BMW Keys

You find out something new every day, every time I would get in the beemer I would get a few minor tweaks that I have been postponing for a little while. The one thing I don’t miss is when my car burns through the oil, I go for the top up.

I went in for an oil top up since it was running a little low. One of the other errors I keep getting on my screen was low battery in my key, one the features that I have enjoyed with my car for a few years now is push start without having to take my keys out of my pocket. At the time very few cars had it, but now its pretty common. When I went in for the oil top up I told them about the error regarding my key having a low battery. I thought they would just replace one of those really small batteries. The service guy asked if I put my key into the car or just switch it on while in my pocket. I told him that over the past couple of years I have never taken the key out of my pocket. He said that it has a recahargeable battery and that I need to plug the key into the car and start it to charge it up. I felt a little dumb since I usually read up as much as possible on the car but this time I just asked and got a very simple answer.

Chevy Camaro SS Daytona 500 Pace Car

I’m not a person that fellows the Daytona race but I do respect the capabilities of these  drivers and these extreme machines. Those who think its a simple race have no idea how hard it is to drive these cars at the speeds they do, so much raw power. Every major race in the world has some sort of pace car, and this is a first one for the new Camaro. This one has the 6.2L engine pumping out 426 bhp, with a orange and grey paint job. I honestly think the new Camaro looks pretty good, but it is going to be abused to hell in Kuwait and turned into a car people will hate in Kuwait. For now I do think its a cool looking car.

Link: Autoblog

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Innotech C6 Corvette

I have to say that I never thought a Czech company would be able to improve the look of the Corvette and yet they did. It has a bit of similar look to a 599, and they also have some engine modifications available for C6, Z06, and ZR1. I’m curious to see what these machines are able to do since they do perform in the first place.

Link: Carzi

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Geiger Corvette Z06

This is one of the coolest looking Z06s I have ever seen, and I love the color matte black on this machine, and the orange strip makes it look mean. I’m not sure what they did to the rear of the vehicle but it looks very good. It seems Geiger is a German company that modifies American vehicles, I’m not sure exactly what they do to it but it looks damn good.

Link: MadWhips

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GulfRun Timings Are Out

I knew I did decently this year but I didn’t expect that I was this high up. I tried pushing it a bit on the GP Circuit which has the long straight and I can really take off. I didn’t have a chance to participate in the Autocross and I doubt I would have done that well since my car is a little large, and I didn’t want to participate in the Quarter Mile since I know how hard I would have pushed my car. I really enjoyed the Inner Circuit and the GP Circuit.

14th of 31 vehicle, and I still have some room to improve, need to really follow my lines, I think I was enjoying drifting my car into some corners and not following better driving practices. I even remember one of the track instructors telling me that he wants to ride with me in the car because I seem to be enjoying myself.

Check out the link to GulfRun for the full timings of all the different circuits and vehicles.

Link: GulfRun

GulfRun – Al Falah Car Wash

That was one hell of fun event! I haven’t seen this many cars in one place in a long time. I honestly think that it is extremely organized and professional. Most of the paperwork taken care of before the show, and these sticker guys were on these cars like clock work flying form car to car.

The amount of unique cars there was just amazing, there were a few that I think are going to be interesting. And there are the sleeper cars, those are the cars that look stock but are far from it they are extremely modified vehicles which are meant to eat up the road.

All the cars are stickered up with the sponsors from Agility, Al Fahad Travel, Huberoptic, Slider Station, Magic Energy Drinks, and 3gg Head. Turtle Wax was there giving away their cleaning, detailing, waxing, and other products to be used on the vehicles. Then Castrol was there and giving a nice lottery so that you can win Oil, I managed to win 6 liters of Castrol Edge Sport 10W-60 which is exactly what I need and I’m taking that to the track. It was a great show up of most of the participants and Al-Watan TV was there as well. Al Falah Car Wash did an amazing job cleaning these cars to have ready for the stickers, and they closed down the car wash for this day and the whole place was filled with the colorful cars.

Now the show event is taking place in Marina on Thursday and Friday, most vehicles are already there and looking very nice.

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2008 Chevrolet Camaro LS7 Concept

Since Transformers I have always had a liking for this machine, it has this retro look to it. I just hope that it handles just as good as the Corvette which Chevrolet did an excellent job with it.

But this concept is an amazing machine which I would want to get my hands on. Built with an LS7 Engine with 550bhp and 500lbs of torque. It probably sounds like a monster, and I really like the color scheme.

Link: SeriousWheels

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Gear Issues

I was driving out of my house on Friday early morning going to pass by some the family. As I was getting to the light there was a small jolt while it was down shifting, didn’t think much of it. When the light turned green I stepped on the gas, but the car didn’t shift into gear. I was slightly in perplexed and wasn’t sure what was going on, I switched the car on and off. It drove but as if the gear was barely catching so I went back home and parked the car. It was a Friday and the dealership was closed, so I had to wait until Saturday to take the car in. I called the flatbed to come pick up the car and it arrived around 7:30 am and I went with it to the dealership. 

I had one worry during this time, I’m sure the gear wasn’t damaged since it was shifting into all the gears. It could have been the hydraulic pump or the clutch or something else. My main worry was that GulfRun is in about three weeks and there is no way I can miss it, I have been looking forward to it for months now. I spoke to the service man and then I pass by again around 1:00 pm, and called back around 2:30 pm. The final diagnosis and they verified it after they took the transmission down is that my clutch was at the end of its life.  The workshop manager asked me how was I driving the car, I told him “lightly” and started laughing. Luckily there was one part in stock and they will fix it right away, the whole process takes about 3 days due to the complexity of the location. Hopefully that is the only thing that is broken, and I can have the car back on the road soon.  

Lexus IS-F vs. Nissan GT-R

“The IS-F is as sporty as Lexus can make it without sacrificing one iota of luxury; the GT-R is as luxurious as Nissan can engineer it without sacrificing even a bit of performance. The IS-F is a slightly softer competitor to BMW’s M3; the GT-R is a stiffer, more committed alternative to Porsche’s 911 Turbo.”


Never really would think of making a comparison between this two cars, but the quote says it all. I’m looking forward to Toyotas release of the new Supra.


Link: Autos Canada

Chrome Hamann Lamborghini LP640 For Sale

Asking price for this machine is $625’000, I think that it is just one painful vehicle to look at. No matter what you do the sun is going to be in your eye and its going to be hot as hell to touch. It is an interesting vehicle to look at for sure, but I feel really sorry for whoever has to clean that car. 

Link: Carzi

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