The Return Of Bruce Wayne!

Bruce Wayne as Batman kicks ass, he is really superhuman in that suit but now DC has taken a different angle. I’m not really following the whole comic line of Batman at the moment as it has gotten pretty confusing at times to follow them. Now DC has taken a new timeline for Bruce Wayne or to be exact, a Bruce Wayne in every time line, various Batmen of the line: Prehistoric Batman, Witch-hunter Batman, Wild West Batman and the dreaded High Seas Batman. In my opinion the Pirate is the coolest of the bunch, with the cowboy following right after.

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Review: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Lex Luthor is elected as President of the United States, enlists many super powered Heroes to work for the Government. Superman & Batman are some of the few left who doubt him and will not join, Lex manages to turn the world against Superman. Mean while the Earth is on the verge of being destroyed by giant Kryptonite asteroid and Lex doesn’t want the help of the super heroes. A good storyline played out by Batman and Superman, the animation quality is really good but it could have been a little better. The best part was the involvement of so many DC Comic Characters with Superman, I would have enjoyed a little longer story with a little better animation but the movie was still fun to watch and enjoyable for any fan of Superman or Batman.

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