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Anti-Virus Softwares

I usually install an anti-virus software on my PC because its really something you have to do. There are a lot of choices in the market right now, and for Antivirus I usually buy original software because of the signature updates, database updates, and scanner updates.

There are a few things that I take into consideration when choosing antivirus software:

  • How Affective it is.
  • What affect it has on my system. (If it slows is down)
  • How often are the updates.
  • How affective it is.

Right now this is my list in the ranking:

  1. Kaspersky and NOD32
    • Both are light on the system, you dont feel as if they are there. And they perform their duties perfectly. For the price you have to pay, its cheap for piece of mind.
  2. AVG Antivirus
    • Its not the best, but it does a pretty good job and its free.

For Norton Antivirus, and McAfee Antivirus I would avoid them totally because they have caused every machine I installed them on to have problems. They make the machine slower, and startup hangs because they are forcing a scan. It makes it impossible for some programs to operate, and please forget about the internet security. I completely avoid installing any of these two on any PCs that I get my hands on.

BMW HP2 Helmet


This helmet came out a little while ago, but its still one weird looking futuristic helmet. Its for off-roading, but it feels like somebody should wear it in a fighter jet.

Waiting for PS3


Ok these people are nuts! Weeks before the launch of the Sony PS3 and they are waiting in line. Honestly I would wait a little while before buying the PS3! There were delays for a reason. I think there are going to be stampedes and people are going to get the crap beaten out of them! Im going to look forward to this! I want to here who killed who for a PS3!

Link: Engadget

Things Accomplished


This weekend has been a productive weekend.

I felt like I caught up with all the fun stuff that I wasnt able to do the past couple of weeks.

  • I checked on my nephew
  • I watched some anime
  • I watched 9 episodes of Smallville
  • I watched 2 episodes of Stargate Atlantis
  • Rode over 400 Kms.
  • Organized a bit of my hard drive, found the music I was looking for. Moved pictures around.
  • Visited family
  • Went to the gym once, so I know Im going ot be sore.
  • More anime of course.

White and Nerdy

This is one of the funniest songs I have seen in a long time!! If you like Ridin Dirty then you will love this song!!

Link: Google Videos

Riding in the Cool



After work it was really sunny outside and the weather was perfect. It was cool outside, and I was looking forward to riding. I changed into my ridin gear and headed down getting ready to head out for a bit of riding before going to my cousins place. After checking on my nephew for a little bit I headed over to the gas station, filled up the tank and headed over to my cousin’s place! The weather was perfect! Cool enough that Im enjoying the heat coming from the Engine. Its an amazing rush, and you feel the electricity going through your body with these temps! I hope everyone is having a goodtime out these days! Its just too good to pass up not being outside! And today Im going to be wearing a jacket that I have wanted to wear for a while, its fully armored black race jacket.


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49ers Move


Now this is an interesting turn of developments! 49ers are leaving Candlestick Stadium in San Francisco and moving to Santa Clara.

I really just hope its true! I love the 49ers and I used to live in Santa Clara, the new stadium would literally be down the road from me! It would just be fantastic! Tailgating would be so much easier! This gives me even more of a reason to visit! hehehe!

Thanks Yazeed for the link!

Link: SFGate

Review: New Fist of the North Star


Plot Summary: In a post-apocalyptic Earth, the water has become entirely toxic, except for some kept safe in a reservoir. A fortified zone has been created by a man named Sanga, he calls it The Lastland. A group of villagers have discovered safe water, and Sanga wants it. He and his band of killers go to kill everyone and steal it. As they do a mysterious man apperes out of nowhere, instantly killing some of Sanga’s men. His name is Kenshiro, and he can beat any man with his martial art, Hokuto Shin Ken. Sanga will do anything for the water, and Kenshiro will do anything to try and stop him.

I had high hopes for this anime, because it was one the best story lines that I saw in my early days of anime in the early 90s. Fist of the North Star was around when anime was picking up in popularity. It was bloody, raw, and hardcore. It was a legend. So I had high expectations for this three DVD series. It was a 50 minute episode per DVD. The animation was great, they did a combination of drawing and cgi to depect the wasteland and the enviroment. I have to say that this didnt satisfy my expectation for this anime, it had a lot to live up to. I expected a better story line, even though it was just as bloody, and just as much chaos. But I was expecting something on a higher level then what I saw. If your a huge fan of the Fist of the North Star, then watch this anime, but other then that I would pass on it. It wasnt a bad anime at all, but it just didnt do the original Justice!

Link: AnimeNewsNetwork

Rating: r2.5.jpg


There is only one reason to look forward to January, and it isnt New Years!


Please checkout: The 24 Season 6 Extended Trailer

I cant get enough of this, Jack Bauer is going to save the world again! He is the king of kings! The world without Jack Bauer is no world to live in! Even in the trailer he is the only man that can save humanity. I want to know whats happening! I need to know whats happening! Cant get enough!

To Do list:

The weather is fantastic outside! The cold is crispy! Its cold, but not freezing so it feels great! The roads are empty! Hopefully this going to be a good weekend!

  • Ride a lot
  • Watch Smallvile Season 5, Heroes, and Stargate Atlantis.
  • Ride Friday morning
  • Burn New CDs
  • Finish cleaning organizing files on hard drives
  • Hit the Gym today and friday
  • Visit Family
  • Check on Nephew

I wish it was a three day weekend after looking at this list! But that is why I can do two tasks at one time!

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