Stories Of Bike – Passion For Machines

There is no question that I love two wheeled machines, it brings out someone’s character and they fall in love with their machines. These videos are about Cafe Racers, guys who love these retro machines and work on them to make their own machine, I have always loved cafe racers because they have so much character. They might not be the best at cornering or the fastest, but each rider enjoys his machine differently. Over the years I have always wanted a retro looking Ducati machine because I have loved Italian machines but are a bit more powerful then the usual Cafe Racers. In these videos each person has a different feel for their machines and rides for different reasons, but like all bikers are all of the same mindset and that is the best thing about bikers, all lines are cleared and every loves being a biker. Cafe Racers haven’t caught on in Kuwait yet, but that will happen in due time since there are different cultures growing here.

Link: StoriesOfBike

Australia Timelapse

I wanted to share with you this video which i captured during my 17 days trip in Australia After days of capturing under the rain , top of mountains , at -7C and almost everywhere ;) my timelapse is online you can check it out now

I got an email from Abdulrahman of Damon Productions and he put together a very nice timelapse video of his trip to Australia. I for one love Timelapse videos especially well done one’s such as this, I’m trying to put a timelapse video myself but I’m trying to find the right subject to work on. For now you have this very cool timelapse of Abdulrahman’s trip to Australia.