UK Speeds

I’m impressed for about 12 KD per month we are getting close to 7 MB download speeds which isn’t too bad and the price is ridiculously cheap. The reason companies can give speeds like this is because they have decent infrastructure in the UK, but prices in Kuwait have dropped have dropped drastically over the years thanks to competition. Now the problem is that they don’t guarantee speeds so technically they can give you any speed for 400 KD per year ranging from 3 to 10 MB instead of the 150 KD for 6 MB but we are getting 7 MB at this price. It seems overall that upload speeds are still somewhat limited in all locations for consumers except data centers.


Now for the wireless it ranges from location to location but the 3 network is pretty stable with my constant use. I’m only using it for surfing and some minor downloads, I’m not downloading any torrents currently. 2.5 MB/s downloads isn’t too bad at all, its about the speeds we get in Kuwait, but I think some networks in Kuwait are a little faster. I get about 1 MB/s at home with the Vodafone but around 2 MB/s in other locations which isn’t bad.

3G – UK


Since I’m going to be in London for a little while I thought it would be best to remain connected through one of the mobile Broadband providers. I wanted to have fast internet coverage where ever I am and most of the companies offer Pay As You Go USB Sticks but not all offer Pay As You Go MicroSims for the iPad. I had five options to work with for Pay As You Go:

  • Vodafone (No iPad)
  • 3
  • O2 (No iPad)
  • Orange
  • Tmobile (No iPad)

I went to several of these companies and went to carephone warehouse to get the best deal. I also wanted to try a few of them because I might not have the best coverage at home. All of them have limited plans of 1 to 3 GB max per plan and you can top it off to increase the limit. ranging from £15 to £35 depending on the plan and type of USB stick. Out of all of them O2, Orange and Tmobile weren’t that good. Vodafone had a good plan but the coverage by my place isn’t too good but when I’m out its really good, but surprisingly the best out of the bunch for the Laptop and the iPad is 3 Network. And one other note, Mobile Broadband Internet in Kuwait is ALOT faster then the UK, but they can have the option of fiber to home but I was surprised how crappy their Mobile Broadband service in the United Kingdom.