HAILO – The Experience


For the last couple of years there were different applications that came out for Black Cabs, and finding a cab or quick transprotation is London is always a gamble. There have been times where I ended up walking over an hour heading home instead of finding a cab in the rain or on a Friday night. Other Apps came out but they were hit or miss, and always searching for vehicles which drove me nuts.


Hailo is different then the pack, it is extremely easy to use and secure with cash or credit payment option when requesting the blackcab, so even if you don’t have your wallet or cash on you, you can just charge it to your card which is registered to your Hailo account. The application is both on Android and iOS so anyone could use it.


The application opens up to your location and you can search for black cabs right away, when it finds a few usually there are anywhere from 3 to 10, you click yes and the closest one or the one that is free first will confirm. They will give you an update on the amount of time, anywhere between 4 minutes up to 20 minutes and usually they are perfectly on time and you can track their progress on your Hailo App.

The best part is that the Cabbie is there to pick you up and can only start the meter with you in it. Once the ride is done you pay the normal fare with a minimum fare starting at 10 & 15 GBP depending on the time of day. Overall it is a very simple experience even when they pick you up from a busy location like a restaurant or the movie theater, they have your name and your confirmation number when they come to pick you up. Each cab has a Hailo sticker on it to make it easy to identify.


The experience is very simple,easy and straight forward, and once the cab ride is done you rate your cab driver. And I have given mine 5 stars because they pick me up on time and get me where I need to go making it for a pleasent and easy experience. I seriously love this application, no more major issues and has worked perfectly every time I use it, even when I don’t find a cab I try it again and it works perfectly.

Currently its Running in:

  • London
  • Dublin
  • Toronto
  • Chicago
  • Boston

Opening Soon In:

  • New York
  • Tokyo
  • Washington DC
  • Cork
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona

There are some cities like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore, and London which I would happily get in the cab because they are genuinely great cabs which are comfortable, but Cabs in the US are usually pretty bad, the crown victorias or not maintained vehicles, when I use vehicles in the US I use the Uber App for private driver who usually have decent vehicles like an Escalade or a vehicle like that when in New York or LA.

Link: HailoCab


A Few Days in London

I was in London for about a week visiting family and getting a few things done. The weather was fantastic between 12C and 18C, sunny most of the days and no rain. I enjoyed walking around outside, and I would have Chinese food at the Phoenix Palace when ever I have a chance after a good walk. I would take my backpack, play my iPod and walk around with my camera snapping pictures and just walking in any direction.

I usually have a pattern when I go to London, a few places I visit and a few places I eat. For movies its usually in the Piccadilly Circus area with Odeon, Vue, Empire and Apollo Cinemas all within walking distance and lots of movies to choose from. I watched a lot of movies this time around, even though I wanted to watch some more I had to do a few other things. One of the places that I visited for the first time was Forbidden Planet which was a really interesting store, selling all types of models from movies, comics, and tv shows as well as an interesting library in the basement, it is a movie/tv/comic fan’s dream shop with so much to see and buy. I didn’t buy anything but I did enjoy walking around and looking at all the different models they have, and they have an online store which has a lot of items as well. I had to visit Waterstones book store to check out a few books and I did pick up a few, I think I have too many books piling up, I have a few laying on the ground and I can’t seem to find the right place to put them. I do enjoy going around London in those Black Cabs, I take them when ever I can, they usually have very interesting stories. New cabs seemed to have been introduced to London, they are now using Mercedes Vitto which is very nice van and it can seat 6 people and turn the required 25 feet turning radius as the current cabs by enabling steering in both the front and rear for a better turning radius, this is an addition to the normal cabs but I didn’t have a chance to snap a picture of one.

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