Libratone Beat

For that wireless speaker you have been looking for the Libertone Beat has the answer. I really like the style of this speaker and its different forms of connectivity. A wireless speaker with a 50W bass and two 25W tweeter/midrange drivers. Just plug in the USB transmitter to your PC or the bundled 30-pin connector to an iOS device and you’re good to go. Plays audio from iPod, iPhone or iPad using the wireless 30-pin transmitter (range 10 m) or from a USB equipped MAC/PC using the wireless USB transmitter (range 30 m).You can even have a wired option if you would, you can play wirelessly over your iPad, iPhone, or iPod and controller multiple Beat Speakers. I think this is the best wireless speaker I have seen yet, and for $595 it’s worth for those who need a speaker such as this.

Link: Libratone

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Jamo A 804

I’m an admirer of quality products and Jamo makes quality speakers, the sound quality of their speakers are amazing, their designs are unique. Now the Jamo A 804 is something different, from the review on Yanko design they have described what I would want from front mounting speakers. You can use these as a set on their own with the subwoofer, of course powered through an A/V receiver. And you can later add it for a 5.1 or 7.1 system. This speaker has great quality sounds from low to high frequency, trebles and base conveyed perfectly, covering from movies to music, high paced action or intense conversations and scenes. This speaker excels at all forms of sound while looking good, and that isn’t the best part. Most of the times when you have a setup such as this you always have to sit in a specific spot to get the best sound, with these speakers you can sit in any location and get the perfect amount of sound with the 2.1 setup.

Link: YankoDesign

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