Six years after their Guantanamo Bay adventure, stoner buds Harold Lee and Kumar Patel cause a holiday fracas by inadvertently burning down Harold’s father-in-law’s prize Christmas tree.

This is not your usual Christmas movie, Harold & Kumar have their very unique days and Christmas included. I enjoyed Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, but I thought Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay got a little over the top but still loved it, and they say third one is the charm and damn they are right this one is good. The best thing I can say for A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is that it has left all pretense aside and does nothing more than be stupid, crass, rude, crude, offensive and absolutely hilarious. Things get rather raunchy with Santa Claus, some exposure to male genitalia, potential statutory rape and a drugged-out toddler. And of course plenty of weed humor that we all knew was coming.

This flick embraces balls-to-the-wall humor and the 3D element, having a lot of fun with situation and characters. There are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments and extreme situations. The 3D is thrown all over the place, taking full advantage of the gimmick but not relying on it. Honestly I think they were just making fun of 3D the way they were throwing it around, if you can watch it without it, if you have then its fine in 3D. This movie is just plain hilarious.

Link: IMDB

Oakley 3D Glasses – Transformers Edition


I have been to a few 3D movies this past year and I keep getting annoyed with the glasses they provide, some are better then others. It seems that someone else realized this and so Oakley made their own 3D glasses and this time around they have come out with a Transformers special edition glasses. I have always been thinking about getting my own 3D glasses but I was never sure if any 3D glasses can work with any movie theater. At this point I have been nudged just enough to get it because they made a Transformers addition, and in addition to that my hatred for the crappy lenses keep increasing. So for $150 you can have these cool 3D glasses and no need to use the germ infested ones from the theater.

Link: Oakley

3D in 2 Minutes

This is how annoying 3D is, wrapped up in 2 minutes of ridiculous 3D. I prefer my movies in 2D, and movie studios learned that 3D doesn’t guarantee sales and box office hits. 3D is only good when done right, certain ways of producing a 3D movie is annoying to view and some aren’t recorded in the right way. Luckily they have learned their lesson in 2010 and some producers and directors don’t want their movies in 3D.

3D Or Not… Not


Recently I have been looking about making a major purchase, getting a decently large TV. I was looking at the Mitsubishi DLP Screens as I still believe in DLP technology for large screens. DLP Technology is still maintained by a few manufacturers and they have made huge strides over the years in getting better picture technology and quality into these types of screens, they are amazing, and beautiful to see but also big. If size and weight don’t matter to you then a DLP is your best option, if you want to hang a tv then LCDs or Plasmas are your only option.

In this case I went for a DLP but the choice was 3D or not, and the new one had a few new niftier options with better black. Having good blacks on a screen is very important to get a high picture quality and it was tempting me. But the same model Non-3D TV was almost 20% and it didn’t seen worth it to me, I would be saving at least 200-300 KD. And I honestly don’t see 3D as a deciding factor, its getting to be more an annoyance with those damn glasses. Until they invent TVs without the 3D Glasses I won’t be purchasing one any time soon. I think honestly consumers are getting annoyed with 3D more then anything else!

3D – Headache


All these companies releasing 3D capable TVs, AV recievers and more. Now Sony, Microsoft, and Wii are talking about 3D games and when they think they will come to market. Some manufacturers are even releasing new 3D TVs without the need for 3D glasses, even after seeing it at a recent expo it did give me a decent headache. Wide spread adoption of 3D TV is going to be harder then adoption of Blu Ray which still hasn’t taken off, they will try pushing it through broadcasting but I still don’t think people will be drawn to it as much as they would like to think. Key anaylists think that porn is the key to the early adoption of 3D TV but lets see how they plan on doing that.

Drawbacks of 3D:

  • It isn’t standardized, meaning that different manufacturers have different ways of presenting TV on your screens. Which means that the 3D glasses that work for your Panasonic screen won’t work for your Samsung screen
  • If your looking at the wrong object on the screen you may still get a little nauseated or develop a headache, so basically you have to know where is the right place to look
  • 3D TV without 3D glasses do give you a headache if your looking at them for too long and it only took me about 5 minutes

“Adult videos will likely be an incentive for consumers to buy a 3-D TV,” says content analyst Yuji Fujimori, at Barclays Capital in Tokyo. “It’s worth paying attention to the move because it’s lack of content that’s hindering expansion.”

Link: Kotaku

3D TV/Movies Are Overrated


All this hype about Avatar 3D and all the manufacturers talking about 3D TVs coming out very soon, outfitting movie theaters with 3D projectors. There is one factor they keep omitting to talk about, its those tacky glasses which are in red and blue. The first 3D movie I remember watching was a Michael Jackson movie back in the early 90s/late 80s in Disney Land with my family, and those little things were flying around and I walked out with a headache.

I tried watching a few 3D movies after that but all I remember is walking out with a severe headache, and throwing those glasses in the trash. Its an added overhead for movie theaters, and to have those glasses at home just to watch TV. With TV manufacturers they need a new gimmick to convince people to buy these expensive TVs but you don’t really need it since it won’t be nicer that what you already have. TVs which 120Mhz @1080p is fantastic, the newer ones are causing a certain amount of blur but going 3D is not an improvement just a huge headache and tacky glasses for people, manufacturers need to sell more TVs fast and this is the best way they could think off.