BlackBerry Messenger Delays


For the last couple of days I think BBM has been acting up, at first I thought it was my phone since it has started to do strange things and I think my Blackberry Curve is probably at the end of its life at this rate. I have been getting delayed msgs from the same conversation, somebody would get a msg I sent a few hours later asking what I was talking about. Or I would get something someone sent a few hours earlier, again later in the day which is really really strange. I can’t imagine what could be wrong but these delayed messages are really confusing the hell out of me, a few throw me off as they are out of context of the conversations that I might be having. I don’t know if others are experiencing this as much but I hope this gets resolved soon.

Blackberry 8900 & Nexus One Android

I have had the Nexus One for a while now and at the same time I have my Blackberry with so its interesting to have two data intensive phones. Usually I always had one dumb phone, just to make calls and data phone since getting the Blackberry two simple roles but since getting the Nexus One I have been enjoying surfing and the ease of accessing my emails and other Google applications. The Blackberry is a simple smooth operating system which has great data management, keeps everything lite.

Blackberry 8900

  • Handles Data Usage Efficiently
  • Great Battery Life
  • Great Signal
  • Applications
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Excellent Speaker
  • Durable, has taken some ridiculous falls

Nexus One Android

  • Excellent Screen
  • Lots of Applications
  • Best browsing Capability, works with Flash
  • Best Gmail Integration
  • Works with Wifi Perfectly
  • Touch Screen
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Google Contacts Integrations
  • Crappy Batter Life
  • Fragile
  • Very Customizable Home Screen
  • Youtube in Full Screen

Blackberry Curve Trackball Annihilation


My luck with phones for the past few days have been a bit off but this is a bit of a simpler problem. My trackball stopped scrolling down, I didn’t think much of it, I would just cause a lot of friction and it would go back to normal and never thought much about it until today. It really didn’t want to go down, I could go up, left, right but not down so it was annoying. I decided to try to take it apart myself, when I started doing that, it turns out there are more parts connected then I knew so I put it back together. So the next step was to take a very thin flat screw driver to the area around the trackball and insert, but that get the results I expected, instead I destroyed all functionality left in the ball.

Called my phone guy, asked him to replace the trackball section asap, and he hasn’t failed me yet.

25 KD for an original trackball piece with the area around it, 5 hours later the whole thing is done and fixed, good as new. I just can’t seem to change to another Blackberry, if I’m comfortable with a phone I won’t be changing it anytime and soon and switching to the Bold 9700 isn’t on the map for me right now, the 8900 does everything I need perfectly.