Review: Man of the Year


This was an entertaining movie for Robin Williams I really didn’t know what to expect but I did enjoy it. This movie is a combination of comedy and drama which Williams did a great job with. Another flavor to the movie that I really liked is Christopher Walken’s character, I like how he plays the tough guy and he plays those roles with a comedic air to him. The whole process of Robin Williams running for President is great, he was on a roll in this movie and he had the right people around him to make it very entertaining. The storyline was a bit off since some parts did connect fully but it didn’t make it any less entertaining in my opinion.

Link: IMDB
Rating: r3.5.bmp

Passionate Tea Guy


At work we have a tea guy who goes around and takes orders and he knows everyone. Its two guys and they are pretty funny! They walk around like they own the place, and sometimes I think they do.

I come in early in the morning and he always passes by my office to ask if I want something and I only ask for water. He is really nice, and so is the other guy. And they are nice in their own way. They always walk over from the other building so I dont really complain about anything and they always bring it hot. He made me laugh the other week because he told me that I never order anything and everybody is ordering coffee, tea, turkish coffee, french coffee, or other things, and Im always ordering water water water water. He was getting pissed off that I dont ask for anything! hahahaha..

It made me laugh, both of them noticed that I dont drink anything except water and I like tea sometimes but I dont have the time to sit in front of the desk sometimes so I dont want to ask and then I have to leave. So now he comes in and asks me if I have any appointments and then he goes and gets me tea without me saying anything. I told him he doesnt need to bring anything expcet water and then he goes and brings me water and tea. I thought they were great, but now they are just fantastic! They go about it in their own way, its just funny. I thank them, but sometimes I dont think its enough because they make me laugh.

Monster Controller 300


This is one amazing remote it does everything that the Logitech Harmony does and it also has access to the same database so you can load your equipment into the remote from the online database. On top of that it has the Omnilink system which controllers your lighting system in the house.

You can take a look at the review on Engadget below, and you can also see the list of items which work with it. And it isn’t an expensive system to equip in your house, since you can equip it to control the lights in your house.

It isn’t cheap but not too expensive either it goes for $600. I would like to get my hands on this at a later point but first I want to figure out how exactly the lighting control system works with the normal lighting.

Link: Monster
Link: Engadget Review
Link: Amazon

Like A Log


I think my sleep has been catching up with me the past two weeks. On Tuesday I went to work an hour and half late since I just couldn’t get up. I woke up and looked at my watch and then I looked at my phone to count the missed calls. It wasn’t that much so I wasn’t too worried and I got up and went, but that was just one day of the week.

Then another day I came back from work and some family were in the house and I was sitting with them then 20 minutes later I passed out on the couch, and 10 minutes after that I transfered to the bed for a little nap. A two hour nap which didn’t feel like it did the job.

I think I want to go somewhere for a few days and just relax without any phone calls, I just want some movies, good food, internet, and some place to chill. Someplace I could sleep like a log and wake up only when I feel like I can move.

Watching Anime


This past week I haven’t had much time to do all I wanted to do, especially ride but at least I got to watch some anime and really enjoy that. I have found some of my friends who are getting addicted to anime and they are expressing how they feel when watching it and getting caught up with it. So I told them they shouldn’t have blamed me for loving it from day one.

Here is what I have watched this past week:

  • Bleach
  • Fafner
  • Shadow Skill
  • Naruto
  • Guyver TV

I like watching new anime, but its annoying when watching it and not having the continuing episodes! I go nuts trying to figure out whats going to happen next so lately I have been piling up with anime.

Cut And Shave

This has been one hell of a busy two weeks. I haven’t had time to relax and do nothing let alone go get a hair cut and a shave. The one luxury I do enjoy in Kuwait is getting a shave, and that is one thing I haven’t had a chance to do to yet.

My hair is between a shaved head and growing back stage where its too short to do anything with and too long to look clean. Its the look where you haven’t left your apartment in two weeks and you have only been eating Chinese to go and Cup Noodles. And I have never had a normal beard, I have those scruffy type beards which is thick in some places and not in others to it looks like patch work. It makes me laugh but I look like a bum, but I really need to go for a shave sometime this week. I love the feeling of a shaved head and it takes 5 minutes to shave my head and 15 minutes to cut my goatee, I love that clean feeling after the barber is done.

Spending Power


There is a shortage of things to buy in Kuwait and that is why people are ordering online these days. Our customs are shamble and there is no real regulation on them, they aren’t held accountable for their bad performance. There is a lock on wifi and voip items because of the MOC.

There are a lot of people in Kuwait willing to buy original dvds, cds, and other items since they dont download. The majority of Kuwait don’t really use torrents compared to the Kuwait online community. There is a lot of spending power in Kuwait, we are willing to buy magazines and books but we are tired of the Ministry of Information treating us like 2 year olds. I prefer spending my money else wear then in Kuwait. I save my money and buy online if I want DVDs, Books, games, or CDs. And if I cant get it online I try to pick it up while Im traveling because I have no other choice. Sometimes while traveling to Dubai for business I pass by Virgin to pick up all the books, magazines, and dvds that I was looking for and thinking about since I get tired of what is offered to us in Kuwait.

Our government is not helping small business develop, and not letting the creative talent in Kuwait grow because of so many stagnant and stubborn people in the government only making things difficult for people.

Review: King Arthur


This epic movie really got to me because I really like how they portrayed King Arthur for once. He is portrayed as human being instead of the legend that they keep making him to be, behind the legend is a real man. I especially like Clive Owen in this movie he doest a fantastic job with the men of round table and incorporating their story with the time of Roman Empire when England was under the control of Cesar. The action is great, the story is great, and I really appreciate the realism in this movie. I think they couldn’t have picked a better actor to portray the strength and humbleness of Arthur then Clive Owen.

Link: IMDB

Stainless Steel and Concrete Ring


I have to say that Im that type of man that isnt much for any type of jewellery what so ever, but this ring looks damn cool and its extremely original. A stainless steel and concrete ring. If ever I wanted a ring this would it! It goes for $170, and I have never worn a ring before but this one is so damn cool. This would be the ring I would wear as an engagment ring, this is as manly as it gets. Clean, simple, and sharp!

This Escape store also has some other interesting designs.

Link: Uncrate
Link: Escape Design

Camera Guide 2006


If ever you wanted a comprehensive camera guide then this is it for 2006. I think they every camera categorized and alphabetized! They really didn’t leave much out so check out the link if your looking for a camera to buy.