Shows That Ended – 2013


There are a lot of shows that have ended that have been around for a long time. Some of them came on the first few years I started working so it has been a constant for me to watch them, and now they have come to an end and this is what I have done the last two weeks is catch up on tv shows when I could and in this case finish the ones I knew have ended, and sometimes there are shows I just don’t finish for some reason.

30 Rocks – 7 Seasons

Liz lived happily and neurotically ever after. Jack got to sail off into the sunset and come right back. Kenneth’s immortal vessel got to run NBC well into the flying-car future. And Lutz — 51-year-old, bisexual, part-Inuit Lutz — got to pick the lunch place. One hell of a season finale.

Rules of Engagement – 7 Seasons

This is one of the few shows that I enjoyed David Spade in, and they wrapped it up a bit on the last episode because they knew the end was coming. And I love Patrick Warburton the guy is seriously a guy’s guy and every man thinks like he does but they don’t state, he just comes right out and says it. Too bad this show ended, was hoping for more.

The Office – 9 Seasons

A show that thrived on heartache, awkwardness, and cheekiness, things wrapped up very cheerily for the characters — and for the fans, who got one last Michael Scott “that’s what she said.” The Office came to an end with a hell of last episode and I loved it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 5 Seasons

Lucas Ranch was sold Star Wars to Disney and a few shows got chopped off and this is one of them. Anakin and Ashoka were developed well into the series, the ending wasn’t what I was hoping for since there is always more you can get from the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars – The Clone Wars – Coming To An End On Cartoon Network


Now this is something I really wasn’t expecting, one of the animated shows that I follow religiously and I thought was going strong. This might be the last season of Star Wars on Cartoon Network, and there is still so much to see, whats great about Star Wars is that it’s in a Universe with so many stories to tell, but it doesn’t seem like it is stopping, but they might be changing directions. Still I’m a bit shocked that a show that is doing so well might stop for now, I hope that what ever they do they will continue this amazing animated show in some form. Got to love Star Wars!

While the studio is no longer producing new episodes for Cartoon Network, we’re continuing production on new Clone Wars story arcs that promise to be some of the most thrilling adventures ever seen. Stay tuned for more information on where fans can soon find this bonus content.


Thundercats – Cancelled???!??

A day after TNI ran a story about ThunderCats still possibly being on the loose, it now appears that the cage doors have slammed shut on this cartoon reboot. The show’s art director, Dan Norton, has claimed the following on Facebook: “Let me just say, nobody is working on TCats. It would take years to get it back on tv if we started today. Draw your own conclusion.”

The conclusion everybody seems to be drawing? That ThunderCats’ second life is over. While the news has yet to be confirmed by an official press release, Norton’s statement would seem fairly telling. However, others optimistically believe that the show is going forward without Norton and some staff since neither Bandai nor Cartoon Network has officially acknowledged a cancellation (and, in fact, the last official comment involved trying to work the show into Cartoon Network’s schedule).

Link: Tomopop

Please No!! Come on, I was so happy they brought back an 80s cartoon and did it so well. We all grew up watching it and loving it, and we still love it even when the cartoon is a bit childish from the 80s, it carried a spirit and heroism that we could relate to. What I loved about the new animation is that they kept the spirit of the original animation yet they made the story more complex and did an amazing job of telling, more character development and depth, and a lot of morality was brought into it, something that I wasn’t expecting. The end of the season was so good I couldn’t wait for season 2, but it seems that no anouncement has been made and it was left of the Cartoon Network line up, please bring it back, we love the show.

Thundercats 2011 – Must Watch

The new Thundercats that recently premiered on Cartoon Network got my blood pumping, I was so excited to watch the show and at the same time I was hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed by it, thankfully the show has lived up to my initial expectations. It was a two episode premiere on Friday and will be airing every Friday. You get to see the original Thundera and a young Lion-O, how the lives of the Cats were originally and the story plays out very very well, you even get to see the original Jaga of the Thundercats. I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone but if your even a remote fan of this show you have to watch it, I felt like an excited kid watching it and when the show ended I wanted more, now I have to wait for it on Fridays.

Link: IMDB

Thunder Cats Trailer & X-Men Anime Trailer

I have been talking about the Thunder Cats reboot any time I hear a piece of information or picture, and with the release of the trailer I can’t wait to see the anime. Its taken some time but I hope it gets released this year.

Now this is an interesting development, first it was Iron Man, then they were working on Wolverine, and it seems that X-Men have joined the Anime bandwagon and it looks pretty good. I love that they are catering these cartoons to adults, and from the 30 seconds from the Japanese production company Madhouse its looking good.

Review: Sym-Bionic Titan

Defending the Earth from giant space monsters is tough for Lance, Ilana and Octus. But fitting in at high school might be even tougher. Sym-Bionic Titan follows the lives of Ilana, Lance and Octus, three alien teens that crash-land on Earth while attempting to escape an evil General who has taken over their home planet, Galaluna. Ilana, princess of Galaluna, Lance, a rebellious but capable soldier, and Octus, a bio-cybernetic robot, must now blend into everyday life in Sherman, Illinois. Posing as high school students, Lance and Octus work to conceal Princess Ilana from General Modula and his hideous space mutants sent to harm the sole royal heir of Galaluna.

This motley trio makes a real effort to navigate high school life, all while saving the planet and themselves from an onslaught of inter-galactic attacks. In their everyday forms, Ilana and Lance act as brother and sister, while Octus portrays dual roles of father at home and their friend Newton at school.

When called into battle, our Galalunians are outfitted with individual armor that provides more than ample protection. It’s when the gravest of danger appears that Octus activates the sym-bionic defense program and Ilana, Lance and Octus come together to form the spectacular cyber-giant Sym-Bionic Titan. It is in this form that they battle the most evil of beasts.

Cartoon Network has aired of the awesome episodes their new series Sym-Bionic Titan, from creator Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack).I love the mix of 2D and CGI to give it that adult yet fun effect of all of Tartakovsky’s creations. Tartakovsky’s shows have a unique style and Sym-Bionic Titan is no exception. The first set of episodes are almost done and I watched all ten episodes in one night, only one left and I’m craving a lot more of this show. I knew it would be good coming from Tartakovsky but it turned out to be even better then I expected. The best part is that there is soooo much story that they can develop and you don’t know where this is going to go but I’m hoping for a lot, I enjoyed Dexter’s Labratory, and I loved and was addicted to Samurai Jack, this looks to be no different in my enjoyment of this show. I hope they don’t take too long for next season or next batch of episodes.


Sym-Biotic Titan

Judging by this trailer, Sym-Bionic Titan has everything you could want in a TV show: space opera, royalty on the run, high school drama and giant frakking robots.

Why should you tune in for the premiere? Because Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack is one of the great genre TV series of the past 20 years, a heady, emotional blend of spaghetti westerns, Kurosawa action flicks and Frank Miller’s 300. That means it’s totally worth a look.

If your a fan of Samurai Jack like myself then you will love this, Sym-Bionic Titan is a show made from the creators of Samurai Jack, same style and humor with a lot of big robots thrown into the mix. I know I will be watching this for sure, two teens and a robot from a distant planet land on earth and try to assimilate into society only to find their enemies followed them to earth and trying to destroy them. Combining to form Sym-Bionic Titan they will kick ass, I just love the animation of this show.

Link: Blastr

Star Wars The Clone Wars – TV Show

Being a Star Wars fan I have piled up the Cartoon Network TV show for a while now waiting to watch it at the right time. I watch one or two episodes a while ago and I knew it was good but for some reason I decided to watch it later. Recently using the AirVideo App on my iPad I have been streaming the show from my PC and watching it whenever I have a chance. I have watched about 4 episodes in one shot on the first day, I know I for one can never get enough of Star Wars and I love the animation work. Luckily season two is already done and I’m just one season one so I have a lot to look forward to and enjoy, the character I tend to enjoy the most is General Grievous from the Separatists, he tends to always get pissed off and takes his rage out on the dumb robots.

Thundercats – The New Animated Series


The new ThunderCats will appeal to viewers who have loved the characters all their lives as well as young newcomers to the franchise. A sweeping tale combining swords and science and boasting ferocious battles with the highest of stakes, the grand origin story of Prince Lion-O’s ascension to the throne – and of those who would thwart his destiny at any cost – takes on epic dimensions in this sharp new telling. As the forces of good and evil battle each other in the quest for the fabled Stones of Power, Lion-O and his champions learn valuable lessons of loyalty, honor and mortality in every episode.

This is the best news I have heard yet for any story reboot, NEW THUNDERCATS!!!! After watching the show a few times recently its still pretty good and story isn’t too shabby but now they have young and old fans to impress. This came from WB Animation and going to debut on Cartoon Network, I love a lot of the animated shows that have come on to Cartoon Network, one of them being Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Now a new Panthera and a deeper story to planned out, I just hope they do it justice, I can’t wait to see it.

Link: GeekTyrant