Ducati Diavel – At Last


This machine which has been eluding me for months has finally come out. This is the last sneak peak shot of the Ducati cruiser which is to be unveiled in EICMA in November which is just around the corner. I love the lines and the exhaust around their standard single sided swing arm, I know that there is probably more to it when we see it in November but I’m enjoying that Ducati is playing Hide & Seek with this bike acting as if they don’t see people taking these amateurish pictures so I know its going look even better when it comes out. I love that it’s a cruiser yet still has that sporty Ducati look with a single seat. I can even picture getting it fixed up to sound loud and mean, going fast down the road. I’m in love with this bike!

Link: Asphalt&Rubber

3 Ride Out

In the morning @7:45 am in Mishref, we had a very long ride planned out and all the machines came out that day. Its been too long but Robo also came out after all this time, so the KTM and Ducati were out. Three of us wanted to do a lot of riding, we had one planned all the place and with three experienced riders we decided to take long fun routes.


  • Bayan Gas Station
  • Julai’a for a bite to eat
  • Back to the city
  • Taking the GulfRoad starting @ Miseela
  • GulfRoad to KPC
  • KPC to the 2nd Ring Road
  • 2nd Ring Road to the GulfRoad to Salmiya all the way down to Bida’a
  • Bida’a to the 6th Ring Road then to the Airport
  • Airport to Sabhan then to Mubarak Al Kabeer where we almost ran out of Gas
  • Filled up at Malik Fahad Gas Station in Al Qurain before heading home

We got in over 4 hours of riding, my odometer added over 350 Kilometers that day and I had a lot of fun, whenever we made a stop I would switch to another playlist to listern to. The feeling of those corners that we were enjoying were fantastic, I wanted to go knee down into some corners forgetting everything but the riding and the machine. What felt odd was that I was riding the KTM and Monichum was riding the Ducati and even when it was over 7 meters away from me I could clearly hear the exhaust tone of Pyro over the music and sound of the machine I was on, I need an exhaust for Tango. What an amazing day, the weather was fantastic, the roads were mostly empty, we saw other riders and as soon as I was done I felt that my day was fulfilled, I felt satisfied with this accomplishment, and it was still early in the day with so much to do, nothing beats a good day out riding.

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