Just One of those Days

So you know when just have one of those days where you dont feel like anything what so ever! Basically things were just not going your way! I went to the gym the night before, which I havent been to in months! The next day I was sore as hell! It kind of felt good! So I want to continuously work out now! (This will only last a couple of days, then I shall go back to being lazy! lol).

prisonbreakAlso so for these days I always have a reserve of shows and anime to watch. But thanks to Mark‘s recommendation to watch Prison Break I decided to download the whole first season, which is 13 episodes. And I burned the first four episodes to dvd and kept them on hand.
Anywayz I wanted to go out of the house at the same time I didnt want to do anything which involved much movement. So I decided to go over to my cousin’s house and I told him about the series and that got him interested. So I went over there, and I found that he had a lot of cookies which I automatically snatched up.

We popped in the DVD and started watching Prison break. I have to say that this is a fantastic series! I didnt think that it would be this interesting, I knew it was good but damn! All the characters are different. We watched four hours of it nonstop. We just kept eating dinner while watching it! And now Im going to burn all the episodes to DVD. I thought I would recommend it to people who havent seen it, and thank Mark for recommending it!

It’s Tuesday and Im still sore, but Im going to hit the gym! At least that’s what Im thinking before having lunch! hehe

X Men – The Last Stand


Im a huge fan of the X Men movie series. I always loved the comics, so I really do enjoy the movies. And now there is third movie coming out. I thruoughly enjoy Wolverine when he is kicking ass! Always wanted to be Wolverine!

Here’s the trailer: Link

Home Theatre Setup


After going to multiple shops in Kuwait, and trying to come up with the best Home Theatre setup that I can afford, and one that can last me a while with out any upgrades! I went to Panasonic in Salmiya, and they had all the Denon Equipment, which was what I wanted to look at. But the problem I faced was uninformed sales people. Which causes me to doubt their capabilities. The person who is usually at the reciever section wasnt available at the time, so there wasnt anyone to answer my questions. So I was skeptical about them.

After doing a little research I found a place that was only for home theatres and home theatre equipment. The company is called ETC, and the owner is Nasser Al Shallal, great guy to talk to. He is completely into his equipment and he has a very nice setup. And has a lot of high quality items such as, Meridean Speakers, Mirage Speakers, Onkyo Recievers, Ready Home Theater setups, different types of projectors, plamsa screen mounts (the ones that swivel around completely), tables to place equipment or plasma screens, and he also has a few theatre rooms setup. When I was sitting in one of the theatre rooms he started playing the last battle seen from Lord of the Rings III. I completely forgot why I came, I just sat there watching the scene that I have seen many times and got lost watching it! It was fantastic! I felt like a complete idiot when he switched the lights back on! lol. Even his cabling is high quality, because a lot places get the equipment without quality wires!

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Decisions .. Decisions!

This has been going through my head after having a talk with a couple of friends discussing the reality of working in Kuwait.

There is always someone taking a little snip out the income to fluff their pockets, and if you knew what would you do?

In government jobs its a given to skim from the top, and bottom! Just look at Kuwait Airways!

So if you knew someone in the company who was skimming a good amount from the company’s income, not enough that it would affect the company but enough to make the person’s life very comfortable. Would you fire the person? Or if your working in the company would you report the person?

Ok so here’s the same scenario with a different twist! You have the same person skimming a little off the top like about 30’000KD a year, but he brings in about 400’000KD a year in business, and you have a person bringing in 100’000KD a year but he isnt skimming anything at all. Who do you want working for you? The decisions isnt so easy!

Just a few things we were discussing! It isnt so easy to make a decision when your in this situation.

No Starbucks

I wish my deepest condolenses to the Al-Shaye3 family. A great man in Kuwait history has passed away. He is one of the men that help build Kuwait, Adulatif Al-Shaye3.

Also Starbucks will not open until Sunday March 5th, also any restaurant owned by Al-Shaye3 will be closed until that time.

Special Day!!!

Thanks to ananyah I found about this special! So special that I am moving New Years to this day!! A day for men for once!!! Search in Google “March 20th” and see the first result! Fantastic!
Here’s the link: Link

If its blocked by your ISP try this link: hidemyass

or you can go direclty to HideMyAss.com and past the link from above!

Dino Jack!


For those who watch 24! Respect the Jack!

Increase Volume: Link

(You might need a few plug-ins to make it work)

What a Shock

I got this from a friend! It isnt probably safe to open it up at work, but I did.. and I switched off my screen real quick! But I was laughing my ass off! I couldnt believe a site put this stuff together! This is something useful for women, and something entertaining for guys! And its also posted on Marks Blog ( 248am[The B-Sides] ).


NBK Hiring Policy!?!?

I was on mark’s blog (248am[The B-Sides]) and read the news that NBK hired a man to take a high paying position! And he is currently in court for stealing money from the bank he used to work for. This is rediculous! What genious thought to hire this guy!

Link to Aritcle: Hiring

Bye Bye Enzo!

Damn this car got desroyed! I presume the ex-head of Gizmondo was driving the car! And they crashed racing another car, but you can checkout at details at this link.