2008 BMW M1 Homage Concept

There is something that I really liked about the old concept cars, you really feel that these designers were trying to figure out what the future car industry would be like. One of those cars was the BMW M1, I thought it was a cool mid-engine car, and they sold a number of those cars, it was a special driver that would appreciate this type of car.

Now they have come up with the M1 Homage Concept, I have no clue if they are going to be build this machine, but there is something I really like about it, I really don’t like the rims but it looks like a car of superhero.

Link: SeriousWheels

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I do appreciate that my work is located in Shuweikh, I avoid about 90% of all the traffic since everyone is heading to the city. This time it was a bit different since my training course is located at the Court Yard Marriot and I have to be there by 8:30 am.

I take a bit of an odd route, going into South Surra then Damascus street to the city, but people would be surprised how fast that is. The only problem I found out was that today, a lot of exits on the First Ring Road and the Sheraton Round About were closed because of some important people being in town. Due to these circumstances it led me to the round about way to getting to the city, and I ended up taking longer then I expected. I avoid Fahaheel Expressway if at all possible so I took this round about route, and 90% of all the traffic lights were green, but then there was this unaccounted for traffic. I felt like an idiot since I was going back and forth trying to find the right way to get to the city, and talking to a few friends they were all stuck in traffic. Instead of 40 to 45 minutes it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the city. I was going to go nuts! What the hell is all this traffic, I didn’t ming going around too much in too many circles, but this time it was just ridiculous, a lot of traffic came to a stand still.

Al Falah Car Wash Detailing!

Within 36 hours I got a phone call from Falah Car Wash telling me that my car was ready. I was honestly excited to pick up the car but I delayed it from Friday to Saturday due to the insane dust storm, I just wanted to enjoy the car being clean for one day before getting all dusty again. I have heard from friends of the quality of work of their detailing, I have already tried their was and it is fantastic, so I had high expectations from their detailing department.

A friend picked me up since he was heading in the direction of the city, I just told him to drop me off, didn’t need him waiting for me. When I got there it wasn’t too packed which is great, I walked straight to the cashier, my bill was 55 KD for detailing and wax, they also have paint protection but I didn’t want that option since I wanted to bring back the car to them in a few weeks or max two months. They have a two car fully enclosed garage for detailing, which is fully A/C with a filter system to keep the dusty/dirty air out and to keep the air inside clean.

After paying for the bill I went straight to my car, and I was simply speechless. I was smiling like an idiot the whole time, it looked amazing. They showed me the before and after of the interior, and that is what I kept hearing about. I was completely shocked by the color of the leather before, and after, it seems that from usage the color change to light-dark grey, and after the detailing it was so clean it extremely light grey as it was before. I just forgot what the original color was, they left me at a loss for words, after showing me the old patch, it took 10 minutes to clean that spot and make it perfect as the rest of the car. There was a moment between man and machine, and I knew that I have should have done this long ago and I will be doing this more often. They even had another vehicle next to me which was spick and spam, clean as whistle, even their detailing area is well kept.

For any person looking for detailing or to bring their vehicle back to life, then this is place to go. I was hoping that the car can look like this everyday, too bad its so damn dusty these days. The contact person is Krishna and his mobile number is 5084003.

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Truck Stolen

I got a call from my friend in the States late at night, something seemed up and he told me that my truck wasn’t home when he got home. He was shocked he called a friend of ours who had the spare keys other then him, but nobody moved the truck for two weeks now. I’m in shock, I’m not sure who would be able to steal something of that size. Now I’m just waiting to hear back from my friend, he was in shock and he is very pissed since he lives in a very nice area so its surprising that this could happen. I’m very pissed right now and I want to kill someone, and I know I’m going to have a huge fight with the insurance company, they don’t cover any of the modifications.

Detailing @ Al Falah Car Wash

Its been sometime now since I wanted to take my car detailing at Al Falah Car Wash. They do wonders with cars when they take them in for detailing, they bring back the color of the interior and give a new shine to the body.

I know some people that take their cars detailing once every couple of months, but I haven’t had a chance due to luck. Sometimes they were booked up and other times when I decided to go a weather anomaly takes place such as dust storm, hurricane, or rain, so I stay home instead of taking the car in.

This time I called and they had an opening so after my last meeting I went straight there to drop off the car. It was perfect timing, by the time I got there I just parked my car outside for a little while. Half an hour later the owner of F355 convertible took has care from detailing so I was able to park my car indoors at that point. They have an enclosed garage for detailing and it takes about half a day to a day for full detailing, and the garage takes 2 cars. For only 55 KD you get fantastic results which bring your car back to life, that is what I have seen with every car they detailed, and now it was my turn. A friend of mine picked me up and dropped me off, and on the way back I dozed of in the passenger seat after a long day.

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