Machine Guns Vegas


This is one place that reminded me of being in a movie, rarely do you get the chance to shoot these types of weapons let alone shoot at a facility this cool and entertaining. Most gun ranges have a small amount guns for rent and a few in Las Vegas where you can shoot some mean guns, but Machine Guns Vegas is a gun range on another level, lets call tactical entertainment because this isn’t your run of the mill shooting range.


You greeted in the open seated area, and we booked the Full Auto Experience which included the VIP Room, Complete AK 47 rifles and 8 Machine Guns and a few guns thrown into the mix. Honestly there was so many weapons to choose from and half of them I didn’t know but I liked the way they looked and we got a few recommendations from the guy working with us to shoot which guns and which ones are a different experience. There was one weapon which I thought was a bit too much for me, a fully automatic shotgun, that honestly was above my capabilities, so Bu Faisal took it and made some big holes.


The Guns We Shot:

  • M60 – Felt Like Rambo
  • M249 SAW – Schwarzenegger vs. The Predator
  • M4 – Right On Target
  • HK MP5 – No Aim What So Ever! lol
  • FN SCAR – Loved This Gun
  • SPAS 12 – Fully Automatic Shotgun, Scares the Crap Out Of Me!
  • KRISS SUPER V – Very Funky Weapon
  • 410 Shotgun – Felt like a Cop Movie
  • Desert Eagle .50 AE – Almost broke my Wrist


Price Per Person was $575 and we were two people, took us about 1.5 hours to shoot all those bullets and it was well worth it. You have the gun range all to yourself and shoot as much as you can and you can keep adding more weapons and getting more bullets, the fun just doesn’t end. If we didn’t have a 4 hour drive back to Los Angeles we would have kept on shooting, it was honestly the best shooting range I have ever been to. And I love the targets, they were very creative, zombies and bad guys, and sometimes you have to save the cheer leader but you end up putting holes in her too.

Link: MGV


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Kuwait Shooting Range – NRC

I just had the urge to shoot guns, I called up some of my friends and picked them up. They dropped off their car at Al Falah Car Wash so while it was getting washed and cleaned we would get some shooting done and come back when the car was nice and clean. The NRC is open every day from 5-9pm except Friday, but I’m not sure if they are open earlier on Saturday.

We came in, gave our IDs and took the visitors badge, anyone 15 and above can come to the shooting range. Surprisingly this is a rule made by the Shooting Range, I’m not aware of any laws that specify who can shoot at a shooting range. We headed down luckily there weren’t that many people, we decided to shoot the hand guns first then the sniper rifles. I went for the 44 caliber Glock and so did my friend, and one guy took the 9mm gun. For about 8 KD you get 10 bullets, and you pay in increments of 8 KD for 10 more bullets. After that we went for the .308 caliber rilfe which is damn big and has a nice kick to it.

While there we saw one of our friends from 4thringroad who is a regular at the NRC. And he showed us some of his personal collection that he keeps at the shooting range, and all of these machines have permits and are licensed. It was a Genuine Israel made Desert Eagle, which is basically the most accurate and powerful handgun out there, and it said Made in Israel which is banned in the GCC, when I asked him how in the hell he had one, he just smiled. That wasn’t the surprising one either, later on at the rifle range it was another machine.

When we got our Glocks, I was loading the bullets giddily, I don’t know why I have had the urge to shoot a gun since the last time I did in the Emirates. As soon as I had the Glock in my hand and shot the first bullet I had a surge of excitment and fired off, getting between the 9 and 10s in the target and it was damn good. The barrel of the gun was hot, I reloaded the bullets and went at it again, it was lots of fun. Then we went to the rifle range which is across the hall, they got us our rifle, then our friend was shooting as well. When we started shooting he showed us a Special Forces Spec M16 which he also keeps at the shooting range and gave us the chance to shoot with it. After I finish all my .308 caliber bullets in the rifle I picked up the M16, I felt like I was in a Rambo movie. You aren’t allowed to use in the fully automatic mode and I didn’t know how to do that either, surprisingly it had very little recoil and was stable. What an adventure for the first time in my life I got to shoot an M16 and enjoy all the other machines, my aim is pretty good too, the instructors said I have a steady finger, my thanks goes back to Halo.

NRC is located after the Equestrian Club just off the Six Ring Road.
Phone: 2475 9999

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Jebel Ali Shooting Range

While in Dubai my cousin (lets call him Druss) recommended we go to the shooting range, it was four of us, three wanted to go and one was being stubborn but in the end he got stuck with us and went. One of my cousins (Druss) kept on saying how he learned how to shoot while fighting in the Gulf War, he fought in Kuwait and in the US military and the types of pistols he had. I was a kid then my brother was in his early teens so we didn’t have any military exeperience at that point. So we were on the way there and he kept talking about his skills as a shooter.

As soon as we got there, we took 50 9mm bullets each with Czech gun, it was a nice shooting range but the one in Kuwait is much much better. Getting a gun in my hand surprisingly felt good, I put the bullets in the clip, pushed it in, switched off the safety and shoot like I was in lethal weapon. I enjoy shooting because I think that my Halo skills make me that much better, and I can shoot one handed or two handed in different ways just to enjoy myself. My goal isn’t just to hit the target but to try different ways of shooting which are within reason.

Then my cousin (Druss) who was very confident of himself proposed a competition between the four of us, and the loser would pay for dinner. I knew I wasn’t going to be the loser in this bunch but what next I wasn’t expecting. The next 25 bullets we were in competition mode, so we shot with our best aim, I wanted to take pictures so I loaded two clips and shot like I was Danny Glover in Predator 2, nonstop until I emptied each clip, then the last clip with 5 bullets and shot those one handed and started taking pictures right away. The gun barrel was pretty damn hot after shooting consecutively and I was very happy with the results.

In competition mode these gentlemen only counted the points which hit in the black target area. Once it was done all you kept hearing was Druss complaining that these guys didn’t know their math, and don’t know how to score on these boards. We were all treated with the same criteria, I honestly surprised myself as I was clowning around a bit and it seems my hours playing Halo had its results. And as expected the loser had to pay for dinner, and such a bitter defeat for him, with so much experience yet losing miserably.

Ranking By Points:
1 – Tiny @ 187
2 – Me @ 182
3 – FirstTimer @ 144
4 – Druss @ 132

(Did I feel like a cop in a movie in the shooting range, yes I did, and on another note the shooting range in Kuwait is better with more variety of fire arms and weapons)

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