‘GoSleep’ Sleeping Pods in Abu Dhabi International Airport


At Abu Dhabi International Airport, sleep comes for about $13/hour! A thoughtful initiative by Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), Abu International Airport terminals 1 and 3 is now hub to “GoSleep” sleeping pods for passengers to take a quick nap.

Now they really are thinking ahead and the comfort of the passengers, even if its only 10 of them at the moment. In Dubai International Airport they have the SnoozeCube which is a bit more expensive per hour, basically a small room with some amenities, but this pod is really a sleeping pod. I wouldn’t mind using it watch movies comfortably while waiting for my next flight if it was available in a lounge. I don’t think we would be seeing this in Kuwait Airport any time soon, also I don’t think they would have any space to put them. What nice about these pods thats different about a room is that they recline into a full sleeper so you can stretch your legs or you can have them slightly reclined, a relaxed way to spend a few hours, something I’m willing to try out but I haven’t been to Abu Dhabi International Airport yet.

Link: ADAC


BMW X6 – A Different Experience


This is the type of car that people either love or hate, and in my case I was slightly confused. I was in Dubai/Abu Dhabi for a few days and I asked for a Audi Q7 but to complications they gave me an X6 instead which is an upgrade with 300bhp V6. I wasn’t sure about it but I always wanted to try it, and it was an interesting machine to drive. For being the lowest model the car still moved, it had all the options on the interior and black as night windows. I haven’t driven an X5 in probably 8 years at least so this was a new machine to me, and I was always curious about the X6 M, people always had an opinion about the X6, they either loved it or hated it, it was always a passionate reaction.


The car was comfortable and the standard BMW amenities which did the job and on a long drive it was pretty comfortable honestly. The Navigation was really good and this time around you can go directly to each menu from buttons around the circular joystick, you don’t have to navigate all the menus to get to where you want. I think BMW have gotten better at that then before. I still find Audi a bit easier to use, but still the BMW system is really good. The car felt a bit weird, like you were driving a sports car but a bit higher and every time I bumped my head into the door frame when getting in, its an SUV with a compact form, just didn’t feel right. It was an interesting drive, but I would never buy this car.

Electric Blue Heaven

Shot by Joe G. on location at Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain wave pool, and set to “Winter Beats” by I Break Horses. The full “Electric Blue Heaven” story can be found in the latest issue of Australian, STAB Magazine.

This is one of these cool videos, wish I could make a video like this but it could have a been a little cooler if they had a Go-Pro on the front of that Surf Board. Now to my surprise this one shot in Abu Dhabi, with all those women I would have thought it was shot in Australia. My bigger surprise is that this is a wavepool, I have never heard of a wave pool in Abu Dhabi, and the water looks so damn nice, I’m keeping this in the back of my mind to check it out when I have the chance.

Link: Hypemuch

Yas Island Yacht Club

Everything about Yas Island has been planned perfectly from the hotels to the track, and all the other possible venues around it. Now they are building others services and infrastructure outside Yas Island with so much to do. I have yet to visit there and I honestly can’t wait. But nobody has really mentioned the Marina which has the view of the F1 circuit when your parked in your boat. They sell the yacht parking spots for the F1 just like they sell normal ticket seats but with a closer and better view. They have really thought everything out with this setup, I just can’t imagine how much the yearly fees are to park a boat there.

The Yacht club has sparkling white exterior shells integrated with LED façade lights which transform the giant structure into a pixilated viewing screen against the night sky. The 5 star club houses restaurants, bars, lounges, function rooms, outdoor decks and 45-metre observation tower.

Link: TheDesignBlog

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Abu Dhabi – Rebranded

It seems that all you hear about these days is Abu Dhabi, Dubai has reached the peak of its fame even though it is still developing. I think AbuDhabi has learned from the mistakes of Dubai and other cities, they have taken the best of all different cities and countries and applying it to themselves. You see more and more advertising for Abu Dhabi through out the world but it is being done smoothly and with class. Dubai being the loud guy in the room, and Abu Dhabi is the suave and cool guy in the corner.

They have enticed F1 to come to Abu Dhabi, and the opening Ferrari Park soon. They are even developing the airport to be another central long haul hub in the region and aggressively promoting Etihad as the elite airlines of the region. Several major projects taking place in different areas such as the Arts in the form of the Ferrari Museum, as well as talk of an Abu Dhabi Louvre. They are taking their time and picking the best of the crop of all that they want, they have been quiet for a decade and now they are coming out

From rebranding to choosing the different color pallete to go with the Abu Dhabi brand, and then the font to match the new design. Its amazing work and I like how they have incorporated it all together and complements each other.

I enjoyed the quote below especially the “lunacy” part

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). However you may be more familiar with the world’s-tallest-tower-building, 7-star-hotel-opening, artificial-islands-in-the shape-of-a-world-map-making, or palm-creating lunacy of Dubai, the more famous of the two UAE cities.

Link: UnderConsideration

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California @ Yas Marina

I am a fan of the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, I am also a fan of the Ferrari California. Now the combination of the two with Ferrari test driver Marc Gene make for a very entertaining drive. Burning tires through turns, the perfect oversteer around the corners. Damn I wish I could drive like that around those corners, but I would probably get a little too close to the barriers since there is very little room for mistakes on this track.

Link: Autoblog

Track Days


After GulfRun I get the urge to go on the track again and improve my driving capabilities, I want to have more time on the track and keep cutting my lap times. Its been a while before that since I have been to the track, before GulfRun it has been over a year since I have been to the track but I plan on going more often these days. During track days you get to meet people, get more familiar with your car, some times its an aggressive crowd but your never sure of all the other drivers but it helps sharpen your skills. Yas Marine is one track I really want to try, but I keep noticing that there is almost very little run off unlike BIC, but I still want to try it from the look of the track and how its been put together. Right now there is one open track day for Feb 27, and I don’t think I can make it since my Beemer is in the shop getting fixed up from my mishap in GulfRun but luckily it was only cosmetic, still I really want to go to that track as soon as possible.

Bugatti Veyron vs. Mclaren F1

Now this is an interesting line up, I remember seeing the Mclaren F1 when I was kid in London in the early 90s in a small dealership with just that one big room for the desk and the car. It was the first Supercar I have ever seen and I have a huge amount of respect for it, and it requires a drivers skill to operate it. I respect it so much more then the Bugatti Veyron, its so pure. I find it interesting that they decide to use Abu Dhabi for the supercar shoot out, I’m not sure what they are doing to accommodate Top Gear but they have done it right.

Link: Autoblog

Etihad Airlines Crash


The brand spanking new Airbus 340-600, the largest passenger airplane ever built, sat in its hangar in Toulouse, France, without a single hour of airtime. Enter an Arab flight crew of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies (ADAT) to conduct pre-delivery tests on the ground, such as engine run-ups, prior to delivery to Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi. The ADAT crew taxied the A340-600 to the run-up area. Theyn then took all four engines to takeoff power with a virtually empty aircraft. Not having read the run-up manuals, they had no clue just how light an empty A340-600 is.

The takeoff warning horn was blaring away in the cockpit because they had all 4 engines at full power. The aircraft computers thought they were trying to take off, but the aircraft had not been configured properly (flaps/slats, etc.) Then one of the ADAT crew decided to pull the circuit breaker on the Ground Proximity Sensor to silence the alarm. This fooled the aircraft into thinking it was in the air.

The computers automatically released all the brakes and set the aircraft rocketing forward. The ADAT crew had no idea that this is a safety feature so that pilots can’t land with the brakes on. Not one member of the seven-man Arab crew was quick enough to throttle back the engines from their max power setting, so the $200 million brand-new aircraft crashed into a blast barrier, totaling the airplane.The extent of injuries to the crew is unknown for there has been a news blackout in the major media in France and elsewhere.

Coverage of the story was deemed insulting to Muslim Arabs. Finally, the photos are starting to leak out.

Pictures speak louder then words, but this is pretty shocking, the pilots from Abu Dhabi managed to crash a brand new airplane because they didn’t bother reading the manual. Details aren’t out regarding this crash, and I got the pictures by email. Based on the pictures I wonder how they survived the crash.

Update: Turns out this is a two year old crash, check comments for details

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Fifth Gear & Jebel Hafeet

Can we say Nurenberg Ring of Abu Dhabi or the best drive way in the world. 60 corners and 7.3 miles long, this is one fun road to drive up. Fifth gear seemed to enjoy themselves on this road, its strange I have never heard of Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road. At the top there is one Palace belonging to the Royal Family which seems uninhabitated, and a large parking lot for doughnuts and a basic road side cafe at the top. Its the same way to go up and the same way to go down, I wouldn’t mind trying this road out, the next time I’m in Abu Dhabi, too bad we don’t have fun roads like this in Kuwait. Perfectly paved, no turns off, and wide enough to have fun. Check out the youtube video at the link.

Link: Jalopnik