Pottery Barn @ The Avenues

Now this was a surprise that I wasn’t expecting, I went to the Avenues to pick some Pinkberry since its been a long hot day. I completely forgot that they opened up Pottery Barn in the Avenues so I decided to go check it out. I know that in the states its in almost every major mall, and a few other locations as well but I always loved Pottery Barn. Half of my furniture in my apartment in the states was from Pottery Barn and the other half was from Crate and Barrel. As soon as I walked in I got this odd feeling, something I liked but I wasn’t sure what, I got reminded of my old apartment and I missed it a lot, I just love going back to the states as much as possible.

They built the Pottery Barn store in the first half of the Avenues right next to Zara, and it is a pretty good size. Right away there is a large selection of items and you don’t have to follow the arrows on the floor like Ikea to find your way out. Its built on 2.25 Floors, and the layout is very easy to walk around, a lot of nice things to see. The furniture is all spread out, you have normal living room furniture, dining room furniture, outdoor furniture, plates, throws, and a lot of other accessories. What I like about Pottery Barn is the amount of accessories that they have and all the different kinds, I’m not too fond of their couches even though they look really good. Pricing is a bit on the high side, just as it is with The One in Marina Mall, but I’m assuming that the pricing will drop in due time for the major furniture items, and some items are pretty reasonable. I took a walk around the area and saw some interesting items, and lots of people buying items from the store.

*All Pictures were taken with Google Android Nexus One

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Pinkberry Visit

This is turning into a weekly ritual, a bite to eat at the French restaurant then a walk across the large hall over to Pinkberry. There was a small line as usual, they just aren’t effecient about the process of putting orders together and the toppings. They introduced chocolate as the new flavor at Pinkberry this week, we tried a sample and it tasted off, not as good as Pomegranate and Original.

I had my usual small original on Friday as the treat of the week and it was perfect. Nice and cold, a fresh taste for the day, just the right amount of sweetness. Both the pomegranate and original yoghurt ice cream tastes good, the perfect start to the afternoon then I headed out to the barder for the perfect shave.

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Kuwait Architectual Students Association 7th Annual Exhibition in Avenues


The Kuwait Architectural Students Association is proud to invite you to attend “Module 7”, the 7th Annual KASA Exhibition. The exhibition compiles and displays the last year’s worth of work conducted, designed and constructed by the students of Kuwait University’s Department of Architecture.

The opening ceremony will be held under the patronage of his excellency Sheikh Talal Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Subah at 7pm, on April 4th 2010 at the Avenues Mall, Phase II

The exhibition will run from April 4th to April 8th.

Follow KASA on twitter to get live updates of the event: KASA Twitter

Facebook event page: KASA Facebook

The one thing I think we are lacking in Kuwait is architectural creativity and in this case our students are not given the chance to exercise these newly gained skills. I like seeing works of young architects because they may be free of the conventional bounds, and in this case the KASA exhibit in Avenues. I’m going to check it out when I have the chance next and I think every else should as well.

Pinkberry Visit

Its just one of those times when walking around Avenues I had the craving for Pinkberry. It was early afternoon on Friday and there were just a few people in line, not the ridiculous lines of later in the evening. So again I decided that its ok to have some on one day, not to mess up my eating habits and at least satisfy myself a bit. Such a simple concept of yogurt ice cream with a mix of toppings, I just wanted my original small, just that amount is very satisfying.

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Pinkberry – Damn Good


I tried Pinkberry a few months ago and I remembered that it was good and I haven’t gone back there since. This past weekend we went for breakfast and after that we passed by Pinkberry for desert, I was pleasently surprised. It was damn good and I was really hungry for something sweet. They have two flavors that I tried, Pomegranate and Original, I went for the combination of both and it tasted damn good. They have some fruit and candy toppings but I just wanted it plain, didn’t feel like any toppings. People had some odd combinations but they seemed to like it. Later in the day we took the kids to the new Fantasy World in Avenues which was fun, and I thought to take them to Pinkberry for a little desert before heading home. When we went down stairs the line was at least 20 meters long so we decided to go else where. The food and quality is fantastic, the only problem they have is the system and how slow they are, they don’t seem systematic and really need to make these combinations faster even if people want to try. But it seems that people like them so much they are willing to wait and stand in this long lines.

P.F. Changs

This was the second time I go to PF Changs and I was planning to order a few dishes I had in mind. Last time I didn’t really have a chance since it was a quick bite. To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of PF Changs from the states, its more like Americanized Chinese Food and in the states you can find some really good Chinese restaurants. But it was a change and worth trying out, I walked it to get a table since it’s first come first serve basis. I keep hearing mixed opinions about the place, either people really like it or really don’t like it, so I curious to give it a full try.

I was there a bit early so I went through the menu asking questions and deciding what I wanted right off the bat while waiting for everyone to arrive. Didn’t take too long and so we ordered the Chicken Lettuce Wrap, Dynamite Shrimp, Spring Rolls, Calamari for starters and Lo Mein, VIP Duck, Monogolian Beef, and Sweet and Sour Chicken for main course. It was a wide selection of items, I was impressed with the appetizers so I had high expectations for the main course but that turned out to be a little to high. Most of everything was a little on the bland side, it felt like something was missing. Overall the place is nice, the service is good, but the food isn’t the best, its ok. The appetizers were good but the main course was lacking, the only real good dish was the Mongolian Beef, the rest of it wasn’t that great. I wouldn’t probably plan for a night to eat there, but if I’m in the mall in the first place I wouldn’t mind eating there.

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Office Depot

Since opening in Kuwait I have been to Office Depot a few times, its not 10% of the size of the Office Depots I have seen in the states but its a good change to have inside the Mall. Its come to the point where Avenues is majority clothing or food and not much else, but Office Depot is a refreshing change and I wanted to pass by to pick up some post its and paper since I was heading to the Avenues in the first place.

Its good they have a nice selection of printers, with Brothers being the one with the most features and more reasonable pricing. I like how they have a huge selection of paper and the different kinds of packaging and folders that you can have, I picked up an expandable plastic folder to use to organize my bills and other paper work. I can’t resist looking at USBs and external hard drives and they had a nice selection. Another part of the store that I really like is the pen and pencil section, I’m very particular about pens and pencils, I like to have ones which have a certain amount of ink when used on paper and how it feels. Then there was the calculator section which reminded me of my old scientific calculator and having to store formulas in the memory and all. Overall there should be a few different stores within the mall and its desperately needing a change, maybe a big book store would really help.

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Avenues Shooting


I don’t know if there is any truth to the matter, but I have been hearing that a shooting took place last night at the Avenues at around 10:30 pm. A bearded man with a AK-47 walked into the mall from the cinema side and started shooting, there were reports of multiple police cars and ambulances at the sight but nothing in the news papers. Today the IKEA side is closed off, any one know any other information since nothing was reported in the news.

Update: Was a hoax! Turned out it was a fake call!

Bite @ Ninos

I was a fan of Ninos since it opened up on the seaside, I enjoyed their food but I hated it when it go crowded. I would usually try going to at odd times to enjoy the food and not feel its too cramped, I probably haven’t been to the seaside location for over 6 years now. Since the opening of Ninos in Avenues I have been going pretty consistently, at least once every two to three weeks.

The best part is that even though they have been open for a while, the quality of food has not degraded, it still tastes damn good. I still order my Veal Limone with a side of pasta, and when I’m done with that meal, it doesn’t feel to filling. For appetizers I do like the Buffalo Wrappers and Chicken Strips. I had my magazine with me that time while waiting for people to arrive, I’m the type that wants to order right away.

Review: Pizza Rustica

I have been hearing about this restaurant for sometime now but I didn’t have the chance to eat there yet. So instead of not eating there at all I decided to order pick up and bring it home. Walking into the mall I knew it was in the food court section but on the left side, I just kept walking until I found it. Oddly enough Avenues was empty, I thought it gets pretty full at night.

The place was relatively empty about 10% full out of all the tables. I took a menu and was approached by the waitress right away, I ordered one margaritta pizza, one quattro formagio pizza, one pepproni pizza, and lasagna bolognese. The lasagna for me, and all of this was to go. I told them to make sure it was done right and they will get comments from me one way or another. I have to say the manager was very nice and helpful, and made sure my order was taken care of. The chef on hand is a chef who used to work at the Harrods Pizzeria, the menu is also identical to the Harrods Pizzeria, and the furniture in the restaurant is an exact duplicate especially oven and cooking area.

They packaged it all together and ready to go, the packaging for the lasagna was a bit dissapointing since it looked like it will lose the heat quickly. So I took off home to make sure everything stays warm, I didn’t even switch on the A/C or air circulation.

As soon as I got home I put the lasagna in a plate and heated it up, thats why it looks displaced in the pictures due to my slight mishandling. One thing is for sure, their food is amazing, the pizza tasted great and fresh, the lasagna was amazing. I will be going to have dinner there soon to have the full experience, but as of now I really recommend people to go there.


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