2009 Ducati 1198 – Confirmed

The rumors having been going about the forums and at long last it has been confirmed.  Since Ducati had such a great year most people thought they would make a few minor changes and keep them going, but it is something a lot of people will be surprised to hear.

All the new machines will have the 1198 motor which is currently in the 1098R, the current 1098 pumps out about 160 bhp and the 1098R about 180 bhp, for the standard 2009 1098 it will be around 170bhp with the new engine. An all around price increase of $500 for all the machines including 848, but except for the 1098S and 1098R which will remain the same. There might be a slight facelift and some weight loss in the plan for the supersports as well.

There will be the introduction of the Monster 1100 in the standard version and the S (Ohlins Suspension) Version.  Also a new machine which is a blend between the Hypermotard and the Monster will be unveiled with the 2007 1098 engine implanted but designed for a more torque oriented adventure. Ducati is keeping it going strong into 2009 with their new machines, I don’t know what to expect from them next.

Link: HFLMag

Burnout Paradise – Have Bikes!

I have been a huge fan of the Burnout Franchise, the whole thing is fun and ridiculous. All the other car games were always too serious and trying to imitate real life situations as much as possible, when this game came along and you are supposed skid as much as possible, and have some creative crashes while finishing the race. Now they have taken that concept and applied it to motorcycles, I’m wondering how they plan on making this work, because since they days of Road Rash on my old Sega I don’t think many motorcycle games have been successful, but I hope this one turns out to be just as fun as the car version of it. 

Link: Kotaku

KTM Venom

Now this is an interesting development, it seems that the Austrians are keeping their pace. Since their successful release of the KTM RC8 they announced the production of the KTM Venom which is more of street fighter then a super sport. The exact specs of the machine are unknown but they are speculating that it will have the same 1149cc engine of the RC8 but retuned for more mid-range and low-end power. I hope they make it like that but the headlight just isn’t to my liking, everything else is perfect.

Link: TopSpeed

Tristar Service Center

I was planning on riding Friday night, so I went downstairs to get on Pyro. Things looked good and the biked fired right up even after 1.5 months of remaining stationary. So I put it into gear and it jumped as if I wasn’t holding the clutch, it was strange. After a few tries and that didn’t work, so I parked Pyro and decided to go out on Robo.

Started that beast and all I got was a hiss, the battery was dead. What a start to riding, so I texted the Tristar Mechanic asking him if he could take a look at both bikes these week. Saturday morning at 8:15 am while I was asleep, I get a call from the Driver at Tristar saying he will be here in 15 minutes to pick up both bikes which surprised me. They took both bikes in the morning and I passed by their workshop. I was very surprised and very happy to see such a nice garage. I think my garage is pretty nice, but they have tiled floors, five areas to work on bikes, a nice waiting area, and all the machines organized. Its very nice seeing these beautiful machines treated like this. I went home around 12:30 pm and the bikes showed up around 2:45 pm which is fantastic. They replaced Robo’s battery and replaced a clutch piece, turns out the times I was cleaning the bike water was going into the housing because its open, I just have to make sure to cover it when I clean it up.

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Arai RX7 Corsair HAGA 41

I ordered this helmet and today I saw a nice very large box. I knew what it was but the anticipation was also nice, this is one Arai’s new design and now I have two Haga helmets. The first one I got about three years ago now, and now this one, I’m a fan of Nitro Nori and so I get the helmets. It also helmets that the RX7 line of Arai is very highquality and a perfect fit for me. Now I just want the weather to cool down a bit before I use it, I don’t want to sweat in the helmet from the first time I use it.

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Harley Davidson & MV Agusta

Now this would be some interesting mix, it seems that Harley Davidson might buy a controlling share of MV Agusta and pumping some cash flow into them. As of recently I think that MV Agusta has been doing well and improving upon their line, and current owners wouldn’t mind having some cash on hand. Harley Davidson could use this type partnership to add to their arsenal of motorcycles, since Buell isn’t really that big compared to other brands of sports and touring motorcycles. I just have no idea what Harley is planning with this buy out and how exactly they want to benefit from it, I know one thing is that they can benefit from a little Italian ingenuity. As of right now this is just one very big rumor, but where there is smoke there is fire.

KTM RC8 1190, Ducati 1098 and Buell 1125R

Now this turns out to be interesting, they pitted three V-Twins against each other. The images themselves are beautiful but I wish they had an MV Agusta instead of the ugly Buell. I think Buell’s are not the best of motorcycles and are still sluggish so there was no reason to have it in this comparison, mentioned in the article that the Buell always feels outdated and doesn’t give you confidence when riding the machine on the road.

But I am extremely curious as to how the KTM and Ducati will be since they are in direct competition. I just love the color of both the Ducati and KTM, they both have character but very different intentions when building these machines. The Ducati is described a stiff and precise, a very race oriented machine. The KTM is described a more comfortable machine for long trips with an agile suspension such as the Ducati. The KTM and Ducati are very similar in lots of aspects yet different goals were mind when they were building these machines.

Link: faster&faster

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Krugger Motorcycles

Now this is one unique machine, if I’m not mistaken it is built with a Buell engine and pretty much everything else is custom made. The rims are from a V-Rod but the body parts are hand crafted meant for use in high speed tests. The look of this machine tickles my curiousity, I wonder how it handles and feels, wouldn’t mind getting my leg over one but since its custom there probably won’t be that many of them on the road.

Link: Krugger

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Clutch Issue

I called up Tristar around 5 pm to tell them about the problem I was having with Robo, something was most probably wrong with the clutch. I was loosing pressure at the clutch so I wasn’t sure what was going on, but something was not working right. I missed riding Robo so I was annoyed that everything wasn’t in perfect running condition.

They said they would pick up the bike next morning to take to the shop, and see what is going on. I thought that would be fine, I would have my bike back in a day or two. Around 5:45pm I get call from the Tristar driver who was at the door of my house here to pick up Robo. Instead of the morning he arrived in less then one hour to my house which is great. They took the bike and I was just hoping to have the machine fixed as soon as possible. Then the next day around 1 pm I get a call telling me they fixed my bike and it is on its way to be delivered to my home, I don’t think there is anything possible they could have done better. The part was replaced under warranty, it was fixed in less then 24 hours and I will be able to ride Robo as he was before.

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At Dusk

I haven’t been out on Robo for some time now, and around 6:20 pm I felt like going for a ride. It was still a bit sunny and not too warm, with dust clearing up. I knew that their might be some kinks in the K1200R, any time I park it for some time I know the clutch is going to be a little bit off. I started the bike, let it warm up for about 10 minutes. Got my gear on and went out, I wanted to drive down wide open spaces and enjoy myself.

As I was riding the gear felt a little stiff, and I knew it wasn’t the gear box since they just changed the gear box completely. I was having the same issue where it would get really stiff after a long ride and that would make it really difficult to change gears. That really knocked my confidence down when I was going around the corners because I couldn’t have it the gear I wanted around the corner. It got a little better after riding, and I was enjoying myself since I was getting some cool breeze. After some time the gear box would be stiff again so I took Robo back home and parked. I did enjoy riding but not as much as I would have liked, it was a nice change of pace. I’m going to look for a small tripod that I can carry with me so that I can take some decent night pictures, I had some nicer shots but the blur is just driving me nuts.

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