Potbelly in Kuwait

The first time I had Potbelly’s sandwich was in Chicago about four years ago now, and it was a pretty damn good sandwich, something about it was different. My favorite was always Quiznos and Subway was crap in the US, it was always my last choice. In Kuwait Subway has some decent sandwiches but sometimes they screwed up, the other day I was in Kuwait Airport about to get on my flight but was hungry as hell, so I decided to try out Potbelly in Kuwait and I was happy I did.

I had the Turkey something sandwich, loved the sauce, and how it was cooked, crunchy and light. Ok, now I remember it was called “The Clubby”, I honestly liked that it wasn’t too heavy, but I just had to try their chili cheese fries, if my memory serves me correctly it was damn good, and luckily it was as good as I remember it.

I checked it turns out to be only open in the Avenues and honestly I hate going to the Avenues because of traffic, I just hope they have delivery because I will be ordering from them a lot now. They need to open other branches in other locations, preferably ones that are closer to me.

The Good Wife

Its one of those shows that just falls under the radar, Alicia Floric is a lawyer working for a Chicago law firm, she got her degree long ago but became a wife & mother. Husband to the States Attorney who falls prey to a scandal and ends up behind bars, she has to find her way as a new lawyer taking care of her family and keeping away from the press. Not your usual lawyer show, but something a little different with thrilling action and political spice. I like how the show develops and it only gets better episode to episode, its one those shows that you don’t mind spending a whole day watching, and I enjoyed it. Now for season 2 to start this fall.

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Garretts PopCorn

Recently a lot of people have been interested in Garrett’s PopCorn and for good reason too, its damn good. I recently was sent the caramel popcorn from Dubai, a friend dropped it off at my house and I remember the last tin can I went through. The tin can is air tight for the popcorn to remain fresh, and when you open the tin you can smell the caramel popcorn. I had a few hand fulls before putting it away, you just keep eating it without a second thought. I think that KNCC would sell more if they just had Garrets Tin Can instead of the popcorn they have now, if somebody else brings it then people will try sneaking them into the movie, I know I would try to.

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Chicago’s infamous Wieners Circle

David Attel does one of his late night rounds in Chicago and heads to the Wieners Circle and its nothing like any restaurant I have seen before. This is the spot for late night after club food in Chicago and be prepared for a verbal beating because you have to have guts to order food there. I want my Mother @#$*)$% Fries and some Chili with that Bitch! Profanity is part of the menu.

My Friend’s Speed Test

My friend just sent me an email with an attachment, to say I was jealous was an understatement. This is his Comcast connection in his apartment in Chicago and his parent’s home in San Jose. I couldn’t believe the numbers I’m seeing, downloads of at least 50 Mbs and uploads of 8 Mbs those numbers are ridiculous. We are hitting 8 MB the past year and maybe doubling it soon and we are very happy, and he has a casual 50 MBs connection and there are services offering 100 Mbs connection at the cost of our 4 Mb connections in Kuwait. You can never have too much speed or space… I always want more.