DropBox – Personal or Business


Dropbox is the prominent cloud storage solution, they started it and took it another level because they got integrated into both Microsoft Windows & Apple OSX as well as mobile phones making things work seamlessly providing backup of data especially on your phones.

I use it a lot personally for productive items or just fun stuff and also I have basically moved my all my work files to dropbox so it isn’t dependent on a machine and I basically don’t have to worry about it. And I’m luckily that I did that since my work laptop decided to give up on life recently so having all the most recent files with all information on another machine instantly made things that much easier.


I use it for all kinds of work and sharing files with people and keeping the latest version. I have the 100 GB plan and an extra 80 GB because of my HTC One & Samsung phones previously. Now Dropbox has a pro plan for 100 GB, 200 GB, & 500 GB for personal use and in my case the 200 GB would be enough but what I have will work for a while longer.

They recently introduced the updated Dropbox Business which has an admin control as well as different options for use depending on your company’s needs. The best package runs at $795 for 5 people with unlimited storage with a ridiculous amount of features, full control over types of files and how they can be viewed or shared and what can be done with them and recovering previous versions. And especially now that Dropbox has made it possible for you to have both a personal and business account on your machine or phone with the new updates. For certain companies this makes total sense, especially graphic media companies or ones that have a lot of important files that needs to be backed up in a secure way.

I like the progress that dropbox is making and especially that all my photos are backed up online and I try and use it when ever I can. I have a GoogleDrive & SkyDrive accounts but those I use only about 20% of the time, more SkyDrive then GoogleDrive because GoogleDrive needs to be more flexible.

What I’m Reading?

The books I’m reading these days have nothing to do with each other and sometimes I just really want to read a book so I do. A long time ago I thought that I couldn’t read multiple books at one time, thinking that I can’t keep up with the story but turns out I just pick up where I left off, its surprisingly easy so now I do it more often, and this I finish more books then I would have before. This is the list of books that are currently on my reading pile.

Inside Apple – Adam Lashinsky

  • Its not the Steve autobiography, and I thought it would take a more aggressive stand point, but honestly its an excellent look at Apple from a Forbes writer and very relevant. Books like these have to be read in the moment or a year later it would be dated, and its a pretty fun read since its like getting an inside view of Apple even though it is still so damn secretive.

The Jedi Path

  • This book is for any Star Wars nut, so much information packed into it, you feel like your training to be a Jedi.

Ninja – John Man

  • A Book about Ninjas, just couldn’t get any cooler, the original spies

007 Carte Blanche – Jeffery Deaver

  • I have had it for some time, but jumped right into it after watching 007 Skyfall, can’t get enough of Bond, and the books never disappoint.

Nerd Do Well – Simon Pegg

  • I’m taking this read at an easy pace, its a funny book about the life of Simon Pegg, he is a British Actor/Comedian, I do enjoy his movies.

Western Digital Bought Hitachi Global Storage

Now there are only two major players in the storage market Western Digital & Seagate. Western Digital purchases Hitachi Global Storage for $4.3 Billion. I for one purchase a lot of internal hard drives for my storage needs and I have specific drives that I always get. Usually I always get Western Digital because they have quite drives and an excellent warranty & return policy. I don’t often get hard drives from Seagate because they seem to develop issues over time but surprisingly they have the best external hard drives from my experience, much better then WD. Now Hitachi tackles enterprise level hard drives and some of their drives work very well with storage solutions but they do have an annoying warranty service but I’m hoping with this buyout Western Digital processes will apply to Hitachi. This time around I have purchased the 3TB Drives from Hitachi and looking forward to seeing them in action.


Small Businesses Stuck

Its becoming more and more difficult to open a business in Kuwait and get the right paperwork done. I remember one time taking over a year to get everything sorted with the company and we knew the right people to help out. I’ve invested a lot of times in stocks while my stay there, and as you can see at www.forex.academy, the stock market season is ideal for investment, but the paperwork presents new difficulties and deters me from investing. An individual would get lost in the process between all the government entities and these people would run in your circles, I remember one time getting stuck for a month about the name of the company.

One major problem we have is that they don’t define small business and have a different rules and applications for them. They make it impossible for you to operate and very difficult to move forward. Now if you want hire labor for your company or need qualified staff you can’t hire from outside the country, you can only choose from inside of Kuwait. So you have a very limited pool of talented people that you can work with or you have a high cost to hire qualified people. And I have yet to see the government make a move on those people trading work permits and bringing people and treating them as slaves, what is sad is that a lot of these people are not educated so they don’t know who to complain to or what to do. To hire people from outside of the country you need at least 1 Million KD as the capital of the company or a government contract.

The new labor laws make it nearly impossible for a company to operate and limiting its capabilities. The main problem is that they don’t take a perspective of the businesses and choose a direction which is more efficient, I remember reading a paper of a student talking about the 10 rules which can be efficiently brought down to one rule with no exceptions so people can get their work done. But they love exceptions in Kuwait so that people can be owed favors, its really a vicious circle we are stuck in at this time.

With all that is going on it is really crushing small businesses in Kuwait and making it very difficult for them to prosper. Someone might have a good product or service but at this point there are so many hurdles that make it nearly impossible to operate a profitable business. Lately there are a lot of desert start ups and I’m happy that people are trying, there is always hope, and there are way to get your business off the ground but right now there is no real support from the government or the tools in place to help. I’m just frustrated with all this.

Emirates – The Upgrade


Going off on a long trip you always wonder what you have forgotten, I don’t think I have forgotten anything yet. Packed up all my cloths and my carry on for a long trip, headed to the airport with plenty of time. My flight take off time was at 6:05 pm so its before futoor and I have been up since 8 am and hungry as hell. After check-in I wondered why I don’t get a starbucks since I’m hungry but then I remembered I’m fasting. Got to the lounge and I was one of the few non-foreigner sitting in the lounge, I’m assuming most people prefer to travel after sunset. The plane was a little delayed but not too bad, as soon as I got to the gate they took my ticket and slashed the seat number from 9J to 2J, I wasn’t sure why but I didn’t bother. When I got to the plane I found out that they upgraded me from Business to First Class which is great, that hasn’t happened to me in years and I was surprised. When I asked why they said its because of my Skyward Card, I was happy and got comfortable. I was just waiting for the prayer time to break my fast, and as soon as it did I asked for a date and water, then prayed in my seat. As soon as the plane took off the steward brought my food right away since he saw I was hungry as hell, I ate like a starved man, and the food hit the spot before settling down to watch a movie.

Singapore and Back


Singapore has to be one of my favorite cities, my first visit was last year and this time we went for work and I enjoyed every moment there. We took Emirates airlines since it fits our schedule, and I slept on both flights to Singapore and from Singapore, the flights to Kuwait is a short 50 minutes duration so not enough time to sleep. And on the route to Singapore they use the new Boeing 777s which have very comfortable chairs, I basically slept for 7 hours straight, from the plane taking off until it landed which is perfect in both cases and kept me going the first day there and when I got back to Kuwait. We were only there for about 2 and half days, some work got finished and we still had a lot of fun, Singapore is one of my favorite cities to visit. A very diverse culture made up of Indians, Chinese and Malaysians, the main language of the country being English and everyone is extremely nice. I think they have the best public transportation I have seen period, and when you get in a taxi cab they always have a story to tell and some of them are insane which makes the ride that much more fun.

Nice Day in Dubai

27C sunny weather in Dubai with a cool breeze and no hummidity, the weather was really nice for once. I had to go to a few places in Dubai for heading back to the airport, luckily there wasn’t too much traffic. There was some sort of Opec conference taking place but not that much traffic, passed by Dubai Mall for a bit. It seems they opened a new theater company in that mall called Reel.

When coming in my E-Gate pass just expired on the 8th, so I went to the counter to renew at the arrivals. A few people in line, wasn’t sure if I could renew it at the counter during arrivals. When you register you pay 200 Dhms and you need your passport with you which I didn’t have. When it came to my turn I said I wanted to renew, she told me it was 200 Dhms and thats it, just updated a few details on my account and took the finger prints of my left and right index fingers. I had a new E-Gate pass valid for two more years renewed in under 8 minutes, it worked right away at the E-Gate passport area, every thing went smoothly. Its really worth having that E-Gate pass even if you don’t go to Dubai too often.

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Orbit & Showtime Merge

Most of everyone I know has either Showtime or Orbit or both even, I know we have both because certain people want certain channels. Especially the sports channel line up, every person who watches any sport has Showtime especially the football fanatics. Now this has been a long time coming, the merger between the two biggest media providers in the Middle East and North Africa. I think its a great move, now we just have to see what the packages are going to be starting August 1st. I don’t know when they will be using one machine, which will be a lot less headache, and I know that art is shifting some of their broadcasting technology so I don’t know what that means for the line up. It will probably take some time for the technology to be unified, but I hope they find a solution for consumers to use one box and that will be one less headache.

Link: DigitalProductionME

A Few Stops

A quick business trip came up which will have me bouncing around for the next couple of days. Took off to Dubai on sunday on Wataniya Airlines, got in around 9 pm went straight to the hotel then to the movies to go watch Angels and Demons. Meeting next day in the morning at 8am, done around 11 am went back to the hotel and packed my things. Went to the airport to catch the Emirates flight to Amman, and coming back on Wednesday to Kuwait on the Royal Jordanian. I’m taking three different airlines for the sake of the timing and I have to say that bouncing around like this isn’t that comfortable and I might to go to a fourth stop but I’m not sure about that yet.

P2BK Video


Thanks to Mosan for the post, I didn’t know there was a P2BK Video. I have to say the event was successful and is growing, now they need to find a venue which can accommodate a larger amounts of stands/stores and somewhere of similar quality as Rayah Ballroom. The video is pretty cool, I’m surprised I didn’t see it before, and I know some of those people. You do feel really good about them and you do hope for the success of their businesses.

Link: YouTube