Transformer Owl

I think that Owls are the coolest of the bird creatures, and especially after Harry Potter I think every kid wanted an owl. They look so confident and full of wisdom as if they will talk at any moment, always expecting some magic out of them. I think owls look like very calm and gentle birds, but they are a little more aggressive then that and they like red meat, I think their prey are small furry creatures which you usually think are cute. And this owl is something else, it can turn into different versions depending on the threat in front of it, and the last version is the most surprising and freaky version!

The Sloths

Sloths are the last thing that comes to mind when you think of cute, but this case I think they are really cute and funny. I always knew sloths were lazy creatures but they do have their funny moments, especially the seen of them laying flat on their bellies having lunch, and its funny how much they scratch themselves with those little claws. Towards the end you can see that big sloth looking at the camera but not really caring to do anything about it while sitting comfortably.