Ferrari Festival Japan

I never even knew that Ferrari held a festival in Japan, and 600 Ferraris converge in one location in Japan. All organized by the Italian branch in Japan, I never even knew they had a dealership in Japan let alone a whole branch. So many beautiful cars, from the F1 F399, six FXX’s and even four of the brand new 599XX circling the track. A couple of F40s and F50s thrown into the mix, while a debut for the 599 GTO (which is already all sold out before its production is done) and the 458 Italia. So many beautiful machines in one location in Japan.

Link: Luxist

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Ferrari 599 HGTE China Limited Edition

It looks like everyone is going for the Chinese market, and everyone wants a piece of it, now so does Ferrari. They have done a Ferrari tour across China with a few 599s and now they have came up with the Limited Edition 599 HGTE which has a special look to it, and I think the exterior looks pretty good.

Based on the 599 GTB Fiorano with the company’s new Handling GTE package, the China Limited Edition has been updated with special touches designed by Chinese artist Lu Hao: the starter button glows jade green, the tachometer features ancient Chinese characters instead of the usual numerals, and the luggage is emblazoned with a map of the Silk Road taken by the famous Italian explorer Marco Polo. The Rosso Fuoco paintjob with the gray roof mimics the 599XX, and only a dozen examples will be made – with over a billion people in the market, we’re betting they’ll be snapped up fast. Check it out in the high-res image gallery below.

Link: Autoblog

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