Ducati Diavel – Sibling Ride

I haven’t had a chance to ride for a little while due to a very busy schedule and traveling recently but I had to make time this past Friday morning. Please welcome the new addition to my stable, the Ducati Diavel, I really do think of my bikes in a stable because they each have a spirit of their own. This is the Carbon Red addition which I think is the sexiest of the bunch. When I heard that Ducati was making a sport cruiser, it peaked my interest but when I saw it, I went overboard, I couldn’t believe my eyes, it is such beautiful machine, and I love it lines, but pictures don’t do it justice.

I met up with Kubayashi at 7 am on Friday morning, his bike was being serviced so I told him to take Diablo out instead, and I found it fitting for the Diavel to be out with his older sibling. The Diavel my be categorized as a Sport Cruiser but Ducati are known for building fast machines and this bike is NOT slow. The first thing whenever you make a purchase is to read the manual, and in my case I was out the door on the road without a clue where the manual was, I was excited like a little kid in a candy store, like any man I pressed a few buttons, pushed a few levers, and assumed I knew what I was doing, then hit the road. I tried to make sure that I kept a level head when riding, I had to ride it for at least 100 kms to break it in initially, and that includes the tires so I get that protective layer of it, and then there was breaking in the engine and the gear box. I made sure to take it easy and keep it under 5000 rpm, and it can rev up to 11000 rpm which is pretty high, I would push it every once in a while and slowly keep increasing speeds around corners.

When I was riding it I was very surprised about a few things, it turns very easily and feels very light, I was taking turns much slower but I wanted to learn how the bike feels and reacts. The best thing about it is the brakes, it stops on a dime and has the brakes of a sport bike, when you squeeze those brakes it comes to a stop very very quickly. Plus those beefy tires give you a lot of grip and confidence around the corners, and to my surprise they were Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIs which are used for sports bikes, and this what Pirelli calls them “The Ultimate Sports Tire For Absolute Road Abuse”, these aren’t cruising tires, they have a lot of grip and they are on this machine.

Then there is computer system on the Diavel which surpassed my expectation, you have two screens, the one above which gives you your normal detail such as speed, rpm, and distance, and the second color lcd screen which is basically a computer. You can change your bike settings from mild to wild, and there three basic settings but you can customize it completely from the amount of Horsepower available to the DTC which is the Ducati traction control system leve, from full DTC to completely switching it off.

Ducati have made a perfect cruiser, I am person that doesn’t like riding slow or a slow machine, and this is a very well built machine, it goes fast and stops quick when needed. I was never really a cruiser guy but this not a cruiser, its a Ducati Diavel and its built out of passion from Italy, I love this machine and the way it looks. The LED integarted signals and brakes, the beefy tire, and the 162 bhp 1200 cc engine. I can’t wait to tweak it with a few parts and enjoy the ride.

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Ducati Diavel – At Last


This machine which has been eluding me for months has finally come out. This is the last sneak peak shot of the Ducati cruiser which is to be unveiled in EICMA in November which is just around the corner. I love the lines and the exhaust around their standard single sided swing arm, I know that there is probably more to it when we see it in November but I’m enjoying that Ducati is playing Hide & Seek with this bike acting as if they don’t see people taking these amateurish pictures so I know its going look even better when it comes out. I love that it’s a cruiser yet still has that sporty Ducati look with a single seat. I can even picture getting it fixed up to sound loud and mean, going fast down the road. I’m in love with this bike!

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

Ducati – Diavel?


Thats the latest update for the Ducati Cruiser yet, and news that Ducati copyrighted the name Diavel in the UK which is Devil in Italian. No news of it in the US or any other country but that is an interesting name. This last image does show a comfortable seat with the same light as the Streetfighter, and the 1200 cc of the Multistrada. I can’t wait to see this beast in November in EICMA

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

Ducati Mega Monster – Update


More pictures of the Mega Monster are emerging, but this one profile pic is enough to know that its not going to be hideous. The its clear about the exhaust and single sided swing arm, and at least it looks pretty good. The ride angle itself looks comfortable and with a decently powerful engine, so I’m looking forward to more info.

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Ducati Mega Monster

Now more details of this Mega Monster is coming out, and it keeps looking better and beter. With the Multistrada engine, trellis frame, and single sided swing arm this is a very good Ducati performance cruiser. With the Multistrada 1200cc v-twin engine we are talking about 150 bhp engine, and the rear tire looks massive at a about 240. That prototype picture looks hideous so I’m hoping that its just to throw people off and looks just as good as the paper. But its official the bike will be unveiled at the EICMA November 2010, which is only a few months away, hopefully it will be on sale right away.