Workout 191106


When I went to the gym my goal was to work on my back and legs after doing some cardio.

I didnt have lunch that day and went straight to the gym at 6pm from work

I went to the gym on my bike again, its just fun as hell going to and from the gym on the bike. I wear my bike gear over my shorts and t-shirt and it keeps me warm these days.

I put my bike gear in the locker room, and went up stairs straight to the elyptical, and this time I bumped it to 20 mins from 15mins from last week. And after I was done I felt like I could have gone more, and I was surprised. It felt good that I wasnt getting as tired anymore.

After that I saw two people I knew and said hello, and then I went to the machines and kept going it at for a while. I’ve begun seeing some of the same people that I usually see. There is one weight lifter who is pretty damn funny, and my friend is there a lot.

Then the salsa class started because I could a line of people walking behind me to the open area for the salsa class. I started trying pullups with the “helping” machine, which makes your weight a little less, you would know it when you see it. I have to say that I was dying when I was doing the pull-ups even with the help. So I need to work on that, but there has been improvement so I was happy.

After feeling that I got myself sufficiently tired I went downstairs and put my bike gear on to head home, and I always pass by Arjan Complex and that place is always packed with people.

A little Early or A little Late


School Traffic or Work Traffic. Thats the choice you have in the morning.

I leave to work at 7:30am or 7:15am to get there at 8:00am in school traffic, and I have to say that the women driving their kids are nuts. I really mean nuts, they fly faster then me, and cut me off and everybody else. Its like the apply the rules of engadgement when driving and not giving a damn about the vehicles on the road. If there is any amount of space in the in front of me they cut me off. And they drive either really really slow or as if they are flying an F-16. Its not as if they dont have kids inside the car.

Then there is the work traffic with all the pick-up trucks filled to the top, and all the other trucks. They are a bit annoying but at least not life threatening.

I arrive at work at 8:30am instead of 8:00am, but it takes me 30 mins when leaving late instead of 45 mins when leaving early. And its also less life threatening to leave late then it is to leave early. I arrive at work 30 mins late, but I told them I cant make to work by 8 am because of life threatening issues, and my boss just laughs. He said you can come in at 7am everyday for week but you can never be here at exactly 8am, and I said if I get the work done then I dont care what time I come in and the guy just started laughing.

Weight Goals


What Im trying to do is a little different then just dropping weight.

Im at 96Kgs and my goal is drop all the way down to 80Kgs, from what I was told that is my ideal weight. But Im not the type of person to go on an all out diet and just not eat anything, that is probably the last thing I would do! I dont eat snacks or anything between meals, and I dont have a sweet tooth. So after a good meal, no matter what the dessert is it doesnt entice me at all.

After three weeks of working out at a consistent rate I havent dropping anything really.

From 96 Kgs to 95Kgs, but a few things that I have been feeling:

  • I dont feel as tired anymore
  • Building up endurance
  • I feel my strength coming back

I feel like Im going to drop weight in due time, but I just want to make sure Im consistent in the gym, and it feels good that Im going.



Those who dont know should know! Pengiuns are extremely adaptable animals who live from the extreme cold to the extreme heat. Dont let their cute and cuddly look fool you. They are intelligent beings who are capable of taking over the world if need be, but for now they are observing us.

The main example of this is Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private from Madagascar. In the picture above from left to right its Kowalski, Skipper, and Rico. I would like all of them to be my subordinants if need be. I dont think there is anything better the 4 ninja/commando pengiuns under your command.

Skipper, “Kowalski Analysis!” “Blend Blend Blend”

Just watch this and just laugh: YouTube

Review: Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System



I have to say that I am a happy camper with this piece of exquisite engineering. I had high expectation for this exhaust system since it came from one of the premiere aftermarket exhaust system manufacturer.


  • Fit perfectly out of the box
  • Extremely lighter then the original exhaust system
  • Great build quality
  • Perfect Deep Exhaust tone, thats why I keep reving and down shifting.
  • High quality carbon fiber which matchs the bike
  • Heat despertion is fantastic, it runs cool compared to the old chrome can.
  • More torque then before, more horsepower at the top as well.
  • You can feel it breath better.


  • None that I can think of.

Price: 600KD (Shipped from UK)

This the best upgrade I have done on this bike, since it looks better, sounds better, and performs better. It covered evey form of improvment for my bike. I cant be happier with this purchase.

Rating: r5.0.bmp

Gefen Home Theater Scaler


This is one interesting product, at first I thought it looked like a mac-mini, but I was wrong. It so much better then that, it upconverts any input/DVD to 1080p or whatever the highest resolution of the screen. It also acts as a switcher for all the inputs it has. Its priced at $400, but if it works as advertised its a great piece of electronics.

  • Two Components Input
  • Two HDMI Input

This product is filled with features for the quality to be high, and making sure the upconverting is done right.

Link: Gefen

Speed Cameras on Pause


I always watch out for cameras when Im driving, but when Im riding its a whole other story. I usually go 20Kph over the speed and I know they usually dont go off. But when Im on the bike the past couple of days I go faster when I see camera to see if anything happens.

When the road is empty I usually cruise going 160 Kph, but now when I see a camera I go past it at least 170Kph+ I want to see if it takes a picture. I have passed at least 30 – 40 cameras in every direction to see if it takes a picture, I mean from Shuweikh all the way south to Bnaider, and even Jleeb Shyookh. All the areas in between, noting has gone off. But all the cameras that take pictures from behind when crossing a red light or speeding through an intersection work, I had one take a picture when I was going quickly through an intersection on a green light.

The only working camera is on Al Ta’awoon Street opposite Dar Salwa, where Shiekh Sabah lives.

The ones Im sure of are the ones that take pictures from the front. In Kuwait its funny they switch the cameras on when they want and switch it off when they want, or maybe its broken and they dont feel like fixing it!

Casino Royale Kuwait – Cut Scenes


I’m dying to watch this movie! Im a huge fan of all James Bond movies, but its killing me about the cut scenes. Some people say it isnt that bad, until I found out how many scenes they did cut.

The average movie is cut 3 to 4 scenes in Kuwait, which isnt horribly bad. But they cut 21 cut from this movie, the torture scene, every bikini scene, and everything else they could cut out. I would be pissed as hell watching the movie seeing they removed half the stuff. I can’t watch it like that, I would rather wait a bit to watch it whole.

Brain Overload


You know when you a ton of things on your mind work, things to do, and just that feeling that your forgetting something. Its there you just dont know what exactly and for the life of you, you just cant remember.

I went into work today late because I didnt feel like making an extreme effort to get to work on time or early. I was half an hour late and comfortable about it. Expectin everyone at work to be late anyways. Then when I got there, there was almost nobody there for another hour! I was in shock! Why the hell didnt I come later! I was the early guy again!

Things in my head:

  • Riding (fun part)
  • Anime (fun part)
  • Posting (fun part)
  • Deadlines
  • Meetings
  • Deliverables
  • Bill of Quantity
  • Quotes
  • Reminders
  • Follow Up
  • Phone Calls (family)
  • Phone Calls (work)
  • Emails
  • Tenders
  • More Meetings

I need to get one day and sleep in for about 14-18hours! Thats exactly what I need! I have so much to do, but when Im trying to decide to do one thing while at home I just sit still in my chair and decide to entertain myself with some anime! I need a bit of break, and that will hit the spot! A few days to chill will empty out my brain! hehehe

PS3 Insanity?!?


What the hell is going on with people!

People waiting in line while getting shot with BB Guns and getting injured for the sake of a PS3. A guy hires 60 temps to wait in line for him to get a PS3. The world gone WILD for the PS3.

Look at this GUY who is offering himself up for body gaurd services while waiting in line for a PS3 and knocking other people out so you get to it first!

The Prices for the PS3 is between $1000 to $2000. Are people that crazy that they cant wait a month or two.

I have never seen this much insanity for a gamesole no matter how good it is. I think I will wait a while before getting one! Im pretty happy with my XBox 360.