Lego Technic Unimog

I’m a big fan of the Technic Line from Lego, I usually want to see more vehicles from them. And now they come out with the biggest model yet, the Mercedes Unimog and in real life this is one big and powerful beast. And now this will be available later in the year and will probably take a few weeks to put together. I need to get to work on some of the Lego items that I have laying around but I need dedicated time for that.

The LEGO Technic Unimog U 400 will be available from toy retailers from August on as well as from Mercedes- Benz and it costs about 190 Euros. The impressive vehicle which links a combination of electric drive and pneumatics has been produced in exlusive cooperation with Mercedes-Benz as a true adaptation of the original down to the smallest details. As the world ‘ s most versatile workhorse, the Unimog pushes snow away in winter, mows motorway embankments in summer or helps to construct new roads.

Star Wars Lego Diorama from Return of the Jedi

Two things I love in one world Lego and Star Wars, this is a world of wonder in these pictures. This is when Emperor Palpatine’s (Darth Sidious) shuttle landed on Death Star II. I know there are Clone Troopers thrown into the mix, but it still looks pretty damn cool. The amount of skill needed to put something like this together requires a lot of patience and 30’000 bricks. Very cool!

Link: GeekTyrant

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Decepticons Diorama

There is nothing cooler then the Transformers and seeing the Decepticons in this Diorama. Megatron in all his glory surrounded by his lieutenants and the conniving StarScream in the back. I especially love Soundwave, and I haven’t seen Lazerbeak and Ravage in so long. Its so life like that I think that they are real live characters, the detail is just amazing.

Customizer frenzy_rumble takes it to the next level with a very intense Decepticon base diorama. Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Reflector, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage and Laserbeak have frenzy_rumble’s trademark look, and are held in a heavily modified i-Gear Ark.

Link: Seibertron

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Lego Technic Motorbike

One of the things that I love doing is putting together Lego, for the longest time it is always a pleasure but I never really thought about picking one up until recently. I picked up this simple bike which can be regular street bike or a V-Rod type bike and I went for the V-Rod because it looked cooler.

The key to putting lego together is opening all the bags and putting all the similar pieces together into piles. Make sure its an area that people won’t be touching or moving anything until your done. I always make sure that nothing gets touched or else I might lose a piece that is crucial to the Technic Model.

I decided to dedicate myself to finishing this as soon as possible in an intense time, to finish as fast as possible. After following the instructions for two hours it came together for a very cool Lego Technic Cruiser, and fit very nicely on my bookshelf.

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Amalgam Fine Car Collection

Recently at a hobby store in the UK I saw some extremely high quality cars models in a unique store in Soho. What shocked me was the size and the detail of these beautiful machines, some of them are about 40 cm long and some are about 70 cm long. But it seems they are as expensive as a small car, the models ranging from 1000 to 3000 KD which is insane but that what you have to pay for fine craftsmanship.

Link: Amalgam

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Stormtroopers 365

I can never really get enough of Star Wars and everyone always thinks of the Stormtroopers as nothing interesting but these shots tell a bit of funny story. This project from Stefan was to take daily shots of Stormtroopers TK455 and TK479 for one year, starting April 3rd 2009 and ending April 4th 2010. A lot of them are very creative photos and amazing shots, the titles on some of them are hilarious, and I just posted a few of my favorite pictures in this post.

Link: StormTroopers365

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Lego @ Hamleys

I don’t think there is any man that can get enough of Legos, I for one can not get enough of it. Everytime I visit London I make it a point to visit Hamleys when I’m there and this time around I visited a few times and I resisted the urge to buy anything while I was there, but only the last time I went I bought a motorcycle technic model. I really wish they made slightly more complex technic models because there is a huge following for Lego but their current offering is very fun and enticing. I keep looking at and wanting to rip the box open and start putting things together, there is a major sense of accomplishment once you have completed the model, I would like to display mine.

I took my little cousin to shop for some toys and he is little man after my own heart, he asked me where the Lego section was and I took him downstairs and it is one very large section. I felt like Santa that day since it was cold and I was carrying a very big bag, I kept encouraging him to get whatever he wants, and he ended up getting 3 Big Ones (2 of them Technic) and 3 very small ones. There was a lot for him to choose from but he said he likes to take his time building them, and he likes finishing them all in the same day if he can. The funny part is when we were checking out they thought I was his father, and the boxes piled up to be higher then him and I was very satisfied seeing the memories of Lego grow up in such a young man. I still the think the best toys are Lego.

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Lego Creations

Any time I pass by any toy store I sort of wander in and take a look around. I always look for the lego section to see what they might have, and there a few times when I’m tempted to pick up one of those more complex models. What amazes me are those people who can create amazing models from their head, I for one can’t build these amazing machines, toys, and models without an instruction booklet, I tried and failed miserably. Some of these creations takes over a thousand pieces and months to put together, and they final model looks easy when you see the picture but you must perfect the skill of building with very little to go on. Check out the link below on Blastr to see more insane creations.

Link: Blastr

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Omega Supreme – Transformers

To me Omega Supreme represents the strong arm of the Autobots, the power house to push back even the mighty Devastator of the Decepticons. He is involved in several storylines, and I have found him in Transformers Comics on my iPad but haven’t read the whole thing. I have always thought that he is one of the coolest Autobots, up there with Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, and Ultramagnus. Now uuser from TFW5000 forum was so impresssed by Omega Supreme in the comics and Transformers: War on Cybertron Game that he took to make a detailed model unlike ever seen before. What I love about these guys is that they make the most interesting custom Transformers and some more life like then you expect, but this Omega Supreme is amazing, and can be purchased on Ebay for $3000.

Link: Kotaku

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Lego Imperial Shuttle

A Gigantic Lego Imperial Shuttle, over 2000 bricks and its huge, 71 centimeters tall and 55 centimeters wide. I would love to get my hands on the Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle from Lego coming out in September, I have had this hunger to put lego together for a while, and I have my Ducati 999 and now I think I will make this purchase as soon as its released. I think that Star Wars is cool and Lego is cool, and the combination of them is just irresistible.

Link: Gizmodo