Hayatt Cancer Foundation – Gala Dinner

Hayatt Cancer Foundation is organizing a charity gala dinner on wednesday 26 October to raise money to buy novel chemotherapy for expatriate breast cancer patients and to buy equipment to start with the help of the Ministry of Health the machines we need to start breast cancer screening for Kuwaiti women. We need the help of all as this is a national cause and the problem not only of the women but of all the family as anyone can be the target and on each family it could be a mother, a sister, a cousin, anyone.

We are selling tables for this event:

  • Table of 10 for 5000 KD – Front Row
  • Table of 8 for 4000 KD – Middle Row
  • Table of 10 for 3000 KD

We may also sell by seat 300 KD

The famous singer Amal Maher (sings Oum Keltoum) is our guest for the evening. A doctor is coming from USA to deliver a lecture on Breast Cancer for this occasion.

Your help is highly appreciated.

On the other hand , please Contact Me: 97700724

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There are ideas which bring light into people’s lives and this one brings happiness into children affected by cancer. Q8Rain has been working with NBK Hospital and KACCH to help children who are going through cancer and chemotherapy. The idea is simple to bring them toys in a party once a month, they are looking for a combination of 70 Gifts for them. The idea is simple how to make their lives easier and happier, and that is a fantastic idea. This is getting a lot of support from the blogger community and friends and family, and I for one hope to participate in it.

For more details check out Q8Rain’s Blog

Link: Q8Rain

Hayat Cancer Foundation GulfRun 6 – Raffle


GulfRun will be having their second annual Charity Raffle during the GulfRun Carshow to raise money for the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. We had a successful year with support of our readers, blogs, sponsors, and GulfRun participants, and we hope to make it an even better year. And this years amazing prizes include three powerful vehicles:

  • 1. Polaris Razor RZR800 from Seas & Deserts
  • 2. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine
  • 3. Can-Am DS450 ATV from Al-Ghanim Marine

Tickets to the raffle – which runs until January 15 – are only 5KD. All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the Hayat4Cancer Foundation. The Ruqaya Al-Qatami Hayat4Cancer foundation was established in 2003 to offer support and medicine for cancer patients. The raffle draw will be on the second day of the GulfRun Carshow at 360 Mall on January 15th 2010 @ 8pm. Please call 97118488 for tickets to supporting the cause and participating in the raffle. We greatly appreciate your support for those who desperately need it.

Link: GulfRun

I want to win one of those machines! I have seen the Polaris and its a ton of fun in the sand!

Pixar Grants a Dying Girl’s Final Wish

This is a heart wrenching story of a little girl who had her last wish granted by Pixar. Cancer has spread exponentially over the globe, there are some cases that can be solved and some cases that can’t. With Colby Curtin, a 10-year-old girl suffering from terminal vascular cancer, told her mom that she wanted to live to see Pixar’s Up, and her case worsened so she wasn’t able to see the movie ‘Up’ during the opening weekend. After frantic calls from friends and family to Pixar and Disney, Pixar answered the call and granted the little girl’s wish. Several hours after watching the movie Colby Curtin passed away. Pixar did an amazing thing to grant her this wish on the last day and fly somebody out to her home with a DVD of the movie to watch. Please read the whole story in the OC Register link.

Link: OC Register
Link: Cinematical