Watching Anime


This past week I haven’t had much time to do all I wanted to do, especially ride but at least I got to watch some anime and really enjoy that. I have found some of my friends who are getting addicted to anime and they are expressing how they feel when watching it and getting caught up with it. So I told them they shouldn’t have blamed me for loving it from day one.

Here is what I have watched this past week:

  • Bleach
  • Fafner
  • Shadow Skill
  • Naruto
  • Guyver TV

I like watching new anime, but its annoying when watching it and not having the continuing episodes! I go nuts trying to figure out whats going to happen next so lately I have been piling up with anime.

Cut And Shave

This has been one hell of a busy two weeks. I haven’t had time to relax and do nothing let alone go get a hair cut and a shave. The one luxury I do enjoy in Kuwait is getting a shave, and that is one thing I haven’t had a chance to do to yet.

My hair is between a shaved head and growing back stage where its too short to do anything with and too long to look clean. Its the look where you haven’t left your apartment in two weeks and you have only been eating Chinese to go and Cup Noodles. And I have never had a normal beard, I have those scruffy type beards which is thick in some places and not in others to it looks like patch work. It makes me laugh but I look like a bum, but I really need to go for a shave sometime this week. I love the feeling of a shaved head and it takes 5 minutes to shave my head and 15 minutes to cut my goatee, I love that clean feeling after the barber is done.

Spending Power


There is a shortage of things to buy in Kuwait and that is why people are ordering online these days. Our customs are shamble and there is no real regulation on them, they aren’t held accountable for their bad performance. There is a lock on wifi and voip items because of the MOC.

There are a lot of people in Kuwait willing to buy original dvds, cds, and other items since they dont download. The majority of Kuwait don’t really use torrents compared to the Kuwait online community. There is a lot of spending power in Kuwait, we are willing to buy magazines and books but we are tired of the Ministry of Information treating us like 2 year olds. I prefer spending my money else wear then in Kuwait. I save my money and buy online if I want DVDs, Books, games, or CDs. And if I cant get it online I try to pick it up while Im traveling because I have no other choice. Sometimes while traveling to Dubai for business I pass by Virgin to pick up all the books, magazines, and dvds that I was looking for and thinking about since I get tired of what is offered to us in Kuwait.

Our government is not helping small business develop, and not letting the creative talent in Kuwait grow because of so many stagnant and stubborn people in the government only making things difficult for people.

Review: King Arthur


This epic movie really got to me because I really like how they portrayed King Arthur for once. He is portrayed as human being instead of the legend that they keep making him to be, behind the legend is a real man. I especially like Clive Owen in this movie he doest a fantastic job with the men of round table and incorporating their story with the time of Roman Empire when England was under the control of Cesar. The action is great, the story is great, and I really appreciate the realism in this movie. I think they couldn’t have picked a better actor to portray the strength and humbleness of Arthur then Clive Owen.

Link: IMDB

Stainless Steel and Concrete Ring


I have to say that Im that type of man that isnt much for any type of jewellery what so ever, but this ring looks damn cool and its extremely original. A stainless steel and concrete ring. If ever I wanted a ring this would it! It goes for $170, and I have never worn a ring before but this one is so damn cool. This would be the ring I would wear as an engagment ring, this is as manly as it gets. Clean, simple, and sharp!

This Escape store also has some other interesting designs.

Link: Uncrate
Link: Escape Design

Camera Guide 2006


If ever you wanted a comprehensive camera guide then this is it for 2006. I think they every camera categorized and alphabetized! They really didn’t leave much out so check out the link if your looking for a camera to buy.


Laser Etching



This new company that came up in New York City called Adafruit Laser Services which etches images on any types of gadget you have a camera, a phone, an ipod, a shuffle, an mp3 player, and a laptop.

Its just like tattoo for laptops! It will never go away and they do an amazing job. You have to make an appointment to get your gadget etched which is like a high-end tattoo parlor. So the only place to do it at this point is New York since they don’t accept any mail oder equipment. I think thats the first thing I would do if Im in New York anytime soon. It would be pretty damn cool.

Its $100 for a laptop/power book, and $30 for smaller gadgets.

Link: Engadget
Link: Cnet
Link: Adafruit Laser Services

Workout 101206


This week has been one hectic week with work and family. I haven’t had much maneuvering room and my sleeping pattern has gone out of wack, but I managed to get in one day to workout even if it was just for a little bit. I just wanted to go even though I was exhausted from work, my body said one thing and my mind another.

I went straight to the elyptical machine as soon as I got to the gym, and somebody was using the one I usually use. I laughed at myself because I realized I had affiliation with that specific machine, so I just went to the one next to it, but the guy on it noticed I was eyeing it! I couldnt help but laugh and he asked if I wanted it since he is almost done. I thanked him and said Im on the same machine but appreciate the offer.

Thanks to Fonzys’ recommendation of increasing my cardio 5 mins every week I am at 30 mins a week which is something I dont think I could have done before. I really didnt think I would be able to reach 30 mins, but I think thats my max because I want to do other workouts and spending too much time on the cardio machine would kill me. But Im curious to see if I could reach an hour, maybe I can but right now it seems like a long time down the road.

That day I just felt like passing out but I came to the gym and after 30 mins of high and low speeds on the elyptical I was killing off all the energy I had left. I could lift any weights I felt completely exhausted. So I headed home and passed out happy with my accomplisment.

I have to say that I wish I could have gone to the gym at least twice this week but I dont think that was humanly possible, next I will try harder.

Puma Holiday Heroes


I have to say that I love these ads! I think they are fantastic ads! Maybe its because I really like japanese culture, but I think I might get the shoes because of them.

Link: Youtube 1
Link: Youtube 2

Need To Ride


I dont know how long it has been since I rode my bike, but all I know is that I need to get on my bike and ride post haste. I dont know how long it has been since I rode but it feels like it has been ages. I rode a bit I think on Friday morning but its still not enough for the amount of riding that I want to do. I want at least a 3-4 hours of riding in dry cold weather. Im looking forward to riding in the cold weather because stopping at a light will warm things up and now I can wear some material under my jacket which keeps me warm, and the Dainese leather jacket does a fantastic job of keeping the cold wind from really affecting me.

I need to ride to get the stress of work out, to get some private time, and to think about all that I want to think about. Its like restarting your PC. Having it nice and fresh after restarting it, and thats how Im going to feel after a good ride. I don’t mind the cloudy weather, I would rather it doesnt rain so I can enjoy my time a bit.