Aaliyah – An Amazing Artist

Aaliyah was one of those amazing artist who had so much ahead of her, and yet she had done so much at a young age. I remember listening to rap and a little old school rap, and throwing some RnB into the mix. It only feels like yesterday that I was listening to her songs nonstop, but now its been 8 years since Aaliyah’s life was cut short after her plane crashed shortly after take-off. Besides her talent it was her beauty, style and demeanor that had me hooked, she had this thing about her that made her different as an artist.

Aaliyah – Back and Forth (1994)

Her first single that she dropped with R Kelly and at age 15 she was already on the billboards.

Aaliyah – One in a Million (1996)

A song from her second Album which she collaborated with Missy Elliot and Timbaland in 1996 and that also was at the top of the billboards.

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