Controversial comic book movie castings that actually worked

This has been the decade of comic book movies, blockbuster after blockbuster of amazing movies. What people don’t remember is the doubts they had initially and especially of the actors chosen. The list below are some of the actors that people were skeptical about like Robert Downey Jr playing Iron Man, he wasn’t he most dependable character before and people weren’t sure that he could pull off the suave Tony Stark but at this point Downey took Stark to another level and nobody else can play him, with The Avengers coming up and a third Iron Man in the mix. Then there was Edward Norton who is possibly one of the best actors out there yet people were skeptical of him playing the Hulk, and in that movie he embodied Dr Bruce Banner and the Hulk perfectly. And every so off about Heath Ledger playing The Joker in The Dark Knight which turned to be an Epic performance not to be ever forgotten by anyone who has seen the movie, it elevated him to another level. So many actors who were questioned as the characters yet now you would only know these characters through these actors.

The Ranking:

  • Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Heath Ledger as the Joker
  • Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Idris Elba as Heimdall

Link: Blastr

Minimalist Marvel Posters

I always enjoy how people can interpret the symbols of Comic Characters and this artist took that to another level with a lot of Marvel Characters. Very cool work and Galactus being one of the more imposing looking posters, I would mind having this up on a wall in a certain patern, it would look cool.

Link: GeekTyrant

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Art of Patrick Brown


Patrick Brown can take any concept and turn into a cool and comic art form such as these. He has been featured in Kotaku and io9 for lots of post, they recently posted his Devian Arts link and I found a lot that I love. I have a lot of respect and awe for people who can draw like this, I always wanted to be able to draw comics and manga the way I have it pictured in my head, but the alas my hand does not move in the right way to show that image. Now with Patrick he has made amazing concepts from different video games and movies, each one is better then the other.


There are a lot more concepts in his Devian Art profile so check it out for the ones you like. I personally love Gears Of War2, Predator, Assassins Creed II, Snake Eater, Banner’s Daily Workout, and The Transportar. I honestly love them all, wish I could blow them up and have them on my wall.

Link: Patrick Brown DevianArt

(Assassins Creed II)
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Awesome Geeky Alphabet

This is as geeky as it gets for nerdy ideas, they have taken the alphabet and presented in visual form which relates to sci-fi or comics. Some of these ideas are pretty cool, some risque and the favorites being H and O. It takes a creative mind to put something likes this together, some are better then the others but still lots of fun.

Link: GeekTyrant

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