The first time around I loved having the Senshiro Jomaro model from Fewture, then while skimming Ebay I found this other Sanshiro model, it isn’t made out of metal but Vinyl. I went on a bidding war for it, the first time around I lost, the guy big over $1500 for it, but the second time around I got it for about $430 so in comparison I got a much better deal. I started checking out old school episodes to find Mad Hurricane, he is the bad guy in the anime and got a few pics of the Jumaro and Mad Hurricane together, very cool addition to the collection.

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Ferrari 599 – SA Aperta

Ferrari have taken their lovely 599 GTB and made it even lovelier with this topless version, or what they name it the SA Aperta. As usual it is expected to be priced at a premium but Ferrari is only making 80 of them and they are all spoken for. I have to say that I do love the look of this machine. Ferrari is calling the drophead the SA Aperta in honor of none other than Sergio and Andrea Pininfarina, their contributions to Ferrari’s design is unquestionable.

Link: Autoblog

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