Ducati Monster 796

The 2011 Monster 796 has been approved and moving forward, and it is meant to fill in the gap between the 1100 and 696, the Monster being the bread and butter of Ducait want to maximize their return on the new Monster. Its a capable machine with a fresh ride to it, has optional ABS brakes and features the same single side swingarm as the 1100 and a bit taller then 696. It uses the same 796 cc engine which is used in the Hypermotard 796 pumping out 87 bhp and it only weighs 368lbs or 166 kgs. I for one like the look of the new Monster and this one sits right in perfectly between the two models.

Expected to be available from late April, the Ducati Monster 796 is available in the traditional Ducati Red, Arctic White, or Diamond Black Silk. All the colors of the bike will feature a red trellis frame and black wheels. European pricing is set at €8990/$9,995/£6,995

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

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Corner Slip

This guy is enjoying his ride around the hills, looking at those curves I would be doing the same thing, but the what was waiting for him at the end was a surprise. That Kawasaki was craving for more curves and the guy was enjoying it, but he had a little crash just in front of the CHP (California Highway Police). From his surprise he grabbed a handful of brake and low sided that machine right in front of him. You can tell he wasn’t expecting that around the corner, they always tuck around the corners to catch people.

Bike World – Gilera GP800 Test Ride

These days the weather has been near perfect, sunny during the day and cooler in the afternoon. Just a little too hot at noon but still great for riding, I’m out when I can be but this was a special ride. I got a call from Ahmed at Bike World which I visited last time and he told me he has something special for me, I asked him whats special he said to pass by and I will see. I was expecting a Moto GP Machine capable of breaking the sound barrier with futuristic technology. When I got there he had for me a scooter, not any scooter but a scooter on steroids and that is something I wasn’t expecting, the Gilera GP800.

He told me to take it for a few days to try it out and let me know what I think, I told him it better not sound like one of those whiny motorcycles which has a whistle for an exhaust. Oddly enough I have never driven a scooter before, driven a few Harleys, lots of supersports but never a scooter and not one like this either. He told me has a customer that goes to Saudi in it, now that would be a site. I got it, I felt I like was a high end delivery guy, meant to deliver gourmet food and I was wearing my bike gear so it felt like I was in racing gear on a scooter, I was laughing to myself as soon as I got on. Switched it on and it had a growl to it, this is wimpy machine, it had more umph then I expected. I took off for a little tour around Kuwait before heading home. This little beast can do 180 kph, well thats what I reached in it, it felt funny that I was trying to control it like a bike.

This is probably one of the most comfortable ride I have had, now its a little different since it had an automatic gearbox which felt strange to me and my seating position is that of a seat. My whole form didn’t feel like I was sitting in the position I’m used to on a two wheel machine. It had a great turning radius and its comfortable around town, very comfortable, zipping around everywhere in it. The brakes felt odd because I have to squeeze both levers when I’m used to a pedal and the right lever, no clutch just felt alien to me. It took some getting used to but this is great for someone who wants to have some fun, with good transportation and it had a big storage area under the seat which I was using for a few days. But I’m used to the braking of a Ducati and KTM, the maneuverability of those machines too so any of the the top 50cc scooters on the market can’t match up to that and I learned that quickly. But the funny part is that I was laughing like giddy school boy under the helmet while driving this scooter on steroids around town.

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Morning Chill

We had an early morning ride planned for Friday, and as soon as I woke up I realized how cold it was and I was going to enjoy it. Put on a sweatshirt under my air jacket, just in case if it got hot in the afternoon. We decided to stay in the city this time, and we met up at Starbucks Bida’a. As soon as I got there I could see at least 30 Harley Davidsons and customs choppers of every kind was parked in the lot and just three Ducatis standing out between them.

We decided to head out and it seems that the Harley Guys had the same thought at the time. So you had three colorful bikes heading out between a bunch of Harley’s, we were zipping around getting to the front, these guys are extremely organized and hopefully they keep this up, its great work and they are enjoying their rides.

We headed out down the Gulf Road and zipped around and all over Kuwait, it was an interesting ride we even had a new rider with us but he was doing a decent job. We even faced a few crazy people and an oblivious old man on the road who nearly took us off the road but luckily that was avoided, you run into those people every once in a while. He needs a lot of work on the corners but it seems he has the natural ability to riding so thats always fun. And the weather was fantastic.

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Technic Lego Street Bike

I have had the Technic Lego Motorcycle sitting on the floor in my room for over two months now, I just didn’t get around to it. Until Friday I decided that I have too many boxes in my room and I need to rid of a few, so to get rid of the Technic box I needed to put it together.

I thought its going to be pretty simple, I was expecting a lot of pieces but only two bags were inside with two sets of tires and the manual. When I opened the bags each one had two small bags inside of them not including the bigger parts in the big bags.

When I opened the bag and started going through the pieces I realized that it was going to be a little bit more complex then I expected. I was siting on the floor, manual to my side, camera behind me and music blaring. I felt like a kid sitting on the floor really enjoying putting it together and looking forward to finishing it. At first I was lost but I remembered that I always had a system to putting them together, I opened up all the bags put all the pieces in each bag on the floor together, and bunched up certain parts together. After the first hour I was on a roll and started putting parts together faster, systematic, piece by piece and completing each part then putting it together. But I had to get up and move every 30 minutes, different parts of my body were going numb after some time.

After 3 hours and 10 minutes I finish the Lego Street Bike which resembles the Ducati 999. I think that’s the main reason I got it a while back, because it resembles the 999. It looked really good and I was happy with what I had, but again I didn’t have any good place to place it.

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The Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit

This has been bouncing around online since a couple of days ago now, and every time I see I say to myself that I want one. I don’t know how is going to be possible but I’m going to get myself inside that suit. I think I would have to lose at least 25 Kgs to get into that suit and tone up, but one way or another I want to put it on and then put on the Batman helmet and get on my bike. Now all I need are the 50. caliber machine guns attached to the bike and I am good to go.

Link: UniversalDesigns

Stolen 2003 BMW R1100S

This bike belongs to avid biker Scott, living in Kuwait in the Mangaf Area. I have gone riding with him a couple of times over the past couple of years, great rider and appreciates his machine. This is a very special machine since this color scheme was made in very limited quantities. Scott’s bike was been stolen this morning from his residence in Mangaf. It is a blue and white 2003 BMW R1100S licence plate number 2403.

If found please call Scott at 97220184 or the Police.

Links: AdrenalineFix

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