iCloud Pricing


Everyone was very excited when Apple started mentioned their cloud service but I’m still not sure how they plan to use it. I for one hope that I can sync all the different machines and iTunes across the iTunes Cloud but I don’t know how that is going to work at this point. With the launch of iCloud all Apple users get a free 5GB not including what they pay for, and streaming pictures aren’t counted against your quota.

iCloud Pricing:

  • 10 GB – $20 Per Year
  • 20 GB – $40 Per Year
  • 50 GB – $100 Per Year

iPad Games – Updated 08/10


AirAttack HD

For the regular arcade airplane shooting game then this is your best choice, lots of upgrades, different kinds of enemies with a nice fast pace. Its the perfect game to play for a short time you want to kill, great graphics and lots of fun plane upgrades to work with, and when you stop in the middle of stages you can continue later which is great.

Time Consumption: Short


Highborn HD

If you like fantasy turn based games where you have different characters to fight for different reasons and you have to make sure your troops are positioned stratigically then this game is for you. Sort of like Might & Magic but much much simpler and pretty fun, I have had my frustration when I lost a few times but still a lot of fun and you can kill a lot of time playing this game.

Time Consumption: High



Simply put this is the iPad version of risk with multiple maps and its a hell of a lot of fun. The concept is the same, you want to take continents to build troops and attack others. For some reason I keep getting my butt handed to me, the bots always know how to position themselves to beat me or the odds are really against you with the dices so I think there is some cheating going on but maybe I’m just not that good yet.

Time Consumption: Medium

iPod Touch – New App Download List

I think Apple has gotten flooded with tons of Apps that you don’t really know the good from the bad and which one exactly fits your need and the rating system is too simple for how complex some of these applications can be. I have managed to find some apps that I will be downloading, some are games which I really want to try and some are useful apps for my use, this isn’t even including the ones I currently have, I wish they would get Google Latitude already loaded as an app.

  • NFL Mobile (Down side is you have to be a Direct TV subscriber with the sport package, but I want an NFL App so I’m gonna try it out)
  • Need for Speed: Undercover
  • Blades of Fury
  • Madden NFL 10
  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm

iPod Touch Apps Switch Over

I have shifted my iTunes Library from the crappy PC to the CORE PC (iCore7 Processor), its been running perfectly dual screen and pushing all its processing power to the edge. Since shifting the library to this new PC its been going smoothly, I have synced all the videos and music to my iPod Classic and Nano 4G, when you sync it all the previous data gets erased so you have a fresh install.

Now the issue I am facing with the iPod Touch is the applications. I haven’t really figured out how to shift all the applications to the new computer, the free ones are simple enough but what about the applications that I have paid for, how do I go about shifting them?