Music (Nov 06)


This is my current list of music that I have burned onto CD, there are some songs which have been out for a bit, and there are some songs which I have only listened to for a couple of times. I just put this list up for people who want some nice RnB, HipHop, and Rap songs. Sometimes you just dont know where to look, so I put try to find as many good new songs as possible. A few odd one out of course! hehehe

  • Akon – I wanna Love You (ft. Snoop Dogg)
  • Akon ft. Eminem – Smack That
  • Beyonce – Upgrade U
  • Bobby Valentino – Turn the page
  • Bow Wow – Shorty Like Mine (ft. Chris Brown)
  • Cherish – Unappreciated
  • Ciara – Promise
  • Diddy – Come to me
  • Eminem – You Dont Know (ft 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Cashis)
  • Jamie Foxx – Can I take you home (ft. Chamillionare)
  • Janet Jackson – So Excited (Ft Khia)
  • Jay-Z – Show me what you got
  • Jim Jones – We Fly High (Remix)(Ft T.I., Young Dro, Birdman & Diddy)
  • John Mayer – Waiting on the world to change
  • Johnta Austin – Turn It Up
  • Justin Timberlake – My Love (ft. T.I.)
  • Ludacris – Money Maker
  • Ludacris – Runaway Love (ft. Mary J Blige)
  • Marques Houston – Favorite Girl
  • Pac – Pac’s Life (Ft. T.I & Ashanti)
  • Sergio Mendez ft. Black Eyed Peas
  • Shareefa – Need a Boss
  • Snoop Dogg – That’s That
  • Stone Sour – Through Glass
  • T.I. – Top Back
  • T.I. – Why You Wanna
  • The Game – Let’s Ride
  • Tyrese – One
  • Unk – Walk it Out
  • Vanessa Hudgens – Come Back To Me
  • Young Dro – Rubberband Banks
  • Young Jeezy – I Luv it

Workout 141106


I went to the Gym on tuesday right after work, because I didnt want to eat and I was stressed from being at work too long during the week. So I needed to hit the gym for a little while. I got motivated to go because the weather was nice and cool outside, and I wanted to ride my bike. It just gave me an excuse to go somewhere! I go in shorts and a t-shirt, and then wear jeans, the jacket, gloves, sneakers, and the helmet on top. So I wearing armor while Im riding to the gym.

I got to the gym parked by bike when downstairs but my bike gear in the locker and went up stairs to get started.

I started off on the Elyptical for 15 mins and this time I didnt feel tired at all. Knowing that I wasnt tired felt great, I knew I was improving but there were no direct results regarding weight loss, but I just felt good overall. There was a good amount of people in the gym, while I was working out they started the Salsa class which was 65% guys and 35% girls, which surprised me.

Salsa, Yoga, Aerobics, and those types of classes are just not my type of thing. For some reason I really not into being in a class when working out. If its a boxing course like what I did a while back its a little bit different since there is one on one interaction and you get to practice on dummy which was great.

Today was going to be chest and shoulders day.

When I was heading over to the back for the bench press I saw somebody I knew and he was in good shape! He told me I had a lot of motivation on the elyptical, I was just laughing about it, it was the music! hehehe

This time the goal was a lot of reps and some weights. I just wanted to get my blood pumping, and after a while of working out my shoulders and chest it was great. I was happy I was able to get a good workout in.

Im going with this idea:

  • More Reps
  • Medium Resistance
  • Making sure I get my blood pumping

Then after cleaning up I went to the locker room put my gear on and got on the bike to head home! Im almost out of gas, but I know I have enough to get me home.

Danish Speed Limits


These guys are geniuses! I know its a bit boring there, but damn they are innovative! Who wouldnt slow down with these kinds of laws. Got to love their conviction!

Open it up at your own risk.

Link: YouTube

Review: Thank You For Smoking


I thought this was going to be a Bowling for Columbine type movie, but I was little bit off with this. Nick Naylor is the spokesmen for Big Tobacco, and he puts the best spins on the worst facts. This is one movie which I didnt expect to be this good, and the satire in it is just perfect. You keep following Nick and seeing how he wins argument after argument. And it isnt that he likes smoking, but its more about doing his job. And he teaches his son his philisophy of being able to question things and putting a spin on what people says. The man gets intangled with lots of things, and he is doing what he does best. I really liked this movie and think everyone should see this movie.

Link: IMDB
Rating: r4.jpg

Microsoft Zune Reviews


I read two really informative reviews on the Microsoft Zune, and I have to say Im happy I dont own one. It some good features but at the same time there are issues with this product from Microsoft. Like usual when it comes from Microsoft it will have problems from day one, people were hoping that Microsoft would start from scratch with this, but there were issues.

The Zune is a player riddled with a lot of small issues — death by a thousand cuts. Do we think any particular one is a deal breaker? Well, even given our nightmarish software issues, not really. Do we think they should have worked out the kinks and sat out this holiday season? Probably, yeah. Do we think there’s potential for betterment of the platform and especially the player through software updates? Given enough time, absolutely. Would we recommend the product for purchase, like, right now? Not a chance.

Here are the Reviews:


High End PCs


Alienware, Voodoo, Dell, and every other PC manufactures is going crazy with the Intel Core 2 chips. Alienware, Dell, and Voodoo have come out with these insane chips and maxed out setups.

I basically took these PCs to the highest they can go! I got the Alienware PC on its own up to $7893.00, the Dell up to $5470.00, and the Voodoo $9876.00.

You can get the core 2 duo up to 2.93 Ghz, I maxed out the ram up to 8 GBs, the Main HD up to 750GB, and other hard drives up to 1.5 Terabytes (1500GB) , the Voodoo I got it to 3 TBs! Two high end Graphics cards with at least 512MB on it up to 1GB! High End audio card and Running Windows Vista!


It seems that if you want new tech and want it now then you can get it, and if you max out these PCs then you wont be needing any upgrade anytime soon. Pretty far down the line really! But its insane the tech you can get right now, I think my PCs are pretty damn good really, and I do a lot with them. But if any of these PCs even flex their muscles compared to my PC its like an Abrams M1 Battle Tank running over my Toyota microbus! Just no comparison, but this is excessiveness to the extreme, but if I or any techie could get their hands on these kinds of PCs its like being in heaven! hehehe! So insane, and so beautiful!

Link: Engadget-Dell

Link: Engadget-Alienware

Police Robots


I saw this image and I went nuts! Im a huge fan of Robocop! I still know him as Murphy! Him and Robo go well together! I saw this picture and I didnt care what the post was about, but then when I read it and I started laughing! This cop in Waukesha, Wisconsin wants to build an army of Robots for his police force but he is too cheap so he gets a couple of students to do it! hahaha

Link: Engadget

Microsoft Firefox!!!!


Ok this shocked the hell out of me! What is going on here! The website seems too legitimate looking to be fake! Am I going nuts or is this Microsoft Firefox, it has features and website seems to be in perfect working order, but its too funny. There are lots of funny comments through out the website, but Im extremely tempted to download the browser and try it! I am EXTREMELY curious even though I know it would be going against my better judgement! Check it out people, if anyone tries it please let me know! The anticiptation is killing me!


Nut Case


Today on my way back home from work this guy is sitting on a an exit that turns into my lane and decides to go, I had NO area to brake, none! I would have slammed right into him. I couldnt believe he pulled out since he didnt have any opening. I am really lucky that the guy on my left braked and gave me opening! I cut left and barely avoided him. I swerved around the car that was in front of me and managed to avoid a bad accident. I put the window down, and thanked him. He said he saw that the nut case behind me pulled out and I had no where to go. I was extremely grateful that I had such a considerate person driving next to me. The guy behind me was giving me dirty looks, and I really want to get out of my car and pull him out his car through his window. I thought to myself that it isnt worth it. When the light turned green he tried to get in front me when turning left under the bridge trying to overtake me from the right.. where there is no space.

This guy turned out to be a nuts so he slipped in front of me and slammed on his brakes. I was in the Landcruiser and he was in a white Nissan pickup truck. After the other cars moved away I decided to make my move since there wasnt going to be any collateral damage. It was the last straw, I dropped the Landcruiser a gear and took off in the left lane even though he was trying to cut me off I had enough momentum. Then when I got in front of him I slammed on my brakes hard enough to make him stop and I got out of my car to literally take him apart. Then he turned into Khaldiya and ran away. I got back in my car, drove home thinking that was surreal because then my cousin called me and she had something hilarious to tell me so it felt as if this whole thing didnt take place. Now that I think about I wish I got my hands on him. What a nutcase almost hitting me, then slamming his brakes in front of me just to make me crash into him, and giving me dirty looks. I really wish sometimes I think less of the consequences and just beat the crap out of him, after reasoning through it thats when I decided to get out of my car and go for it. Too bad he ran I would have gotten a good work out from breaking every bone in his body with my fists.

Review: Little Man


I thought this would be one funny movie because I like the Wayans brothers so much. I even thought White Chicks was pretty good, but this movie failed my expectations greatly I really didnt think that it would be that bad. Its rare that I think a movie is this bad that I really wish I didnt see it. It had its funny moments and thats why I gave it a 1 out of 5 but other then that it was hard to sit through. Its rare that I dont sit through a movie, but this one was so bad that I couldnt keep on watching it. If you havent seen this movie then spare yourself the pain and dont watch it.

Link: IMDB

Rating: r1.jpg