Nike Air Mag

I am one of those people who loves Back to the Future, I would love to get my hands on the DeLorean and keep it as a show piece if I had the money and time to put one together. I previously talked about the shoes that they released last year with the Special Edition Blu Ray but these shoes are the ones Marty McFly wore and were self tying. only 1500 of these will be made with all of the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. People are going insane for these shoes and if you thought women were too vain about their shoes, you need to meet British rap act Tinie Tempah. In a bid to get his hands on the first pair of Nike’s limited edition, McFly-inspired Air Mag sneakers on eBay, TMZ reports that he had to fork out a whopping $37,500! The cheapest shoes start at $2000 and go all the way up to $10000 depending on your size, I would love to have these shoes, I would honestly put them on display and NEVER wear them.

Link: Ebay

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Kuwait Charity Run


Kuwait Charity Run and Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice Have Teamed Up To Bring To You In 2011 Kuwait 1st-Half Marathon.

Its exciting to see events such as these in Kuwait, and all for a very good cause. The half marathon will be on Saturday March 19th starting at 8am. There are many professional and keen runners that have prepared for the 21km run, this is Kuwait’s 1st half marathon. They also have a 10km run for those who want to participate but have not trained for the 21km. All registration fees will be donated to Bayt Abdullah’s Children Hospice

I have been very happy to see the support that Bayt Abdulla has recieved in Kuwait, and I hope it continues to grow. I for one will be excited to see this marathon, I will donate but not run since I’m horrible shape these days.

Link: KuwaitCharityRun