Heart Attack Grill




Double Bypass Burger

Taste … Worth Dying For!

There isnt much I can say about this place, some people will compare it to Hooters but the only decent thing there are the Wings. This place seems to genuinely have good burgers and some interesting waitresses to add to that. Its funny that this place is causing a stir, but I think this would be the most successful restaurant in Kuwait. Forget about the lines for Krispy Kreme, this place would need the riot police station outside. Some will love and some will hate it, I dont care as long as the burgers are good. The funny part is that they really have their own comic strip on the website.

Link: Heart Attack Grill

Vista… maybe


I have a computer right now which doesn’t have a hard drive or cpu but I have the ram, motherboard and case. I would add those at later point for the testing I want to do.

I wont lie Im really curious to try out Windows Vista, I want to see how it works, what are the steps to installing it, what are the new features, and a whole list of questions and thoughts.

The one issue Im really having is choosing which package to go with, I am for sure avoiding Vista Home because they probably rigged it so that you dont have all the options to make all the tweaks you want.

With XP you have Home or Pro, and you have a clear idea of what the capabilities of each are. I avoid using Home at all costs because I know its limitations. But the problems Im facing is that I dont know what are the lacking options of each Vista package even though Im really curious to try it. I like messing with the network settings, the resources, startup configuration, device management, and a few other random things but I dont know how they will restrict it in the other Vista packages.

Social Networking?


Social Networking has been an insane craze over the past 4 years, it really heated up over the past couple of years. The one that got really big because it was the first was MySpace, and it has a huge following in North America. And then other ones started coming out like hi5, Facebook, and LiveSpaces. The one that seems to be all over Kuwait is hi5 and I really have no clue why it has spread insanely.

Personally Im not much for the social networking because in Kuwait its a pretty small community, and I think blogs are a lot more useful in conveying opinions, information, entertainment, and news. I think that hi5 and MySpace aren’t as socially connecting as something like Facebook. I think Facebook is more professional regarding how people connect and they know each other, but the other two you just simply keep adding people. When I see somebody have 300+plus friends I think thats a little rediculous. I’m not even really sure how some of these social networking websites work, but I keep seeing friends who do use it. I still haven’t seen anyone use LiveSpaces, but they had a late entry into this game.

It does have some of its uses though, which connect people who haven’t seen each other in a long time. I keep hearing about long lost friends meeting up again and that in itself is a fantastic thing. For myself I dont think I would be joining any of these websites anytime soon.

Molton Brown


There was a Molton Brown craze in Kuwait a few years back, I dont know how it exactly it came about, but damn I love the smell of the Molton Brown soap. I remember the first time I tried it was on the British Airways flight and I know that helped spread the name of Molton Brown like wild fire.

The funny part is during that period they immediatly opened a store in Kuwait which closed after sometime, I wasnt aware how long it took, and I didnt know why it wasnt succesful here since lots of people really like it. I was in the states at the time and you had to order from the UK to get the product so I used to order the soap just to wash my hands with. It was clean and it smelt so damn nice. They also had a really nice aftershave cream, some people like Nivea and I like it too but the Molton Brown was a little different and felt good. I dont even know if they sell Molton Brown anywhere in Kuwait, but I will be asking someone to pick some up for me from London if they are stopping by anytime soon in London.
Link: Molton Brown

Hard Start


These past couple of mornings its been hard as hell to get up. Its nice and chilly outside, and it has been pretty cloudy. I know I need some more sleep but still I feel like Im dragging myself out of bed these days just to make sure I got to work. And those hot showers arent completely waking me up in the morning these days, I still feel tired after the shower.

You know you have that feeling when its going to be a long day at work the next couple of days!

Daytona 675 Wins IBOTY


Triumph went back to the drawing board when they were developing every piece of this beautiful motorcycle. And the Daytona 675 won the International Bike of the Year award and its well deserved.

I love my Daytona 675 it has so much low end torque and the handling on the Daytona is amazing it flicks left to right without any effort. It also has an amazing look to it and it stands out from all others.

And more pics of my Datyona 675 can be seen on flickr!

Link: Gizmag

Ariel Atom 2


This is one interesting race car, because its a road legal race car! Its legal to be used in European and North American streets. Its amazing piece of machinary which is extremely focused to its true calling. Ariel Atom has a top speed of 225Kph and it goes 0-100kph in 3.7 seconds. This machine is faster then most supercars but costs 10% as much, around 11’500KD. Of course its lacking a few luxuries like a windshield, stereo, air condition, and heated seats. It has multiple options to make it handle, stop, and perform better. I just want to get behind the wheel of one of these Atoms, it probably handles like a Go-Kart.

Link: Ariel Atom
Link: Diseno Art

Sunlight Transportation


If you have those rooms in the middle of a house or office which doesnt haven any natural lighting or window its usually constricting to some degree. For the first time this Swedish company came up with an ingenious idea of transporting the natural light through a wire called Sunwire. Paran is the Swedish company and I think that would be extremely succesful in helping to conserve energy and at the same time provide a different kind of lighting. Its fantastic, it work great in Kuwait, but I wonder how expensive it will be or how exactly it works.

Link: Gizmag

Customs War!!!


Freedom at last! Its been so damn long since my stuff has beens stuck in customs that I thought I was never going to get my DVDs. I cant even remember what was in my order it was a while back now. Its annoying as hell that they did this.

This started October 15th and Now its December 11th.

Items I have been waiting for:

  • Flame of Recca – 400 Year Old Truth (Vol. 4)
  • The Unit – The Complete First Season
  • Fafner – Going Home (Vol. 7)
  • Godannar, Vol. 5 – International Affairs
  • Beowulf & Grende
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, 2nd GIG, Volume 07
  • The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift (Widescreen Edition)
  • Daft Punk – Interstella 5555
  • Scrubs – The Complete Fourth Season
  • Voltron – Defender of the Universe – Collection One

It took over two months for my items to be released! And there was nothing to hold it for. They make things so difficult and annoying. From what I head PWC or Agility has taken over customs, but I dont know what exactly they are doing. But they are causing problems and one of them seems to be this problem.

My Next Order is going to be soon, but Im going to order a direct shipment to Kuwait through DHL and Im going to see what happens. Its going to be books and DVDs and hopefully it will come through as others have experienced.

Need to Hibernate


I need one day to sleep in, and do nothing all day. Something that would require very little effort from my brain. The only thing I would have to do is think about what I want to eat or watch. And then I would get a good nights sleep.

I have been operating on overdrive for the past 11 days now that I feel beat up by the time I sleep. I woke up this morning feel like I was lifting 1000Kgs and my body was dead. When I lifted myself out of bed I felt so damn heavy, and my alarms at a high volume are having a hard time waking me up. The curtain are open yet I dont seem to be able to get up that easily. The only reason Im getting up is because I know I have deadlines and my time is commited after work to family and others. Its not really that I have a choice, somethings are just really out of my hands.

I need to just pass out one day to get a good nights sleep, and I dont want to waste my friday not being able to ride or do what I want so I dont sleep in. Im feeling everything from this week and last week.