WHS @ 98.9% Capacity

I have been on a downloading rampage and the results are aparent, I pretty much forgot about Hazmat Windows Home Server since upgrading it to 14 TB in May. It didn’t take long to fill it to capacity and with only 70% duplication for a few folders. Its really not recommend to reach that high a capacity with all the hard drives, they balance each other and right now very little data can flow between the hard drives to spread the data. So now I’m running on suicide watch, keeping an eye on the server to see if anything goes wrong right now, one of the hard drivers required to be repaired because the data was slighlty inconsistent. I stuck with my other WHS since I think the Motherboard died and I knew it was on the verge of giving up but I have been too damn lazy to perform the transplant. So I have jumped the gun for a quick solution, I ordered a Sans Digital Sata 8 TowerRaid which will connect to the other two eSata connections on the PCI-X card in Hazmat Server. I’m crossing my fingers that the Tower Raid gets here quickly.

WHS Hazmat Upgrade II (11.14 TB to 13.87 TB)

I did something a while back with my Hazmat WHS a while back when I was building it that I forgot about it. I knew the backplane wasn’t full, I just assumed it had all but one slot empty, I plugged in one hard drive and it didn’t show up so I assumed I left the SATA connection empty inside the server which was the case. When I went to plug it in, I found out that I had another slot in the backplane open so out of 5 only 3 were being used and only 3 were connected. I plugged the two but I still had one slot empty. And at the same time I have received the replacement drive for the 2TB which worked perfectly, I was surprised Amazon dispatched it so quickly. The only extra cost I had was spending a couple of KD sending the damaged hard drive back to the states.

After adding the hard drive in the WHS console to the collective of the server I managed to bump it from 11.14 TB to 13.87 TB and still a lot of room for expansion. Now all I need is to get the port multiplier and a few other parts to continue my expansion.