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Fuse Short Circuit


It has been strange weather the past couple of days since it could get cold and warm in the same day and we are in the first week of december. I wanted to make sure that people wouldnt freeze in the house so we took out all the heaters of storage and started putting them where they used to be. But I hate having a heater so I never put one in my room, and sometimes because of the weather I sometimes switch on the A/C if no one is in the other rooms that is connected to this A/C system. I love sleeping in the cold!

So after putting each on in its specific location I was slowly switching each one on to see if everything was on. Then I went for the fourth heater, and then boom and a really funny smelling burn in coming out of the heater. It tripped the fuse box for the floor so everything went out and I was going to go nuts beacuse it switched off items on my PC that I didnt save. After a little flip switching in the fuse box I got things working again and I checked that all the other heaters were ok, but damn it stell smelt of a burning after that broken heater. Then I spent 20 mins selectively switching items on in my PC armada! It was funny seeing what happened!

Photo Blocks


This is a pretty cool idea, I just saw this product on Uncrate and I think its really a cool thing to do with your photos. I used to hang a ton of photos in and around my apartment, and in the house Im thinking of doing that but I have to choose specific pictures to put up.

Link: Uncrate

Review: Talladega Nights


I heard that this movie was funny, but I wasn’t expecting much since Will Ferrel doesn’t make a great movie everytime. I had a feeling it would be funny, but I wasn’t sure how funny though. The movie was better then I predicted because Will Ferrel fit the character like a glove. It was hysterical since everyone’s lives revolved around racing and their attitudes towards racing and the american way. The part that was hilarous was Ali G’s part in the whole movie, he was Will Ferrel mortal enemy and this whole movie is just funny as hell. It was well made, and the actors fit their parts. If you like Will Ferrel then you will love this movie, and love him in this movie.

Link: IMDB
Rating: r3.5.bmp

Workout 51206


I was slightly drained that day but really really looking forward to hitting the gym. I changed at home and went in the Land Cruiser because I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain but I wasn’t going to try my luck. So I head over to the gym and I see a bunch of cars, and Arjan Complex filled with people like usual.

Im already in my gym cloths so I go up and I head straight to the elytpical that I always use. The funny part is that I have been using the same elyptical for the month and a half that I have been going to the gym. So I think Im sticking it!

On my left there was an elderly lady, and on my right on a treadmill there was an elderly man. Then I remember that they are couple and they are very nice. Last time I went on my bike they told me they like my bike, and like my gear! They were a very cute couple and even though they are pretty old they came to the gym together. It made me smile! Now you can’t ask much more then that.

After 30 mins on the elyptical I went to the machine which targets the back muscles and started from there. The salsa class was going at full swing and this time it was more organized, everyone seemed to have specific partners and do their thing. After that I was rotating between all the back machines, and started with some leg excercises. And just kept on going until I felt exhausted and I finished all the reps that I had to do. Then I went straight home for a nice shower and passing out for work.

It feels great after a nice warm shower!

Halo 3 Trailer


The one game I am looking forward to more then any other game. Halo is so good it should be classified as a genre of its own. Forget the PS3 this is the game that of 2007. No other reason to buy another game!

Halo 1 is so good that it keeps getting sold out in Kuwait, and Halo 2 can only be found in low quantities. People buying X-Box 360s still buy Halo 1 and Halo 2. What does that say.

Just look at the trailer!!!

Link: YouTube

Funny Envy


So the other day I went to Kuwait airport to pick-up my mother from the airport since she has been away for the past couple of weeks. She was arriving on an early flight I was at the airport early in the morning expecting the plane to be early too. I thought I would just wait in starbucks and take a look at the magazines in and around there.

As I walk in I see that the plan is delayed for 34 mins, so I decided to get breakfast before going to work. As I walk in there a was a young man on the right who has a decently long religious type beard. My assumption here is that you wouldnt grow it out to the extent where you could measure with a ruler except if your going for the religious look, or maybe the Chuck Norris 1980s look but a little more shaggy, I dont really but it was long.

I saw that he was working very intensly on his laptop and I was curious as to what he was doing on his laptop. So as I am walking up to the sales counter, lined with 4 to 5 starbucks employees, I turned to the right as if looking at the mugs but Im really looking at the guy’s laptop screen. I was in such a shock that I got a closer look, as I got a little closer I was interrupted by one of the starbucks employees seeing if I want a mug or something I told him in a sec. The first time I saw his screen he was playing a game, as I got closer it was a real time strategy game! I was envious of the guy! I wanted to be playing too! It looked like a Command and Conquer type game! I love those types of RTS games, especially with the modern weapons. He was highlighting here, attacking there, building overthere, and sending troops to support the attack! I was watching him intently until I noticed I was pretty damn close to the guy and left to order my breakfast! I was laughing at my self because I wanted to play video games early in the morning too. Now that was a nice shock in the morning! It really entertained me, and after a while my mother arrived, but I was still laughing at my self for being somewhat jealous of the guy who could play video games from 6:50am in the morning, and by the time I left the guy was still playing. I need to play some games!

Hometheater Update


I have had my home theater setup for a year now and Im very happy with it. I only had two front speakers, one center speaker, and one subwoofer from Mirage. So it wasn’t a complete Dolby Digital Surround system yet since I didn’t have the rear speakers. I didn’t get them previously since I wasn’t sure of the seating arrangement and I thought it might be different at a later point, but after a year and keeping the same arrangement I decided to add the rear speakers.

So I got the Mirage HDT-R from the same range that my speakers are currently from, and they cost $1500.00 (without installation) from online audio shops. ETC did a really good job with the installation and they used high quality audio cables to connect them to my Onkyo receiver.

All together I paid 620KD including installation. I didn’t mind the price difference since I understand they pay shipping charges and other details, but their service is really good and they installed it the next day. It only took two hours to install even though I thought it would take a lot longer to do it since they had to move a lot of objects out of the way. Heavy and breakable objects, but they did it quickly and I’m happy customer because it sounds fantastic and a very clean installation.

I will be posting pictures when I get back home.

For testing purposes I played different scenes from three different movies: Gladiator, Hero, and Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.


Location: Shuweikh
Phone: 4825851

Link: Mirage
Link: Vanns Audio

More Gear


I went for one more helmet from Scorpion and some more protection around the legs from Alpinestar. I went for the Matte Red Rivet since I have seen it before and I really think it is cool as hell, and I went for the Alpinestar Bionic Knee protection which I hope is comfortable as well as protective. I could wear it under my jeans. The helmet goes for $200, and the knee armor goes for $70 which isnt bad.


Now I just have to wait for their arrival.

Link: Scorpionusa
Link: Alpinestar

Review: Jennifer Government


After reading Company I really liked Max Barry’s style and so I decided to get another book of his, and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. It is one great book, and an entertaining read. You get immersed into this book so much so that you think that your part of this other dimension, and you understand how he presents the state of world and how people lead normal lives. Consumerism is of the highest priority in this world, and the corporate world is just as powerful as the government, and its an intricate balance. Jennifer is one the main characters in this book but you get introduced to other characters who are also extremely important. What I love about his style is his ability to slowly take different parts and enticingly tie them together to make for a riveting story.

Link: MaxBarry
Link: Amazon


Decaf Lite Traffic


Is it me or has traffic gotten lighter over the past two weeks. Are schools done already? Or are people just too lazy to go to work these days and I was the last one to find out. I have been finding it enjoyable to drive the past week and a half. I keep constantly moving and not too many people cutting me off. I have noticed this interesting thing, that girls who go to work in the morning and arent wearing a hijaab seem to drive pretty well. I mean they do push through traffic but they are doing it a tactful manner, but the girls who wear hijaab seem to drive as if all the cars are bumper cars and they dont see neither left or right. Is there any scientific significance to this I dont know, but there must be something. Maybe they use their sideview mirrors. Maybe!

But driving to and from home hasn’t been too bad and I get around to some places without hitting too much traffic the past two weeks and I do find that enjoyable.

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