Panerai Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica


There are some unique watch pieces out there, and this one from Panerai an amazing piece to behold. I have always thought that pocket watches are cool with the chain in the pocket, but this piece of art is made meticulously and the chain was made to match.


There are only 50 units available across the world and each one is priced at $215’000. I would love to just to see a piece in front me even though it is well out of my reach, the pictures of this unique piece looks beautiful but it does not do it justice.

Link: Panerai


Voltron – Monstariam

Any art work from the 80s anime show will surely get my blood pumping, and that is exactly what Mosntariam has done. They went ahead with some cool retro Voltron work and it looks amazing. I checked out the other items they had some of them are pretty cool, I got the Jungar piece as a gift so I was always looking for something cool. Then I saw the Voltron pieces and ordered them all, it was insanely cool to get them.

I asked for all colors of the print including the one with all of them combined. This was delivered in Kuwait in some very cool packaging, I liked what they did and then they delivered it to my office in a few days after I ordered the prints. Now all I need is the wall space to place all this amazing work, there are too many things hanging on the wall at the moment, I need more office space.

You can check out there store at the link below:


Pocket Camcorders 2009

There have been a lot of HD pocket camcorders released over the passed year with lots of specs and details, and press releases. Luckily Gizmodo took the time to test all of them in real life situations and came up with some very interesting results that I agree with. The main criteria for judging this little machines was smoothness of video during motion, image sharpness, noise, color reproduction, and quality of sound. The usual hardware specs is pretty similar between all the machines but the details here are very well thought out and tested.



  • Flip Ultra HD
  • Flip Mino HD
  • Kodak Zi8

Flip has really made solid cameras and I have used them in different situations, and I have both the Mino HD and Ultra HD, but great pocket camcorders, great quality of sound and picture which are very reasonably priced, under $200. They are capable of a few improvements to make them even better cameras, but I think they have kept the amazing products they have and slowly develop it.

Link: Gizmodo