599 KD which is a fantastic deal, I love when the one has these crazy deals, I love their furniture but its overpriced at times and I couldn’t find a couch like it all over town. So if you have a chance go to this sale at The One store in Tilal Complex Shuweikh.

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