Sons Of Anarchy – Season 2

We were left at Season 1 with Jax about to take Clay’s head for the death of Oppy’s wife. Tension building inside Samcro, ATF & FBI are pressuring them, white hate are moving in on charming. One hell of a start for the season, things are looking good for this show, people weren’t expecting it to be this good, neither was I but it turned out to be even better.

This season is nothing short of a roller coast their lives were being unraveled from every side, people were being hurt and killed. What a complex relationship internally while trying to fend off all these people who are trying to rip them apart, Jax is trying to hold the club together while trying to oppose Clay’s choices, trying to direct them to the right path. They are trying to fight off the League of American Nationalists or basically Nazi Nationalists. This season is full of ups and downs, you are always kept at the edge of your seat, I’m happy it has been renewed for season 3. The ending was so high that I couldn’t imagine them leaving it like that, there is still so much more this could go, I can’t wait for the next season.

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Review: Sons Of Anarchy

A show about bad ass bikers on the west coast, don’t think they could have done anything wrong. I thought this show might not be as good as I was hoping but I was wrong. Sam Cro or Sons of Anarchy is a chapter of riders across the US with their base in Charming California, they come across as bad ass with thier gun running operation and very large setup. The story starts off with this but there are a few more developments and the story revoles around Jackson who is the VP of Sons of Anarchy and the President is his technical father, as his real father died a little while back. The surprising part is finding out the story has some similarity to Shakespeare Hamlet, and Jackson as Hamlet finds that his views are different then those of the current leadership, that Sam Cro could be heading to a bloody end and he has to find his way and bring his group out of the flames. A great show and it just kept on getting better, and season two is kicking off and I’m really looking forward to it.