Archos G9 80 & 101

I have been looking an Android Tablets for a while now and waiting for Honeycomb to come out with them. There have been a lot of options for the past few months but nothing that really struck my eye. There were a few tablets but then I wasn’t sure, one turned out too heavy, or not powerful enough, or the design just didn’t click with me. At some point I know that I will be getting one and after seeing what Archos is coming out with I am very tempted to get their tablet, there are two versions and you can get a light one or the 250 GB tablet. $279 for the G9 80 with 16GB or $349 for the 250GB G9 101 which is very reasonable and you can get the 3G stick for an extra $49, overall its a very good tablet and lower priced with good specifications, and its supposed to be coming out at the end of September.


  • Available in 8″ and 10.1″ models
  • G9 tablets have a dual core 1.5GHz OMAP4 CPU
  • Android 3.1 Honeycomb
  • USB port
  • HDMI out
  • Either 16GB flash storage (plus microSD slot) or a 250GB hard drive
  • 3G Ready

Link: Archos

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Archos to release Android phone / tablet

Archos are known for making great media players which are able to play Hi-Def Video files on tablet media players with a large amount of space to store these movies. Then there is the internet surfing capability which was turned them into very successful products.

Now Archos is releasing their successful product as an Android phone with all the usual Archos capability. At 10mm thick it will have the Android software , 500 GB Hard Drive, 7 hours of video playback, and Flash support. On top of all that, it doubles as a phone.

Link: Engadget