Grand Cinemas – Whats Going On?

I still haven’t had a chance to go but when I was trying to go it was a lot harder then I expected. I was told their website was online, and I went to it but the booking system wouldn’t work all week long. I called a few friends and I was given the direct number to them which we called yet no one picked up. I wanted to experience their VIP seating and watch SKYFALL again.

The only option we had was to go over there, and when we did on Friday around 1 pm and it was packed, I mean a lot of people in Al Hamra Mall. By the time we got to the counter turns out that all of VIP was sold out for all of Friday and Saturday which is insane. I felt that I wasted my time driving over there to get tickets. I know that Grand Cinemas is new but they are not a new type of company, and the people running it are experienced, and they even delayed the launch a few months so I would have expected them to get their act together if they were delaying it. But come on, the phones don’t work and online doesn’t work, that’s just disappointing. I know that I still want to go but the hassle of going is annoying.

Zain Social Media Day

Thanks to @ZainKuwait for setting up a very fun event, I haven’t been to much of any events because of timing and work, but because a lot of people I knew were going and people called up (Dude from 7ajiDude) I decided that I would pass by for a bit before having to take off. They really tied everyone together on this one, and they held it at a very nice venue, @ Al Hamra on the 55th floor, The Sky Lobby, so you get to meet friends and new people with a beautiful view. Every body from every type of social media was there from Bloggers, Tweeters, YouTubers, and Instagrammers, pretty much anyone and everyone that had to do with Social Media.

The amount of people I saw and wanted to catch up with was insane, I met up with the Android crew and we held up the back corner by Pick Yo while the events started. Literally I think everyone was there, I kept flying between people saying hello and catching up. There was a lot of Apple and Android banter going on but it was relatively friendly, lol. They were giving away prizes to people who were answering questions right and one of them ones who did was Jacqui, she original gadget queen.

The best part for me was catching up with a lot of people I have seen in a while all in one time, but it was a bit too short a time to catch up with everyone. The event setting was great, and I loved the seating, they really did a great job of setting the whole thing up. The catering was nothing short of fantastic, all by local businesses and very well done, there were literally many to list a few: Gelato Italiano, Rice Pudding Factory, Neqsa, Kiwi Bakery, Pick-Yo Frozen Yoghurt, The Pantry, Gathering, Al Foz Kitchen, Chocolateness, and Vinox Chocolatier. Those are just the few that I could remember and I was only there for an hour.

(Pictures Were Supplied By The Great Qortuba)

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Al Hamra Tower – A Work Of Art


414 Meters Tall, The Tallest Concrete Structure in the World, uniquely designed to the highest specifications. With all the considerations and advancements they have made with this tower it is one of the highest quality building in the region, if not Asia.

I got invited to take a tour of the Al Hamra Project and was joined by Ansam518, and turned into a private tour of an amazing structure. What got a tour of the model to see how it is put together, what they did to bring this tower to life. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing this property open.

There are three parts to the Al Hamra Project, the Luxury Mall, the Parking Structure, and the Tower Itself. The ingenuity and design of this building is something that hasn’t been seen in this region before and I am thankful they went through this. The work that they did for this tower made the Municipality change and update their codes for these super structures, they took it upon themselves to make them understand that a superstructure and Prime Class A tower such as Al Hamra had its own set of codes to creature a structure such as this. They went against every wall, every political barrier that was laid in front of them, and every obstacle ahead of them and still came up with a structure such as this. I really am proud that a building such as this has come up in Kuwait.

The shopping mall will be a very nice combination of shops, close to downtown, Grand Cinemas will be opening up with every theater being a VIP theater, and I’m looking forward to good food in the cinemas at last. The parking structure can hold 2000 cars but knowing Kuwait that won’t be nearly as much as needed but lets hope that there will be times when its empty. There is a rentable space 1700 square meters per floor with an amazing unobstructed 360 degree view of Kuwait, on clear day you can see very far. With the ways they have designed the elevators you won’t wait longer then 30 seconds for an elevator. With the rear of each floor having a unique corridor which overlooks a limestone clad wall curved for a specific design. The curving stone slab covered rear of the building it is designed in a way to take the most heat during the day and keeping it cool and to disperse the heat from the sun. When I was in the office areas the windows were still dusty and needed to be cleaned and I wondered how that would happen, to my surprise there are two robots that cover the whole length of the tower and take 30 days to go from top to bottom of the tower which is impressive.

There is a 3700 square meter spa and gym for women that will open up and have rooftop access to the the Luxury Mall. At the top floor of the Al Hamra Tower will be the triple height restaurant concept and ballroom with the two floors below it turned into a type of chairman’s club. This is what happens when a creative group of dedicated people have the chance to work on an amazing work of architecture such as this. I want to thank the marketing team at Al Hamra for inviting me to this amazing project and for the effort they have put into it.

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Build it Bigger – Al Hamra Tower

We have been passing by Al Hamra for years not realizing the architectural significance of this building, it is the highest concrete structure in the world, they really turned this building into an icon. I know a few people who have been working on Al Hamra Tower for over 5 years now, and I’m happy they are getting the recognition they deserve for their work, its sad how much bureaucracy they faced in Kuwait which was a huge hurdle when they were making an amazing building for Kuwait. They even offered to expand and adjust the roads in the surrounding area to accomodate for the extra traffic that this building will cause but the Baladiya refused. At one point they had to educate the Baladiya (Municipality) about structural codes and regulations regarding sky scrappers since they dont have any regulation for it and they aren’t really bothering to educate themselves. I’m a big fan of Discovery Channel, I always enjoy these types of shows and I was proud to see a building such as this representing Kuwait. For once it feels like its not just about commercial return but creating an icon and I think that is what they have done with the building. This is the whole episode that can be watched here, and looking down from that height I would be freaked out.